The First Bundles Are Here!

Me and CPT T, who seems rather pleased with it all

Me and CPT T, who seems rather pleased with it all

Mail service here can be hit or miss. We can go days without getting a mail run bringing in new stuff. This was one of those weeks — I think we got mail twice this past week.

But we got mail today! And six bundles arrived. Six! I grabbed CPT T, the brains behind this whole thing, and we went to go open them up. Sure as you-know-what, we cut boxes open, reached inside, and pulled out complete bundles — exactly as designed! We took some more photos — click on the photo above or here, to go see the whole set. Yes, they’re tagged with the iraqibundlesoflove Flickr tag, too.

As we stood there, staring at these bundles of awesomeness, it was hard to imagine hundreds of these things headed our way. Wow. Whoa.

Two comments, before I close this up and go sleep for a few hours.

Already someone has broken the rules. Someone write a very nice and very personal note, and included it on top of the bundle. Which just about made me cry. Come on, people — work with me here. My reputation as a hardened killer is going to take a beating if you do stuff like that.

And two, three of these six boxes came from one person. Three! My goodness, the implications of that are tremendous — with 200 people having left comments here, and gobs more getting the address from others, it’d be a thousand bundles if everyone sent three or more! Heavens to Betsy, that’s a lot of love!

So, three cheers for the first round of bundles that arrived!


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8 Responses to “The First Bundles Are Here!”

  1. suesue Says:

    And here I was today selfishly wondering what I would do with all the fabric my mom wants to get rid of and where could I put it. God sees a need and fills it for us all. Could you please send me the address. I’ll try to get out a few boxes asap. Thank you.

  2. Kristin L Says:

    Woo hoo!! Tell the mail room people to brace themselves! 🙂

  3. IBOL Guy Says:

    Oh, I know. A box of Anne cookies arrived at the same time — I will likely go sacrifice them to the Mail Room, as appeasement!

  4. anita Says:

    Wow—something useful to do with all that stuff I really love, but am probably never going to use. Send me the address, please—I have fabric and yarn galore, and can send a box or two next week when the Social Security check gets here.

  5. Christine Johnson Says:

    Please send the APO. I’d like to send a bundle. Thanks.

  6. Kathleen Says:

    Yippee – it is soo much fun to see the updates on the web. Thank you for posting the photos – I think there is an avalanche of boxes on the way, including two (or more) from me. No need to reply…save your energy to unpack the boxes!

  7. IBOL Guy Says:

    Oh, Kathleen — you have noooooo idea how much trouble I am in. In fact, I can only make an educated guess. The Mail folks here are likely going to want to run me out of town. On this website, there have been about 275 comments from people, as of right now. All but maybe 5 have been about asking for the address — so, most every one of those comments representing at least one bundle, with a TON of people like YOU talking about multiple bundles (the generosity of which just blows my mind, BTW).

    That’s just on this website.

    There are others out there that I know (and that I wholly condone) are passing around the details within their groups and guilds – here’s the address, don’t post the address to the web, get it in the mail not later than 7 Sept, and here are ideas on what to send and what not to send. People who I’ll never hear from until their bundle just shows up — like what happened on Monday here when I got two bundles, one from my wife, and one from someone else. I love that people are locally effecting participation in this — it’s wonderful.

    Every day, I expect this to flatten out, for there to be just a few new people checking in, a few people asking for the address. Last Friday, 2000 people visited the website, up from a low of 10 the first day. Sunday and Monday brought about 1300 visitors to the website. Things have to let up at some point, right? I have some known data — comments people leave here — that I can count, but I have no idea how wild this fires burns across the web, on blogs, and in guilds, and in emails. Are 300 bundles headed this way? 500? I am really not sure. I feel like an incredibly proud poppa with this project, and that’s after just 6 bundles arriving!

  8. Charlene Goto Says:

    Please send me APO Address for Bundles of Love. I want to send a box.

    Charlene Goto

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