Want for nothing

I’ve had a couple of people ask me what else they can tuck into the boxes, for me.

I am want for nothing.  Nada.  I sleep a little bit here and there.  I run, too much, and have a good pair of running shoes.  I get three squares a day at the chow hall, and get to eat the best cookies in Iraq, thanks to my sister.  I have about 100 movies I am not getting to, and least a dozen books that match the same description.  And with me, as always, is my field quilt, made by my loving and generous wife.

I see this as something of the calm before the storm.  I am sure there are all kinds of boxes already en route.  It’s kind of what Hawaii is going through right now, waiting for the storm to hit there, too.  Me, I’m looking forward to it raining boxes here.

If I am a little slow in responding, well, something changed at work and with it, my sleep pattern.  Hang in there — I’m not forgetting you, I hope, I’m just a bit busy with that war thing.



4 Responses to “Want for nothing”

  1. Nadine Says:

    Well, if we can’t send you anything in the boxes, we’ll send our good thoughts and prayers for your safety, and thanks for the good work you do there, and add in a few warm thoughts for Kristin and the kids while you’re away.

    And then you have to let us all tell you (again) how awesome you are for doing something like this!

  2. IBOL Guy Says:

    Well, thank you. I certainly welcome the warm thoughts — just not too many of them, because even at hours like this (2AM), it’s still 90 degree out!

  3. Solsisters Says:

    I am sure you’ll have no lack of nice notes Art, and our serving troops always need a bit of cheer from home. So you just stop lying about not needing anything.

  4. IBOL Guy Says:

    I tell you what — if i really do open one of these boxes, and out jumps a cat, I am going to be want for some kitty toys. I can;t be having a cat here batting around some loose bullet like it’s a stray thimble!

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