How did you get here

This whole IBOL thing started with a couple of emails to a few family and friends, and then me quietly creating this website.  There really hasn’t been a lot of fanfare or hard pressed effort on my part to spread the word or sell this concept; I’ve more or less left it up to you all to get the word out about this crazy dream of mine.

Oh, and by the way, you all sure seem to be doing a damn fine job at that.  A slow day has been 300 hits on this site, and a big day was over 750.  Add to that other folks who have only popped up on email, or through Facebook, and it’s healthy numbers for a viral web based efforts.

So, where are you all coming from?  Well, I have numbers.  Having read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, I see these kinds of statistics as being indicators of who the Connectors are.

At the top of the list is some gal named Kristin La Flamme.  What’s up with that?  After that, it’s Robin.  Apparently, my Hawaii connections are indeed pretty strong.  I find it interesting that Facebook and Twitter are both in the Top 5 — in this modern world, I kind of expected they would be.  Personally, I like that Google Reader is in the Top 10 — I love Google Reader and rely on it to follow about 200 different RSS feeds (it’s just that awesome).

But the bottom line is, no matter how you got here, well, thank you for getting here.  This thing has caught on, indeed, and the feedback, good comments and constructive additions and ideas have been just great.  I’m just waiting for the weather to improve and the mail deliveries to resume!

Without further ado,  may present to you the top ten sites that push visitors here:


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11 Responses to “How did you get here”

  1. kern Says:

    I emailed the Yarn Harlot today and asked her to “mention” IBOL on her site. Keep your fingers crossed!

  2. Amy Loar Says:

    I believe in worldwide fabric therapy! Please send me your address, and I’ll send you a box for my husband’s birthday (Sept 7th).

  3. nikki in virginia Says:

    Hi, I came from

    I would like to build a bundle. My sister is with the embassy in Iraq.

    Thanks for this great way of helping.

  4. IBOL Guy Says:

    Nikki in Virginia, my email to you got kicked back! Oh no — help!

  5. Teresa in CA Says:

    I’d love to pass on some fabric, yarn, and whatever else I can pull out of my overflowing stash. Please let me know where to send it!


  6. Michele Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful idea! I’d love to share some sewing supplies.

  7. liz Says:

    Kristin’s site!
    Please send me the APO. I want to send the info to my quilt guild here in central California. Is there a reason I can not distribute the actual info including the address in an email to the entire group?

    Thanks, Liz

  8. Solsisters Says:

    I know my girls on the Carried Away Bag Makers team ( are prepping boxes for you. I think Sarah was sending one in addition to the one I already put in the mail.

  9. Dee Says:

    Knitters for Obama, on Ravelry was my contact.

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