Well, I’ve certainly had worse problems to deal with…..

As the scale of this project grows and grows and grows, thanks to so many people expressing an interest and so many people sending soooooo many boxes, I am having to do some work behind the scenes to adjust.

See, this was going to be pretty easy when I was expecting tens, not hundreds.

Let’s see. Storage. Well, the original plan is out the window (hiding them at the office). Where do you hide 500 anything? I’ve got the first 21 in my room, but that’s while we work on something bigger this week / weekend.

Delivery. Well, 50 bundles would cover our local area well, though not too deep. One or two bundles for a bunch of folks. 500? 1000 bundles? I’m doing some coordination to do bulk shipments to some other parts of northern Iraq, outside my immediate area. I’ll share details when / if that plan solidifies.

Local distro? Well, I think I have that one solved. I found the right guy who seems to have the right answers. Sewing co-ops, small businesses that got micro-grants or loans, and folks like that — he says he knows them all. And he gets what we’re trying to do, so I am optimistic. I think we’ll do a small test run early in the week, to see how it goes.

The secret. When I started this, I didn’t really tell anyone at work, other than CPT T and a few others. It was a pretty behind-the-scenes thing, because I thought there’d be like 30 or 50 bundles, tops. Today, I had to go do some prep work, in case the mail people pick up on the pattern of large numbers of boxes for me. Preemptive strike. I even talked to our press guy. So far, so good.

And email. In the 2 and a half weeks that this has been going, I may well have written 500 or more emails about IBOL. I try to answer everyone who leaves a comment or asks a question. So far, so good. Keep ’em coming — the emails are definitely keeping me motivated.

Really, these problems aren’t problems, but wonderful opportunities. It’s not often that little things in life like this grow so wildly — I know how lucky I am to be involved in this, and am working as hard to do my part.


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17 Responses to “Well, I’ve certainly had worse problems to deal with…..”

  1. IBOL Guy Says:

    I almost forgot. That bag down in the front? Those are the extra sheets that started this whole thing. They’ll be the first things to go!

  2. Anne Laflamme Says:

    You rock. And I am not just saying that because I am your sister.

    Will try to make extra cookies for the mail room guys this weekend.

  3. diana Says:

    Hi! Can you please send me the address!

  4. kern Says:

    I just sent off my first set of boxes-fabric and yarn! My quilting friend here at work brought in TWO BOLTS of fabric to send too!

  5. Mumma Jan in WA Says:

    Sorry about the name, it’s my Cat Blogosphere tag. Please send the address–I work in a yarn shop in Washougal, WA. Do we have some stuff to send!!

    BTW–love the “cat traps”–they work like magic here, too.

    Thank you for starting this–you are a good man!!

    Jan in Camas, WA

  6. linda p Says:

    i’d love to send some fabric and yarn- please email me the address!

  7. Shawn Sauve Says:

    Please send info for mailing a bundle. It’s a beautiful idea. 🙂

  8. quiltdivajulie Says:

    What a wonderful set of problems!

    After I posted on my blog, I’ve had inquiries for the address as well … as a friend said, your project is about to go viral!

  9. carolyn williams Says:

    Hello from Kansas (don’t let the Churchladies thing scare you I just own a Church Mailing list)

    My group here in Burlington Kansas has a box ready for you…where do we send it.

    This was good timing for me as I have just cleaned my quilting studio and my husband saw my stash and screamed (and he didn’t even see the fabric in the shower, bathroom or in my trunk and in the car….eek I was in big trouble.

    This is also personal for me as my Daughter’s finance served in Northern Iraq and was based in Hawaii also. He was a Captain in the Army.

  10. Danalee Says:

    I think this is such a great idea! I would love to do it.

  11. Magpie Sue Says:

    I just found out about this from quiltdivajulie’s blog and have posted it on mine. I expect a friend and I will be putting together at least one bundle; please send the address!

  12. Stef Says:

    Thank you. You’re blogged and tweeted. http://blackberryquilts.blogspot.com/2009/08/iraqi-bundles-of-love.html

  13. Stef Says:

    ps need your address!

  14. Nan Says:

    This is so cool! 🙂 What is the address & are there any rules?

  15. Lynn Says:

    Thank you-please tell me where to send my box.

  16. Shyla Says:

    I would love to send some stuff please send me the address. Thanks

  17. Joanne Gasperik Says:

    Hi Art, looks like you have started a new FLOOD of biblical proportions!
    Cookies for the mail-room-guys…….good idea!
    Same Address?
    Joanne in Wisconsin

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