Yep.  Sure.  Send it – lots of it.  Knitting needles, too.

Super mega-bonus points if you can help me do either of the following two things:

1.  Find basic knitting instructions somewhere, that are very good and very free of words.  If anyone has seen or knows of good knitting instructions that are just pictures (drawings / photos), I’d love to inclde a link here so interested people can include them in their yarn bundles of love (YARBOLs?).  Someone told me once that knitters were pretty resourceful; hopefully someone can help find a solution for this.

2. Cram the Yarn Harlot into a box and send her.  I’ve heard that she can surge an Army, all for a greater good.  Insurgents would likely lose to an Army of knitters.


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8 Responses to “Yarn?”

  1. troismommy Says:

    Knitters rock! Don’t you forget it!

    Is this yarn and patterns for things like scarves and hats? Those would be the most simple, if that’s what you’re looking for. Does it matter if the yarn is acrylic, cotton, alpaca, wool, etc? How about the needles? Metal, wood?

    Let me know!

    Genevieve (JT)

  2. IBOL Guy Says:

    I thought I knew nothing, with regard to quilting. Then, I met some knitters, and I realized I truly know nothing. I thought knitting was a verb — there’s different kinds of knitting? I thought it was just…. knitting.

    I have no opinion on this subject. “Use your best judgment” is probably the extent of my advice.

    Any knitting ninja want to weigh in on this, give me some kind of a ruling?

  3. Lacey Says:

    I heart you. I really do. The YH comment had me in tears I laughed SO frickin hard. hahahahahaha.

  4. kern Says:

    Am LMAO about the yarn harlot. She’s pretty busy with the sock summit right now.

    When it’s over I’ll see if she will jump on board. If she does, you are going to make a lot of Iraqi knitters very happy!

  5. IBOL Guy Says:

    Sock Summit? If it’s not in Beirut, I’m not impressed.

    What does one address at a Sock Summit? Do the Lost Ones present their grievances to the Sell Outs who stayed behind the live the comfortable live in the Sock Drawer? Do socks of all kinds meet with President Obama over lunch and a beer, and talk about the need to end The Sorting so that all socks can get along and live in harmony? With their be resolution on the whole socks-with-sandals issue that has plagued this planet for too long?

    And please, please, please! tell me that the Sock Summit is using “More Socks, Less Violence” as their motto.

  6. LaceLady Says:

    The best basic book or set of instructions for basic knitting I know of is: How to Knit, Revised Edition – Volume 2 published by the National NeedleArts Association. I’ll put one in; shall I try to Google translate, or can you do it there? let me know if I need to get more. ciao – I love the Sock Summit Reply! and ditto for laughing my curly hair away about the Yarn Harlot – she rocks as a knitter, and knitting-pull-together person…and the Iraqi’s would be ever so happy to have her on this project!

  7. becomewhatyouare Says:






  8. Judi Carney Says:

    So excited to read about this wonderful program in today’s paper; however, so short on time to prepare packages. Got lotsa yarn and lotsa sewing supplies, so please send me that address. God bless!

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