What to send

I managed to put together a short piece (here) about what to send and what not to send.  i am kind of making this all up as I go, so I will try to add to it as things come to mind and as people ask questions (as I am doing to the FAQ and Building a Bundle pages).

I’d also like to add that I am truly humbled today.  Humbled, by the number of responses I’ve had to this.  And humbled by the kind words.  I thought that maybe 3 or 4 people — my immediate family, mostly — would learn of this and want to help.  If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell‘s book The Tipping Point (Wikipedia), it seems that a few connectors (here and here and here) (UPDATE: Holy Smokes!) have already caught onto this and are pushing out the news of this project, and I suspect that there is more going on behind the scenes, with Twitter, Facebook, etc.  because people seem to be popping up from all over!

So, for someone who wondered if this was even a good idea, it’s a bit overwhelming to have such a response, so quickly.

And it is such a curiosity, that the web can do things like this.  Instead of spam and Viagra offers and 419 scams, it’s neat to see the same things being used for what I think is good.

So, thank you.  I am amazed at the response, and the outpouring of support for what I thought for sure was a crazy idea.



32 Responses to “What to send”

  1. Martha Says:

    OK, I am one of those people who has more than they need and can part with some of it. In addition to fabric would the tools such as scissors, pins & needles, and thread be good to add to the bundles? ‘Cause I do have more than I need!

    And I would love to get the APO address too.

  2. Mary Says:

    I just thought I’d send on an idea I came up with. I’m using nylon webbing (about 2 yards) to tie the bundles together instead of ribbon or something. I think it could be very useful.

  3. Jean Says:

    Please send me the address. I am packing things up as we speak. What a wonderful idea – thank you for all you are doing!

    • jan henderson Says:

      have lots of yarn and some material and thread- am so happy to make such good use of it- please send address.’

  4. Beth Nimmo Says:

    Please send me the apo address so I can send my box. I am a retired AF wife and glad for the opportunity to help you. I will send this to my “old AF friends” who also quilt. I really appreciate what you are doing.

  5. Iraqi Bundles of Love · Quilting @ CraftGossip Says:

    […] Those who would like to participate, go here to get details. You’ll need to scroll through several blog posts to get all the info about where to mail it, […]

  6. Korie Says:

    What a wonderful idea you have. And I can tell you do in fact KNOW quilters and their stashes! Great timing on many fronts and great timing for me as I just went through my fabric (and yarn!) stash this weekend and was packing up my destashes and wondering what to do with them.

    Please send me the address. Thanks again!

  7. Scarlett Burroughs Says:

    I would like to participate so can you email me your APO address then. Also, I wanted to spread the word of your splendid idea, and covered your project on my quilting blog.

    Warm regards,
    Scarlett Burroughs
    Craft Gossip, Quilting Editor

  8. april wyckoff Says:

    Please send me the address. I am a quilter and a knitter with plenty of stash and I love to share it!


  9. Marianne Says:

    Please send address. A friend and I will send several boxes.

  10. Darlene Wagner Says:

    Please send address, I have so much that I would like to put to good use.
    Thank you.

  11. Christine Johnson Says:

    Thanks for thinking of this project. Please send the address. I’d like to help out.

  12. Penny in Oregon Says:

    I just finished reading about your project and would also like to help with some overflow from my sewing room. Please send details of the packaging needed and I will send at least one box by the cut off date. Thank you for your service and this wonderful idea.

  13. Janie Viers Says:

    This is great! Any chance someone else will be stationed where you are leaving from who can take over this? You are earning “stars in your crown” for sure!

  14. Jeanne Esmond Says:

    What a fabulous idea! I am very happy to send along fabric to our quilting/sewing friends in Iraq.
    Please send the address

  15. Sue Says:

    Would love to send you a bundle.


  16. Marta Giles Says:

    I will be sending out a bundle tomorrow.

  17. janet Says:

    need an address.

  18. Tiffany Says:

    Would love to help. Please send me the address. Thanks!

  19. Colette Evans Says:

    Please send the address. I would love to send a bundle or two. God Bless!

  20. Jody Hicks Says:

    I have plenty that I would love to share. Please send the address.

  21. janet Says:

    I would like to participate. Where do I send the package. Janet

  22. Kyle Crowner Says:

    When I click on “how to bundle” I get a comment from someone — I can’t find directions about how you want the bundles put together.
    Maybe include the info in the body of the text instead of with links for stupid users like me! I’d like to participate, but don’t want to send something that ends up getting thrown away.

  23. Cindy Megginson Says:

    I would like to help. Where do I send the package?

  24. Marla Says:

    I’d love to send a bundle this week. Please send the APO. Thanks!

  25. Verdi Johnson Says:

    Send me the new address which doesn’t have your name. My bundle is ready to go. Can we put in scissors? Verdi

  26. Sharon Annis Says:

    Please send the new address I have two boxes ready to go. Thank you for letting us help. sharon

  27. Sally Kuehl Says:

    I am a knitter and a sewer, looking forward to participating!

  28. Naomi Pang Says:

    Love what you’re doing. I would love to participate too! You are an inspiration! Send me the APO.
    From a fellow quilter,
    Mililani, Hawaii

  29. Joyce Kajihara Says:

    Please take me off the list of follow-uo comments via e-mail – my mailbox is getting flooded. Glad to help – let me know if there is another project in the future.

    Joyce Kajihara

  30. Liz M. Says:

    Can I ship from NC on Tuesday, the 8th? The 7th is a holiday so the post office is closed

  31. Tracy M. Says:

    I just saw your website for the first time and I am thrilled! Please let me know details for the spring 2011 bundle send. I am a teacher and I’m sure I can round up many supporters. Thank you for what you are doing for the children and women in Iraq.

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