IBOL: How it all began

I don’t just come up with these hair-brained ideas all on my own. I am lucky enough to work with some pretty amazing people.  And wild things seem to happen when we bat around ideas.

While I am working on this project, there’s more to it.  Really, this IBOL stuff is pretty minor compared to what CPT T is trying to do.  But I’ll let you listen to the story.

This link will open iTunes and give you a short (8 minute or so) podcast I made, about where this idea came from.  If you’re not an iTunes type, try this link in order to download the file.  It’s in the iTunes format; if that’s an issue, let me know and I can send an MP3 file to you.

It’s short, uneventful, and probably not all that exciting, but it is my attempt to explain where this all came from.  Really, it’s not my fault – that’s the message.

Oh, and if you’ve not heard back from me, after leaving a comment…. well, I may have missed one.  It’s been a flood. I think I sent everyone a note.  I tend to be about 12 hours behind on them, due to work / sleep, etc.  It’s more than 24 hours, and you’ve heard nothing from me, that means  screwed up.  Send me another comment.


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12 Responses to “IBOL: How it all began”

  1. Kristin L Says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I hope that CPT T is getting as much support for her larger side of this project as you are for your bit. It all sounds fantastic. BTW, the first link worked fine for me, but teh second wanted me to sign in.

  2. Sandy Says:

    I can’t get the file to work – it asks me for a password?

  3. Bill Says:

    Awesome idea! Good luck with it.

  4. IBOL Guy Says:

    OK, fixed the password thing (if you try the second link). It’s bundles — just bundles. Should let you in.

  5. terry grant Says:

    I am putting together a box of fabric and stuff. Send me your address. You are terrific to do this and maybe all this will bring a little relief to these long-suffering people.

  6. terry grant Says:

    PS – can’t open the podcast. Both links are asking me for a password.

  7. terry grant Says:

    Got the podcast open with the password. Thanks.

  8. Evelyn Forbis Says:

    Please send me the address. I will be passing the info to my quilting bee tonight. What a wonderful cause!!


  9. Gerry Cobban Says:

    Thanks for sending me the address. Unfortunately.. it was lost in my computer, somewhere. Cyberspace? Please resend the address. Thank you.

  10. Margaret Weiner Says:

    Send me the address and I’ll send a box or 2 or 3.

  11. Arline Hooker Says:

    I want to participate. Please send me the mailing address.

  12. Liz Says:

    Can I get the MP3 file, please!

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