Flushing out the basics

I have added two sections today — a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, and a piece on how to build a bundle.  I also added the basics of the About Me page, but it’s pretty boring.

They are just drafts.  Work with me – I am making this up as I go along.

I still need to draft something about what types of things to put into your bundle of love; I will try and get to that tomorrow.  But first, I have to go work and do what I can today to make Iraq a better place today.


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71 Responses to “Flushing out the basics”

  1. Mirthful Says:

    I’d love to participate, but I’m in Europe, so if I can mail “more directly”, that’d be great. Seems a bit silly to send something to the States only for it to be sent back across the Atlantic.

  2. Janet Wright Says:

    I don’t have a website. I would like to participate. Please send me the address to send the box to. Janet Wright

  3. Carla Rives Says:

    Would love to send a fabric bundle. Please send me an address to mail the bundle to. Thanks Carla

  4. Wendy Sikes Says:

    Please send me the address I have a bundle ready to go, I think this is a wonderful idea, thank you for all you do…

  5. chris johnson Says:

    I would love to participate in this incredible project. Let me know where to send the bundle, and I shall post it this week. Chris

  6. Deanna Says:

    I’d love to send a bundle. Let me know the address. What a wonderful thing for you to do.


  7. Eva Says:

    It is a contagious idea. But what I’ve been looking for on this and other sites is some information about contacts with the recipients. Do Iraqui women quilt at all? Or do some of them just sew clothes — which would mean that most of the stash would be even too small for children’s clothes. Do they have an appreciation for piecing? In some countries this is regarded to be “poor”.
    Did any conversation take places with those to be gifted?

  8. IBOL Guy Says:

    More sewing than quilting, by far. More sewing than knitting, by far. Far more utilitarian than anything else. In prepping to do this project, I went back to see where the money had first gone — grants and loans to individuals and groups interesting in working with cloth (knitting wasn’t part of IBOL at first). Some of the grants and loans were for regular business approaches — funds to open or improve, say, a small store that would sell fabric and basic sewing supplies to service the immediate area. But other grants and loans were for those that wished to produce products — again, some for small stores, but also for co-ops and the likes.

    And from the first almost 50 bundles that have arrived, I’ve seen mostly parger pieces of fabric, not scraps and pre-cut little pieces.

    Does this help answer your questions?

    • Twilla Rasmussen Says:

      I have so much stuff,will be glad to send a bundle.Please send me the address.Bless you for helping these people–we all must do what we can to help someone else along the way. I’m a sewer from way back,also knit & crochet & quilt.

  9. Brenda Says:

    Oh, boy, you have no idea what a good idea this is for me! I MUST get rid of some of the spontaneous buys that are filling my sewing area. I would love to “share”, please send me the address. You have a great and fantastic idea. Thanks, Brenda

  10. Helene Says:

    Please send address, I have more than enough goodies for a bundle and know lots of great and generous quilters who also have rooms full of goodies. Great project.

  11. Helen Says:

    Please send me the address

  12. Annie Griffard Says:

    Aha! Just the thing to donate my stash! So happy to help! Can’t imagine NOT having my craft stuffs to turn to! So glad to give this to someone else who needs/wants it. I have too much! Thank you for starting this wonderful idea!

    Where do i send my box? Anxious to get started before the deadline!

  13. marge mcshane Says:

    Please send me the address – my Grandson is in Iraq.

  14. Blair Conger Says:

    I have yarn and appropriate needles. Would that be appropriate? Blair

  15. Marty Bush Says:

    Have got lots of goodies down in my sewing room. Please send address.

  16. Anne Datko Says:

    Please send the address, time is fast running out!

  17. Joy Friedman Says:

    Please send me your address. I’ll get right on to sending a box.
    Joy Friedman, Houston

  18. Melinda Hope Says:

    please send me the address and I will send a larger amount of new material.

  19. Karen Reese Says:

    Please send me your addresss. I’m glad to be able to send knitting and sewing items. thanks, Karen Reese, Colorado

  20. Mimi McLarkin Says:

    Please send me the address so I can do my part.

    Mimi McLarkin, Wilson, Wyoming

  21. Jacque Schell Says:

    Please send the address. This is such a great gift.

  22. Suzanne Pack Says:

    Please send the full address. The box I have requires a 9 digit zip code. Thank you.

  23. kim harison Says:

    send the address, we are building a bundle now! thanks

  24. Donna Says:

    I have a friend who just sent bags and bags of fabric to the dump because she didn’t want to store them any longer. She told me this after the fact. My point is don’t forget to ask your friends if they have fabric.

  25. Cecily Says:

    Just found this today, but think I can get a bundle in the mail by Monday. Please send the address.

  26. Ruth A. White Says:

    While I am currently in Houston, TX to become a lab rat for M.D. Anderson to hopefully slow down my appendix cancer growth, and away from my stash in Ithaca, NY, I love your idea, and would love to send something. I’m assuming cottons would be best as they would breathe better in such a hot climate. Please send me the address and I will get a bundle together. If you find a compadre who is not leaving Iraq who wants to continue your worthy project, maybe I can whittle down my stash at a later date! *grins*

    Thank you so much for all you have done and all you are doing.

  27. S Baldwin Says:

    please send address

  28. S Baldwin Says:

    please send address for bundles of love.

  29. Priscilla Says:

    What a fabulous idea. I have raided my stash today and home to send 1-3 boxes. Please send me the APO address.
    Thanks for doing this program and thank you for your service in our Armed Forces. You are the true heroes and my prayers are with you and the thousands of others.

  30. miriam Says:

    I have 2 boxes ready to go!! Please send me the address.
    I think it’s a fantastic project, keep up on the good work!

  31. Angela Says:

    Will the 9/8 shipment be the last? Please send the address. Bless you for your service and your kindness.

  32. Amelia Sadorra Says:

    Hi, I have the box ready to fill and need the address.

    What a wonderful idea this is.

    Thank you,


  33. Amelia Sadorra Says:

    Well off course I typed my e-mail address wrong in my previous comment .
    So here it is again.

    Hi, I have the box ready to fill and need the address.

    What a wonderful idea this is.

    Thank you,


  34. carol beaugard Says:

    will be happy to send a bundle

  35. carol beaugard Says:

    please send address

  36. CourtneyWilson Says:

    Please send me your address. I just got the notification from the Quilt Show in Houston and have several groups that want to send stuff. Can we also send bundles after the 9-8-09 date? This was short notice for us. It will only be delayed about 2 weeks. I do have several bundles to send now but I need your address. Thanks, it’s a wonderful project. Are you also going to send bundles and other countries?
    Courtney Wilson

  37. Conoly B Says:

    Got the box, got the fabric & ribbon – just need an address! Thanks for doing this! I love people to people contacts.
    Conoly B

  38. Sallie Hane Says:

    Hoping to get 3 boxes sent–please send me the proper address. And thank you for the opportunity!

  39. Cherie Smith Says:

    God bless you with this project. Our Prayers & Squares Ministry were so excited to be asked to participate. Our box to you is in the mail today. We pray the women will accept our gifts and know that we are praying for them and you.

  40. Judith Augustine Says:

    Just heard about this wonderful project. I work with Knitch, a knitting shop in Atlanta, and am posting to our blog today, knowing we have a lot of knitters out there (and some fabric mavens as well), who will love to participate. We’re up against time, but hopefully we’ll come through. Thank you for all you are doing. Please send me the address (which I will not post, as you requested!)

  41. sue matlock Says:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give to those who I think about every day.

  42. A. M. says: Says:

    This is awesome!

  43. Sue Turner Says:

    Hope to get a box together this weekend – please send the address, thanks!

  44. Lenora Holt Says:

    I need the address. I have my bundle ready to go.

  45. Lenora Holt Says:

    I forgot to check the box earlier to notify me by email. Oops.

  46. Millie Says:

    Pls send your address…my Mom wants to send a package.
    Mahalo for all you do.

  47. Mary Lou Noble Says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea. I just got the message about it yesterday, Sept. 3, and it will have to go in the mail tomorrow because of the holiday. I picked up a Flat Rate Shipping Set today and was told it had the large box in it. It does not. Can I use a Medium Box? Please advise, and good luck!

  48. Beverly D. Major Says:

    Please send your APO address.
    Thank you.

  49. Beverly D. Major Says:

    Please send your PO address. Thank you.

  50. Joyce Yoshimoto Says:

    Aloha, I just read the article in the Honolulu Advertiser. I’d love to send some of my fabrics. Please send me your mailing address. God bless and mahalo.

  51. Velma Akinaka Says:

    Fantstic project! Please send me the mailing address for IBOL pronto so I can help. vca

  52. Laura Suzumoto Says:

    This is a great idea! I’ve been wondering what to do with all my fabric & now I know that it’ll be going to a worthy cause. Way to go!!!

    Please send me the mailing address & I’ll share it with all my sewing friends & family.

  53. Bob Strand Says:

    Please send me the mailing address for the fabric and other sewing items. Thanks. Bob Strand

  54. Cara Freitag Says:

    If it is not too late please send an address and description of what you need.

  55. P. Rapp Says:

    Please send the address, have bunches of fabric.

  56. Emi Says:

    I just read about your project in Lee Cataluna’s column in the Honolulu Advertiser. Please send your mailing address.

  57. Charlotte Says:

    Please send me the address if September 8 will be soon enough to mail. September 7 is Labor Day, and the post office is closed.

  58. Carol Streetman Says:

    Half of my quilting bee members sent boxes – we’d love to know how many you got total, and how the final distribution went, and any other info about where the fabric went and how it will be used.

  59. Margot Says:

    If I can mail a package on 9/8 rather 9/7 (post office closed for Labor Day), please send me the address. Thank you!

  60. Margot Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to check the box to receive follow-up emails per my earlier post.

  61. Carlynn Wolfe Says:

    IBOL was featured in the Honolulu Advertiser. Please send your address, I would love to send some fabric. I understand the last day to send is Tuesday, Sept 8th.
    Thank you for your service and this project!

  62. Carrie Says:

    Great idea. I just learned of this wonderful gift yesterday, packed two boxes and ready to mail. I hope I’m not too late.

  63. Anne Hart Says:

    What address to I send the box to, have one ready to go today!

  64. Mary Geller Says:

    If I can still send some bundles- send me a shipping address.
    Thanks- great project

  65. Heather Says:

    Yes I know it is two days after your deadline, but I just found out! Give me 12 hours and your APO, and a bundle with love from my house will be on its way.

    Thank you for this work of beauty.


  66. Linda Vandiver Says:

    Is it too late? Sorry, have been out of town and missed the first email, but would love to send a bundle.

  67. Jan Humphrey Says:

    just learned about this today. am heading up to my sewing room now. what’s the address???

  68. myrastull Says:

    Please send me APO address so that I can participate in IBOL.
    Myra Stull

  69. Lynn Schaeferle Says:

    Quilts and quilting provide lots of various benefits, but this project has to be near the top of the list for a way for quilters to promote humanitarian help on a very real level. Count me in!

  70. Ellen Chatterjee Says:

    Please send me the address to send my IBOL package

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