MPS and Mail from Europe

The question came up a while ago — who about folks in Europe?  What about military folks overseas with access to MPS?

Well, let me offer some options.

If you live in Europe, but do not have access to the American military postal system (MPS), there is an easier way to do this, easier than mailing stuff to my APO address in NY only to have it come all the way back over the Atlantic to go to Iraq.  Longtime friend Ken has been volunteered by his wife and SIL to receive boxes; he will turn around and put them into the MPS system to me. Contact me, and I will put you in touch with him.  Fighting dwarves, I am talking to you.

If you’re doing this, the size of the box does not matter.  Send whatever size box you want.  If you can, try and use plain boxes and small labels; Ken will either relabel the boxes, or wrap them in brown paper so they can go into the MPS system.  Send a little, send a lot — postage will cost only as much as sending the stuff to the NL.

If you are in Europe and have access to MPS, just pick a box, any old box, and send it straight to me via MPS.  If you use one of the USPS boxes (they are good, strong boxes, after all), you will have to wrap it in brown paper before you try and send it; otherwise, the USPS will want to charge you the $12 to send it.  I say, just pick a big box (a copier paper box?), fill it, and send it — as long as it’s within length / width limits, and less than 70 lbs, yo are good to go.  People who work at crafts centers, I am talking to you.

And Ken, thanks.  I will do my best to muster 48000 boxes.  That’s love, man, that’s love.  You might need to go buy a new car or something.


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8 Responses to “MPS and Mail from Europe”

  1. kern Says:

    Hi Art! I’m PoppaBear’s SIL and saw Kristin’s notice about IBOL on her blog. I called my sister and asked her to take a look and see if she can serve as your European contact.

    I’ll send a bundle from Tx.

  2. Ken Says:

    That would be Kelly and me volunteering for this, Art.

  3. Nadine Says:

    Easily confused here. I live in Germany, so if I take my box to my Post Office at PHV, will it have to go to NY and then back to you Art? Does this mean you want folks like me to send our boxes to Ken?

    Or was this just for folks who live in Europe and don’t have access to the APO system themselves?

    You’re all just awesome, by the way, to be doing something like this!

  4. Kristin L Says:

    Nadine — APO to APO is free and should go directly downrange without passing Go (NY)!! Since you have an APO address, you can go to the post office on post (PHV in your case) and put the box in the mail and it will go straight to IBOL Guy (Art) in Iraq. Ken is in the same enviable situation.

    For regular Europeans who don’t have an APO address then mailing their box of comparable size through the German, Dutch, French, etc. postal system to Ken is cheaper and quicker than mailing it to NY.

  5. Chrys Says:

    I would like to donate. (quilter/sewist for 50 yrs) I belong to



  6. IBOL Guy Says:

    Kristin totally nailed it. Spot on. There’s talk of possibly other volunteers, in other countries — I’ll share those details when / if they solidify.

  7. French Knots Says:

    I’m in England and have more fabric than I could ever use so would like to send a bundle of love – shall i contact Ken?
    Brilliant idea!

  8. Mary Says:

    Hello from San Diego….please send that all important APO, I’d like to get some folks here working on this ASAP….
    Mary C-D

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