Well, here’s something I never thought I would have to say:

If you’re from the press or media, click here.

Folks, I had been dreaming of tens. You convinced me that hundreds are possible. And you’re showing me that there could in fact be thousands of bundles by the time this thing is over.

Want to know how I feel about all that? You’ve already made that, too.

Thank you, world. You rule.

But wait — there’s more! Superstar Nadine has started work on a logo, too.

IBOL shirt
Click to see possible variants.

So, what do you think? Please, leave a comment and some feedback!


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45 Responses to “IBOL”

  1. IBOL Guy Says:

    Hey, who’s going to turn that into a logo? Someone needs to put that onto shirts or pull overs or something. Have people secretly wear them to the International Quilt Festival in Houston in October.

    That would be totally cool. It’d be our own little inside secret.

  2. Kristin Says:

    This is so awesome! I got my package mailed today and did a blog post too.

  3. Gerrie Says:

    This is going great, Art! Sent me 7 pound package yesterday. My dog Scooter helped. Ha!

  4. Christelle Says:

    Could I have the address, please? And I’d be happy to help with that logo, too… 😉

  5. mab Says:

    Wow! I love this idea! It’s so nice to help in such a practical and personal way. I’m selecting my treasures and will send them in soon!

    Oh, and I’ve blogged about this, so I hope it helps!

  6. Sharon Says:

    I got my package in the mail last Friday, so it should be there soon. I think it’s just amazing (and wonderful) how this has taken off. Very cool! Oh, and I blogged about this too. Twice! http://www.indigothreads.blogspot.com.
    Thank you for doing this. You’ve obviously hit a nerve (in a good way) with a lot of people/quilters/knitters and even cats. Way to go!

  7. IBOL Guy Says:

    OMG, I just realized — does there need to be another logo, a very manly logo? Does anyone drag their man along to things, like quilt shows or knitting stores?

    Maybe something with fire, or horns, or a bull or something.

    And another one that is orange. You know, for the Dutch. IBOL is HUGE in the NL, and the NL is playing a critical role in collecting and sending bundles from across Europe right now. Orange, and maybe featuring an ice cream cone.

  8. Lynne Says:

    You’re too funny. Ice Cream, Horns, Flames, Orange, IB<3L… Can't wait to see how many bundles arrive from the mail crew today, and the type of vehicle they use to bring it to you.

    I just checked SMS and there are only 8 bundles left.

    I hope you're keeping a journal. This is a book in the making, my friend!

  9. notablogger Says:

    Thank you so much for the kind, kind comment on my blog. I almost blush to have to confess – I’m American, not Dutch. Wonderful that you have such warm thoughts about the Cloggies!

  10. Lynne Says:

    Gosh, how fast things happen! I go take a shower, and when I get back, there’s a logo on a T-shirt. I like the one you’ve shown… IBOL, spreading peace one bundle at a time.

    I’m telling you, Art, you life has officially CHANGED!

  11. Nadine Says:

    Hey Art–I think horns and flames might be stretching my graphic art abilities (or be totally beyond them actually)! If I have time later, I’ll see what I can do… 🙂

  12. Wanda Clark Says:

    Hi! I saw a post on Kaari’s blog yesterday and would like to send something. Is it okay that it isn’t a bundle and just fabric?? I’ve got yardage of a few fabrics…..curtains that won’t be made for safety reasons. 🙂 Thanks.

  13. Carol E Says:

    I sort of like the logo but don’t like that “B”. It doesn’t look like a B! IBOL Guy, can I have your new, updated, manly address? (The one that goes to the warehouse or whatever?) Thanks.

  14. SuzAnn Says:

    Love the logos. So now we need someone that can produce and distribute the shirts etc and have the proceeds go to SMS for more bundles!

  15. badlands quilts Says:

    I like the logo that says “one bundle at a time.”

  16. Nadine Says:

    @SuzAnn, I can do that, and that was part of the question, actually. The shirts are already up for sale, but I haven’t put any markup on them at all. They are being sold at cost at the moment (this is all done on a one-off printing basis at Cafe Press, where I already had a shop set up). I can add a few bucks to each item, and send off the proceeds to SMS or wherever, IF folks think it should happen that way, IF SMS wants to keep doing it and if they don’t, if someone else can take up the bataon, and IF IBOL guy thinks this will go on past Ramadan.

    All input welcome!

    (P.S. I will work on the “B”, so it looks more like a B, but I must go feed hungry kids first!) 🙂

  17. SuzAnn Says:

    I didn’t see that the shirts were already available before I posted. I just bought shirts for me, my mom, sister and neice that helped do the bundles. I’m so excited to get them. Thanks for doing them!

  18. Nikki Gamon Says:

    I’m in. Thanks for giving us this opportunity!

  19. Magpie Sue Says:

    My personal favorite of the three logo options is the second one. Maybe I’ll go order one now!

  20. Magpie Sue Says:

    Me again. Maybe the second option should say “Did you IBOL? I did too!” Especially if this effort has a definite end-point.

  21. Adrienne Says:

    I have my box and I am getting it ready. Please send me the address. I am so excited that someone can use this stuff and to make a little space in my sewing drawers.

  22. quiltdivajulie Says:

    My shirt is on order along with a couple of stickers (one for the back window of my car and one for my quilt journal). Totally, marvelously cool! I’m not going to Houston, but I can wear my shirt as a long-distance kindred spirit!

  23. Ellen Says:

    I need the address for sending bundles. Please send it asap. Thanks for all you do.

  24. Patty Cramer Says:

    Can you please send the address so my quilt group can send bundles? Thanks.

  25. Carol Says:

    2 more boxes going out tomorrow….

  26. mara Says:

    I commented the other day to say I had purchased a couple of bundles from SMS, but I forgot to ask for the address as I also have some stuff of my own to send. Can you please give it to me? Thanks!


  27. ShirtThoughts Says:

    Nadine, you Rule! I like them all, but the plain logo is my favorite. If you are really looking for suggestions on a “manly” version of the logo, perhaps just changing it to block letters and putting a small heart inside the O would be enough? You could even add a caption like “Men did it too” or Men like it too” or something if you wanted. Or, if you’re looking for a fancier “manly”, you could have a silhouette of a pick up truck carrying a block-letter IBOL in the bed. So there’s my feedback. I think I need to go buy a shirt.

  28. Kristin L Says:

    Yup, Nadine, you definitely rock!

  29. Sue Reno Says:

    The logos are wonderful, my favorite is the “peace” one. I mailed my package today, it felt great to be a small part of this worthy endeavor.

  30. Nanci Moy Says:

    Robin of Simply Robin has issued a Pay it Forward challenge in honor of Ted Kennedy’s death and we will be sending packages this time in “purple” bundles so be on the lookout for some colorful new bundles in the works.

  31. Everday York Says:

    I would like to send a bundle of love! Please send me an address. Thanks!

  32. Teddi v Says:

    I need the address – been looking for a good cause to give some of my stash to – thanks so much for such a worthy cause!

  33. Mary Says:


    You said the address changed. Could you send me the new one, I’ve got a couple more to go. I like “spreading peace one bundle at a time” the best.

  34. Stephanie Says:

    Address please!

    My husband was Navy for 8 years, and you remind me again how giving, loving, astonishing and incredible our military members are. Your heart is indeed golden. THANK YOU for thinking of this, for losing those extra hours of precious sleep and for making this happen. You’ve inspired me to stand taller today. And to hit the post office for some boxes tomorrow. Cheers!

  35. Nadine Says:

    @ShirtThoughts–Thanks! And thanks for the suggestions for a “manly” version. I think I can do that this morning, and have something up today. The truck is a great idea, but I think I’ll have to stick to just the block letters! I’m an artist in fabric–Photoshop, not so much! 🙂


    But you know, it’s Art that truly rules, and has more than lived up to his “Mr. Incredible” moniker! I’m sure he’s been this incredible all along, but now the world knows it too!

    Thanks to everyone for the comments and input about the shirts and the logos!

  36. Nadine Says:

    Okay all you “manly” people out there, the IBOL Man version is now available here. Suggestions? It’s really about as basic as it gets–text is not to curvy or stylized, and the most non-curvy heart I could come up with! If it needs tweaking or you really want a version with some other verbiage on it as well (like Men like it too! or something), let me know.

    BTW, shirts for women are available with this version of the logo too, in case any of us gals likes it better!

    • ShirtThoughts Says:

      @Nadine — I love the new “manly” version! Now, granted, I am not a man, but I’ve taken an unofficial survey, and most of the guys in the office say they’d wear that. Perhaps Mr IBOL Guy himself will weigh in on the “manly”? If I had the skillz to help, I would, but I think even the block letters might be a stretch for me. LOL! Thanks for your skillz!

  37. Dorothee Says:

    No: thanks, Art, you rule!

  38. Samantha Says:

    I’d love to send along a package if you’ll let me know the address!

    What a great project!

  39. Rebecca Says:

    I’ve got a few packages ready to go if you’ll send me the address. Thanks so much!

  40. Lucy DeHarde Says:

    I am ready to send a package…I need the address. What a wonderful thing you are doing. It feels so good to make a difference!

  41. Audra Says:

    please email me the address to send IBOL to.

  42. Joanne Gasperik Says:

    Nadine, I loved the logo………..manly or woMANLY…..they are great.
    I just ordered a t-shirt and sticker. I love the peace message.

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