First batch, ready for pick up

I think that’s called a double bed. And yes, it’s stacked, front to back, and mostly 5 high. That’s 70+ bundles on the bed, and a 7 or 8 on the floor awaiting some minor work before they’re ready.

Here’s my improvised workstation, and below is what it looks like in use.

It’s like opening birthday presents, every day.

OK, a few comments before I go to sleep (because I am really running late on that, and am going to be tired tonight!).

1. You all cheat. Why are you all trying to make me cry on a regular basis? I thought I said no cards with nice words and stuff. Didn’t I say that? Yet still I opened box after box, with note after note. You people are going to be the death of me, when I shrivel up here in the desert and die of dehydration from crying. I’m a big mushy push over, and these notes are just too much.

2. You all lie. Don’t try and tell me that these bundles have a value of $10 — my wife quilts, I know what this stuff costs. “Oh, these 8 yards of kaffe print? Maybe $12, total. A little more since I threw in these scissors.” Oh, please. You might fool the post office folks, writing that on the customs forms, but you’re not fooling me. A lot of you have sent some really big pieces of some really AWESOME fabrics. Add to that what this stuff will do? You should write the little infinity symbol there instead.

And thank you. I may be late getting to sleep, I may be grumpy later, but I am in a damn good mood. That was a lot of work, prepping these bundles of pick up later today, but wow — that’s one awesome collection of IBOL’s. If no other bundles arrived ever, I’d still be thrilled with this project.


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28 Responses to “First batch, ready for pick up”

  1. Jess and Missy Says:

    How awesome!! We would love to contribute!!! Any type of fabric accepted? Knits and wovens? Thanks for what you are doing!!!

  2. Karin Brewer Says:

    I would like to participate. Where do I send my bundle?

  3. Sandy Says:

    LOL! You’ll be glad to know my box contains no mush whatsoever, but if you’re a pushover, I don’t know what you’ll do. Just don’t get the cards wet, okay?

    Your box is going postal today! 🙂

  4. Mama R Says:

    Are you still doing this? If so, please send me the address to post this to!!! Thanks – R.

  5. quiltdivajulie Says:

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT ~ what you’re doing (and helping us to do) is SOOOOO awesome.

    I hope you get to see the faces of some of the recipients – I can only imagine …

    Lots more boxes on the way … and yeah, we put deliberately put cheap values on them because we didn’t want anyone else getting greedy when they saw the real value!

  6. Bernadette Says:

    I want to do this! Will you send me the information? And I promise no mush whatsoever!

  7. Carol Says:

    I’m dropping off my first bundle today of sewing items at the Post Office today, all boxed and ready to go (except my ribbon tying skills need more work). More coming — I am a knitting designer and you cannot imagine how much yarn I have…
    Thank you!!

  8. Sarah Says:

    Send me your address -This is SO COOOOOL! I loved THREE CUPS OF TEA and his mission and now you are offering a tangible way to promote peace that clears out my stash too! win-win-win! Thanks so much for organizing and facilitating this!

  9. terry grant Says:

    Hope mine arrived. I haven’t seen it’s red-plaidiness in any of your photos! I follow the rules and did not include a note, but hope you know what a wonderful opportunity you have given all of us to be able to do something small, but positive and life-affirming and human to human in that place of devastation and pain. I know you are working hard with this, but I’ll bet it is a blast seeing what you have inspired! Glad you are taking lots of pictures. Thanks, Art!

  10. JoAnna Says:

    Please send me your APO address, as I would like to contribute. Great project.

  11. Java Jane Says:

    Please forward the address. I am assembling a bundle after reading about the project on Sew Mama Sew.

    How wonderful this is!

    Best wishes to the IBOL Guy!


  12. Kim Says:

    Just found out about this project…so excited to be a part of it! I’m collecting items as soon as I write this. Please send me your mailing information, and I’ll get some boxes out asap!

    Thanks for the opportunity to help!

  13. MsMauri Says:

    Well, actually….I was in Savers on Friday afternoon looking for zippers for Krystal’s handbags when I found 6 yards of new 60 inch wide black-with-a-white-pinstripe men’s suit fabric (I thought OOOO a Burqa!) ..and the nice lady at the register said it was only $2.99…and then there was the 2.5 yards of new 60 inch wool plaid for $1.99…and you didn’t say that it all had to be from our OWN stashes…

    I didn’t put a note in either – but I get up every morning and check out your blog and your facebook page to see how the project is growing – it is even developing its own community – and I thank you that I can be a small part of it.

    Thank you;, too for all the pictures – Will we see pictures of the bundles being delivered???

  14. Cherie Moore Says:

    Thank you!! I see my bundle in the first picture, first row, right side, top bundle 🙂 It looks like my bundle-ing skills are good enough to survive any and all searches, including ketteh inspector 247 🙂 No notes from me, I can follow directions and ignore the voice in my head that keeps repeating what a terrifically wonderful man to provide us the opportunity to reach out, woman to woman, and make a difference. Again, thank you!!!

  15. andrea Says:

    I just delivered my box to the post office. No note, and I forgot to write “IBOL Guy ROCKS” on the side, like I was going to. You rock.

  16. Jennifer Says:

    yippee! i see mine right in the front – the red/orange stripe with the black ribbon. that was fast too!! never did sending care packages to my navy boys get there so quickly.

  17. Janice Says:

    Address please! I would like to be among the thousands!

  18. kristi Says:

    Art, four boxes are winging their way to you. I hope the folks who get the quilt top like cat hair– it is pre-seasoned by my local inspector.

    Thanks for this project. I am so happy to be a small part of it.

  19. Edie in Topanga Says:

    Hi! we are making a bundle and want to send it. Can I get your APO?
    I have also passed this on to Home school BBS and local play groups, my Facebook – as well as my Organic Vegetable Co-op subscribers. I hope you see a lot of bundles coming your way!

  20. Shannon Says:

    Pls send me your address – I would love to contribute!

  21. pratima Says:

    Hi, thanks so much for this opportunity 🙂
    Could you please forward me the mailing address. I would love to send some supplies.

    Thanks again!
    Best wishes,

  22. Jenn M Says:

    Could you send me your address. I’d like to send a bundle.

  23. Gale Dupell Says:

    OK, where do I send the box and do you have instructions? I’m not finding the key info and want to help too.

  24. MsMauri Says:

    Gale, go to the top of this page and click on the banner. That will take you to the front page of the blog. Look in top right hand corner of the front page for the heading PAGES. You will find the FAQ and how to put an IB<3L together. Welcome aboard!

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  26. Happy Zombie Says:

    I love all the shots, and love seeing my bundle – that’s just gravy! I’ve gotten emails and comments from the nicest friends ever… saying, “did you see your bundle?!?!”.

    My deepest thanks and gratitude for giving me the privilege of Doing Something and Making A Difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  27. Jean Chebret Says:

    I would really like to participate. My nephew (same last name) is a combat medic and is being deployed again to Iraq so this really touches home with me. Thank you for giving me a chance to prove to another woman in a totally different culture that Americans really do care and are nice people. After all the man may be the head of the house but the woman is the neck that turns the head! Please let me know where to send my bundles!

  28. Beverly Velazquez Says:


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