Forget the button – steal this site

This started with an idea of bundles of quilting material getting to the hands of Iraqis, in support of the season on Ramadan, our counter-insurgency doctrine, and helping my unit try and do good as we get ready to rotate out with the next unit.

Then, it started to involved other sewing items. Then yarn. Somewhere along the way, the American mail system got expanded, because people – because big hearts are in fact universal – elsewhere wanted in on helping.

When I created this site, I thought it’d be neat if 30 or so bundles made there way here. A big success would be 50. Friday alone, I think I had 50 people ask for the address, saying they were ready to send bundles.

Today, someone left a comment about sending a honest-to-goodness sewing machine. I kid you not — I had to grab the desk to keep from falling over. It’s remarkable.

I think this idea is something of a success. It’s certainly a much bigger success than I ever thought it could be, and it’s certainly grown in ways I never expected.

So, I would offer this encouragement: Steal this site. OK, not the site itself, but the idea, even the content. By all means, email me and ask me questions about the behind-the-scenes stuff, but feel free to lift text, images, ideas and anything else from this site — I’ve slapped on the Creative Commons license to this all, to make sure the legal stuff is covered.

Maybe your guild does this with the local battered women shelter. Maybe knitting needles and yard get collected quarterly and the goodies plus “learning to knit” instructions get delivered to the local homeless shelter. Or maybe it’s through your local synagogue, church, house of worship. And if you see that this site helps in any way, take from here liberally.

There is goodness is this site, and in this project — I feel it in my heart, and I read it in your emails. Go with it.


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12 Responses to “Forget the button – steal this site”

  1. cathy gillette Says:

    are you still taking donations??? I would love to send a bunch of my stash that I cannot bear to toss but would like to pass along. I could include a bunch of trims and stuff too that they could embellish with. what a wonderful idea you had!!

  2. IBOL Guy Says:

    Absolutely. if the stuff gets into the mail by, say, not later than 7 SEP, it should make it here before the end of Ramadan.

    So, the cut off for mailing stuff for IBOL – and the end of IBOL — is 7 SEP.

  3. Barbara Says:


    I would love to get your address too!

  4. Ramie Says:

    I requested your address in one of the side links you had, hopefully you saw that, but again, may I get it? I also wanted to say that it would be really neat to see how many you receive, possibly updated daily. I just posted about your site on my blog. Great idea!

  5. Jessica Says:

    Hi IBOL guy! thanks for your comment on my blog! my boxes are all ready, but I don’t have your address yet, please email it to:
    jessicaintheforest (at) yahoo (dot) com

    thank you!!!!

  6. grace Says:

    Could you kindly email me the address to send the box to? It says to email you but I cannot find your email address on this blog so hopefully this will do.

    GraceScotKeith at hotmail dot com

    I also posted about your great idea on my blog at:

    Thanks! I love your great idea.

  7. Kristin Says:

    I am getting a box ready this week. Please send your address. I will pass this on to my quilt guild!

  8. Lisa Says:

    Please send address. I will feel less guilty about my stash if some of it finds a new (and appreciative) home. Thanks for organizing this!

  9. sue Says:

    please send your address so I can send it to my friends. They have gigantic fabric stashes, and I have yarn to send. I sooo want to do this.

  10. Nancy Rosi Says:

    Olease send me the address to send a box!! Thanks for doing this and giving us all a chance to help! Nancy

  11. Nancy Rosi Says:

    Please send me your address so I can also send a box. Thanks

  12. Betty Crowell Says:

    Received Karey’s email Wed. and have two boxes to mail today. With a little time I can have several more, and have friends who could too. Is there some organization in Iraque who can continue this when you leave?

    Thank you for your service to our country and your compassion in recognizing the needs of women for a creative outlet as well as a practical one.

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