A quiet day

No new mail today. And that’s OK — I’m trying to catch my breath.

I think IBOL would be a full time job, if I had the full time to give it. I don’t. On a good day, I get maybe an hour before or after sleep, and sprinkles here and there sometimes. I’ve got a full time gig that has me working day and night. If I had more, I’d give me, but that seems to be the theme of this whole IBOL thing, doesn’t it?

I met today with my press guy. He’s back, after being gone a few days. He did not know about super secret project #1 — 150 boxes via Sew Mama Sew. I thought he was going to have to take a knee and catch his breath, when I told him. I had warmed him — never underestimate you all.

I also told him about SSP #2, and the warehouse. He’s starting to sense that IBOL is a really, really good idea that is really, really catching on. He said he’d get back to me tomorrow. He has ideas, but needs a little bit to think about it — really, it’s likely he needs to absorb it all, since I did sort of ambush him with all this (he could not have seen this coming).

I guess it would be hard to anticipate this type of public response. On the day I set up this site, 10 people found it — and I bet most of them share the same family name. 30 posts and ~900 comments later, the site has had over 31,000 visits. The busiest day was Monday — when Sew Mama Sew went live with their online bundles (there were over 3800 visits that day). Oh, and Sew Mama Sew “sold” their 150 bundles in about 48 hours, apparently to people from all over the world.

I have not been able to even come close to tracking the # of people who are sending bundles, for a couple of reasons:

1. You’re sharing the address amongst yourselves via email.

2. People are sending 2, 3, — up to 12 boxes.

I’d like to think that one comment left on the website would more or less equal one box enroute here. But no, that’s not even close to being true – one visit to the website, one comment left, does not equal 1 box headed this way.

So, yeah. Press Guy (can I just call him PG?) is trying to wrap his head around all this. The outpouring is wild enough, without looking at the sheer volume of stuff headed this way or the very amazing way this is all being done quickly and via the web (blogs, twitter, Flickr, Facebook, etc). When SSP2 hits, we’ll all gasp. If mainstream American media catches on to what we’re secretly doing here, we’ll all gasp, I’m sure.

IBOL — yep, it’s pretty darn tootin’ neat. Keep it up, world. You’re doin’ good.


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19 Responses to “A quiet day”

  1. jennlawson Says:

    Funny that on a no mail day…your blog address has found it’s way to a HUGE group of home sewers. We have an online message board community and I believe many of us will be sending a bundle or two…

    I’d love to purge through my stash to send some yummy fabrics over. Let me know the APO Address when you have a chance.

    You are a great man. Doing great things. Smile!

  2. Meryl Says:

    Hi there–can you send me the address please? Thanks!

  3. Samantha Says:

    What a wonderful, amazing idea. I’d love your address. I’ll get a box (or more!) out ASAP.

  4. Michelle Says:

    I have a pile o’ fabric ready to send but am concerned that it might be too “printy.” (See, people do read instructions sometimes.) As I weed out, which would be less suitable — bright prints or big prints?

    Thanks for providing us this opportunity.

  5. Lisa S B Says:

    What a wonderful idea! I love it! Please send address so I may contribute!

  6. Vanessa Marino Says:

    I want to send a IBOL package or two….preferably one with sewing/quilting supplies and one with knitting supplies. Please send me your mailing address so that I can get these two IBOL bundles in the mail to you prior to 9/7/09.


  7. IBOL Guy Says:

    Well, something is different today. Largest day yet for visitors to the site — that’s today. No idea why, because it’s coming from all over. It’s like you all are a swarm or something.

  8. Magpie Sue Says:

    You’re doing such a good thing here; it will be worth a little sleep deprivation! But sleep fast and deep whenever you can ;- )

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      That would be in November, when I am home. There won’t be a slow day until then — not between work and IBOL!

  9. Lynne Says:

    Those of us who have already sent our boxes and bought our SMS bundles are checking in to see how it’s going. We are all eager to see how many bundles get delivered next, and how big, or how many vehicles it takes! I think today is the busiest day do far because this thing is really on the verge of tipping BIG!

    You go, IBOL guy!

  10. grace Says:

    Wow! I’ve been trying to offload some of my ever present stash and this seems THE best opportunity so far.

    Please send me the address so I can get my love bundle out before the deadline. Thanks IBOL guy…you rock!!!

  11. quiltdivajulie Says:

    Yeah – I keep checking back to see how it is going – to maybe catch a glimpse of one of my bundles “on site” and to watch the goodness pour in. You said something back at the very beginning about this putting a warm feeling in our bellies – trust me, IT HAS! In ways that will continue to surprise all of us – that’s the best part – the good keeps on giving.

    And why would the folks in Houston be sneaking around with their t-shirts – WEAR THEM LOUD AND PROUD! I would if I could go…

    Sleep fast – we’re pulling for you!

    • MsMauri Says:

      I keep checking back, Julie, for all the same reasons. Today I am stuck at my computer working on online classes and have the blog open on my other screen – watching the hit count – over 2000 hits since I got up this morning!

      I bet that some of the Festival Brigade recruits are lining up at post offices already, can’t you just SEE them all?…Welcome to the IBOL ARMY!!!

  12. Cathy Gillette Says:

    Who would have believed something snowballing like this in Iraq? (sorry, bad joke about the horrible weather over there!)
    I sent three boxes today, and I know of at least 6 people sending multiple boxes that I have passed info along to.
    God bless you, Art, you are doing a good thing!!
    Our love to the ladies in Iraq, and give your PG a couple of aspirin!

  13. nova Says:

    May I have your address, please? I would love to send some fabric.

  14. Mandy Says:

    I’d love the address to send the boxes. A friend and I have our boxes ready!

  15. sygnett Says:

    Hello! Helgren and I are tracking every step you guys are taking! If you need any helpers in or outside of work we are GLAD to help! My momma should be sending a bundle soon! BTW-expect a couple more hits on your blog today!
    (& whats up with the mail? Are you guys backing it up?!?!)

  16. Happy Zombie Says:

    A full time job indeed! I can only imagine, especially as IBOL continues to snowball. Grass-roots always turn into a bountiful and beautiful harvest.

  17. IBOL Guy's MOM Says:

    Waiting for the next update on the number of bundles is worse than waiting for Christmas. When ae we going to know???

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