The week in review

IBOL Kitteh - Dis yarn don't go in dat box!

This week has probably brought 10,000 visitors to this site. Yes, that includes repeat offenders, er, I mean, visitors. Still, though — that’s some traffic. My inbox, I am thrilled to say, has been chock-full of comments from folks asking for the address and / or asking questions. Which is pretty darn-tootin’ cool, as I see it.

Speaking of which, I think there are two things I am going to try and focus on this week. OK, three — since one thing is to make the first deliveries.

Theme 1 for this week: humor. I joke about how this started with a vision of bundles that would be measures in tens, but now it’s probably going to be measured in hundreds. Please don’t think that this is work for me. I’m having a ball. Sure, there’s a lot to do, but I still get to sleep at night, I still get my two meals a day. I make it up to the laundry drop off every few days. But it’s a lot of fun. The absolute funniest was a customs form on one of the bundles that arrived. The form has a place where it asks what to do with the package if it’s undeliverable. The sender wrote, “Give to local Iraqi police.” So, look for the funnies this week.

Theme 2 for this week: bigger is better. Some of the bundles that have arrived have been filled with giant ball-thingies of yarn (yes, I realize there’s a technical name of them, I just have no idea what that is). Well, some are just plain stuffed, too. And some of the pieces of fabric have been really big. I see these things, and the little gears in my head start to spin. Small things are good, but big is better.

Oh, and if you’re worried that the rapid growth of this thing is getting to be too much, don’t. I have a few back-channel discussions ongoing with some real-heavyweights about just how big this thing can get, but really, I’m committed to this. You do not need to worry about it — we will take care of this end.

Two Three last things. Bundles from the US, in the flat rate boxes, seem to be taking about 10 days to get here. Traffic to the website, and folks looking to help, increased significantly starting last Friday, a week ago. So, if the weather holds, it should rain boxes late this week, I think. I added a running count to the top right corner of the column to the right (look up top over here —>), so you should b able to check in and see how it’s going.

I have a press guy now. Really. So, attention mainstream media, leave a comment and I will put you in touch with my media guy. Apparently, photos and text and even TV are possible. I don’t know if the Army will pay for me to take a business trip, to be a guest speaker at your Sock-a-palooza or national quilt convention show thingy, but I can certainly put you in touch with the guy to ask. Why am I even mentioning this? Yep — you guessed it, I’ve had inquiries.

And I got an owie.

Apparently, training for a marathon, in the dark on a near-moonless night, after midnight and in the desert, should probably include the active use of a flashlight, not the passive use of a flashlight. I busted up the knee, and sprained an ankle. But I went on to run 7 more miles, just with a slower pace than normal.

Until then, have some more kitteh.


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12 Responses to “The week in review”

  1. Dorothy Says:

    Hope I’m posting this in the right place to ask for the addres.

    Already picked up three boxes from the post office. The postal clerks are excited by your project, so I’m sending one box from me and one on behalf of each of them.

    Bless you, good thoughts to you, may your karma be wonderful, your boots comfy and your cot sand-free.

    Oh, and love the LOL Cats.

  2. IBOL Guy Says:

    Oh, I do to. Cats and fabric / yarn, with boxes added in for good measure? I bet here are tons of photo ops in conjunction with IBOL for more great ones like these.

  3. Lisa Says:

    I love this project and am planning on getting some boxes out this week. Would you please email me the address? I will see if any of my three kitties will go along for the ride to keep you company. Just kidding, of course. šŸ™‚ I know you have your hands very full with this project, but is there any interest in doing something similar in Afghanistan? That was my husband’s question when I told him about this.

    Thanks so much!


  4. Lynne Says:

    I have a second box ready to go tomorrow! And it might have a friend! I’m one of your “repeat offenders.” It’s a lot of fun watching all of this happen.

  5. Kathleen Says:

    Oh my – what a great surprise to open up the site and see my kitty there (photo sent to IBOL for a laugh!) The kitteh’s name is George, and he loves nothing better than to sleep on a skein of yarn holding up his very large head (he’s a big boy kitteh). So – we made sure to keep some yarn at home for his ‘needs’…

    Way cool!

  6. Jane Stona Says:

    Hi. Great work. what’s the address?

  7. Deanna Davis Says:

    Having experienced the blessings of good press for worthy causes I fret a bit about what you are going to experience in the next several weeks. Hope you are taking your vitamins and icing that knee!
    Sent off 6 boxes Sat am. The bundles are wrapped in child-sized quilt tops because I thought it might be of interest to look at some piecing before it gets covered up with batting and backing. Got your address from a friend so you haven’t heard about these boxes before.
    If you are interested in donation stories I could tell you the story of “Mittens” in the SF Chronicle and “Katrina Quilts” but only if you have the energy for another email. And my most grateful thanks and big hugs.

  8. Julie Lundquist Says:

    I wamt to send a box!! Lots to share from my fabric stash…please send me the address I should send the box to. Thanks very much and blessings.

  9. Susan Parker Says:

    Sorry about your mishap in the desert. News about this project is getting around on the internet! I would be happy to send some of my stash to Iraq. Please send me the address and I will get a box off in the mail next week. Thanks for doing this.

  10. IBOL Guy Says:

    George is awesome. He’s my new hero.

    And Susan, “no pain, no gain.”

  11. Krystal of Solsisters Says:

    The sew, mama sew shop is offering a prepacked IBOL for $15, which includes shipping to Art on your behalf for all the non-sewers who want to see Army helicopters delivering fabric!

    Just goggle sew,mama sew. It’s a featured item on the front page of the store.

  12. Krystal of Solsisters Says:

    Surely you told the local Iraqi police what you’re up to? Someone has to carry on the fabric salvation. That must mean my 2nd box arrived:) me and mom are sending off 4 more this week

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