Still waiting on you, Australia

I am truly amazed at how the web has changed things.  This entire effort is web based — I am in Iraq, writing to  server that I assume is in the US, coordinating boxes to go to either NY or the Netherlands and on to me here.


I am a bit worried about the number of boxes headed this way — there have been a TON of volunteers!  So far, I’ve heard from the US, and Canada.  Knitters, sewers, and quilters.  Germany, and the Netherlands.  Even the UK chimed in.  Still no Romania, still no Australia.

Still waiting on you, Australia.


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6 Responses to “Still waiting on you, Australia”


    Hello from San Antonio, TX

    Great thing for you to do this.

    Please send me APO address.

    Am passing on this info on my blog today, and sisters & I are getting our boxes ready to mail as soon as I get APO address.


  2. jbowow Says:

    I’ll get Australia for you – let’s see what I can do…

  3. IBOL Guy Says:

    JBowow, you bring ’em. Australia — the land of sheep, right? Should be some extra yarn laying around, I would think.

  4. The week in review « Iraqi Bundles of Love Says:

    […] been a ton of visitors from the US and Canada. And Germany, my other home. And now some from Australia (!). And the UK. And Norway. It warms my heart plenty to have so many, from so many places, offer […]

  5. Tia Says:

    I can represent Australia since I just moved from there, can’t I? I am off to get my bundle together!

  6. marion moise Says:

    hey.. sorry.. yeah… australia is here at last… at the end of the race for time………… just posted today…. i know its late…. well, very late… but should be there in seven days……………..i am sure it will be ok………. a big big sorry for the lateness…. thankyou so much for organising this amazing thing………

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