Bigger, faster, stronger: IBOL 2.0

I said I needed a bigger truck, right?

I got a van instead.

And a warehouse.

No, really. There’s now a warehouse. No IBOL sign out front — IBOL is going to come and go in another month — but there’s so much coming that I asked for and got the OK to divert stuff into a frakin’ warehouse.

So, if you’re in the IBOL sending business, you may see that there’s a slightly different mail address now. The old one still works, but the new one works even better!

And 26 more arrived today. That pushes us past 100 total. 100 bundles, folks. Egads, that’s a lot.

And with Sew Mama Sew and their amazing effort, I am officially declaring this IBOL 2.0 — there’s way more going on than I ever imagined. The scope of this project has gone BIG. Knitters were added, which I never foresaw. There are more bundles falling out of the sky than I know what to do with. Folks are coming up with neat things like Twitter hash marks and people are blogging this like crazy. And I had to get a bigger vehicle, and to see a man about a warehouse.


But no, I’m sitting back and resting on my laurels. IBOL 3.0 is in the works. Get ready, world — I’m shuckin’ and jivin just as much as I can. My old commander use to say, “Put effort to emphasis.” And this IBOL thing is that important to me, is getting that much emphasis from me, that I am doing my best to put that much effort into it — and trying to leverage the efforts of all of you as most effectively and efficiently as possible.

Stick with me , folks — we can effect change.

OK, I’m off to go work on SSP #2. And no, Oprah has not called — yet.


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16 Responses to “Bigger, faster, stronger: IBOL 2.0”

  1. IBOL Guy Says:

    And apparently, IBOL is suppose to be spelled with a heart, not an “O”. I did not know this, but you can see it in the photos just as clear as day.

  2. quiltdivajulie Says:

    I’m hearing the theme song from the Jeffersons show … varying the lyrics
    …we’re Movin’ on Up! To the east side! Movin’ on Up!
    To a dee-luxe apartment in the sky, We’re movin’ on up!
    We’ve finally got a piece of the pie!

    Don’t worry – the press will call!!

  3. Kathleen Says:

    This is so very very cool – I am having so much fun just watching (and imagining my boxes on their way)… nice van, IBOL guy!

  4. Lynne Says:

    Pretty soon that’s gonna be too small! I am enjoying watching this thing explode, and the numbers of boxes remaining on SMS dwindle!

  5. Kathy Says:

    Art, this is so fabulous to see! I keep seeing my bundle in your photos and it makes me happy and thankful that you’ve created the vehicle for all of us to send love packaged in something so meaningful to us as quilters.

    I have a lead on a large amount of fabric that won’t be available for acquisition and mailing until September 12. Before I pursue it can you e-mail me and I can tell you more!

    Thank you! Kathy

  6. Brooke Says:

    I’d love the address. I have yarn and fabric that need good homes and uses! Thanks.

  7. Solsisters Says:

    I see my second IBOL in today’s pic (can’t miss uncle Ben’s tye dye!) and mom spotted one of hers in yesterday’s pic. ( the hawaiian woodies).

    I got Handmade to tweet this out for you along with lots of #militarymon mentions. I am sure they also feel copters would be VERY fabulous!

  8. Robin Says:

    Packing commencing… please send address 🙂 Thanks!

  9. laura in alameda Says:

    So cool!

  10. Angela Says:

    Hi Art, I see all 5 of my boxes there and it is such a great feeling to know one of our Iraqi “sisters” will put needle to fabric because of this.

  11. Deborah Says:

    New address, please.

  12. Nancy Soyring Says:

    Hi Art, I was just about to go to the Post Office to mail off 2 bundles, but I read that you have a new storage depot, so thought I’d ask you for the new address.
    Thank you for giving me a way to extend my hand in friendship to my sister seamstresses. I’ve had a lot of fun putting sewing goodies in my bundles.

  13. Amy Says:

    Hey Art,

    I could use that new address as well… especially since I forgot to put the old one on my new package and didn’t realize it until I was at the post office…

    Hugs and Stitches!

  14. Sara Homeyer Says:

    PO here in Grand Rapids, MI is out of the APO boxes. However, I ordered 10 over the internet.
    Now I’ll be able to use the new address. What is it?
    So fun watching your posts and photos of progress. Thanks for organizing this!

  15. Sheri Coleman Says:


    I just heard about this today, 9/2. Can you send me the address so I can get something in the mail?


  16. jan henderson Says:

    got 2 boxes off today the 8th- wish I’d had more time- and how clever to make the pkg inside the box and ready to hand out. Post office wanted to know if I wanted it tracked or insured etc. I said its just scraps, no value to us but to someone else.
    Let us know the total and maybe some handout pictures.

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