Bigger truck, please

I met the mail room folks today. Actually, they don’t hate me, but they did have questions about why a guy was getting so much fabric and yarn. I had to display my man card as part of my explanation of what IBOL is about. They’re on board.

Of course, they’re going to have to re-arrange things some. The 35 boxes that were there waiting for me was keeping the door from opening all the way. I told them it was only going to get worse. Or better, depending on how they really felt about the project.

So, yeah. 35 more. Bringing the total to 80. Not bad, when I was shooting for 30, or maybe 50 if I was lucky.

But I think I need a bigger room. And if a roommate were to show up now, I’d be in serious trouble!


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6 Responses to “Bigger truck, please”

  1. Deb Hunt Says:

    Please add me to the IBOL group. I will start getting my bundle together today 08/23/09 to mail this week. What a great idea. I have so much good sewing stuff in duplicates (its a sickness, I know). Let me know when and where to send my bundle or bundles. Thanks Deb.
    Please use My email:

  2. Lynne Says:

    HA HA HA! And you thought you could keep this a secret!

    I am preparing my THIRD box for you!

  3. Mirthful Says:

    Yeah. Everything on the net is secret. Or so I’m told.

    Just dropping in to read the updates – LOVE how this is doing – and to say I stashbusted this afternoon and got meself a pile ( and I now have Ken’s address, so my package(s – found some pretty big pieces of fabric) will be heading for the Netherlands this week.

  4. quiltdivajulie Says:

    I see you’ve decided to leave the bundles IN the boxes … stacking has to be easier this way! Of course, there isn’t nearly as much color showing (VBG)

    Sorry about your knee – I’ll bet you could come up with a REALLY colorful bandage!

    Glad the brass and compatriots are on board – I’d been wondering how long it would take!

    YOU GO!!!

  5. Christine Says:

    This is fantastic! Please send me info or direct me to where I can get an address to send my supplies:)

  6. Edie in Topanga Says:

    My SIster in law works as a interior design rep and has hundreds of sample upholstery and drape fabrics. I will send this on to her.

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