Just one

Yesterday, there was just one bundle that arrived.

And it was an awesome one. Stunning. It’s from Alicia Lee, BTW.

If you get the chance, swing by and see Robin’s post and challenge. I’d add, though, that yesterday was also a sad day in Iraq for many, with the pass of Abdul Aziz al-Hakim.


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17 Responses to “Just one”

  1. MsMauri Says:

    A calm spot before another deluge 🙂

    Thank you, Robin, for the suggestion and Senator Kennedy’s inspiring words. My daughter Norah will wrap our next bundle in that piece of purple flannel that has been sitting around…

  2. Lynne Says:

    Yes, this beauty is saying, “Apres moi, le deluge.” I am eager to see what the mail brings tomorrow.

  3. Kathleen Says:

    That may be the prettiest bundle of all! I just know there’s a deluge out there – imagine a big long wormlike trail of bundles, with its pieces all coming together for the big swim across the ocean, seeking out the IBOL creator……… ok, too much science fiction !

  4. lorna Says:

    I am building my bundle and spreading the word on my blog! Please send me the shipping address. Thanks so much for what you are doing! I hope Oprah calls you soon 😉

  5. Ashley P Says:

    This is such a wonderful and heartwarming idea! I would absolutely love to help in any way that I can. Please send me the address so I can get busy compiling my IBOL, I don’t have much time left!!!

  6. Melissa Q Says:

    I’m building my bundle right now. Please send the address and I will keep it mum. Thanks for this project, it is nice to feel I’m doing something tangible, even if it is small. Good luck on marathon training!

  7. Melissa Q Says:

    I will also add this to my blog.

  8. Stephanie Says:

    I recieved the information just in time! I am clearing out craft stuff. Please send me the address!!!

  9. Katie Says:

    Is there any way you can get some IBOL up to the Kurdish women? They are wonderful people and really need help too.

    Also wondering if there is any way you could attach something to the bundles to make sure the women know they are from their friends here in America and only being delivered by the local folks. I put a picture of myself inside my bundles. Wish I had thought of that and suggested it sooner.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    • MsMauri Says:

      Good idea on tagging the bundles or the deliveries, Katie.

      What Arabic phrase or sentence could be inclusive of the beading/knitting/quilting/sewing and just-plain-caring women (mostly) of the world united in sharing their stashes with their Iraqi sisters?

    • IBOL Guy Says:


      Oh, there’s going to be no mistaking that this stuff is from outside the US, no matter a label. As I look at these bundles, these fabrics, this yarn — it’s just stuff that isn’t from here. So, whether its from Australia, Vietnam, Finland, Canada, or Las Vegas, the Iraqi recipients will know that it can from a world that loves and a world that cares, without regard for who happens to actually hand it to them.

  10. IBOL Guy Says:

    You know, I talked with my Press Guy today about the Kurdish region. I’m trying!

  11. quiltdivajulie Says:

    We all know you’re trying … beyond what most of us can begin to imagine … never fear, there ARE more bundles on the way! (I mailed no. 5 and no. 6 today – the USPS guy had given me the wrong boxes – more fabric fit inside but more postage cost, too – never mind, it’s WAAAAY worth it!)

  12. MsMauri Says:

    Norah and her IBOL dogs, Taylor and Abbie, got another box packed today. That’s #12 for our family (Krystal and Norah at SolSisters, Kim at overallbeauty.com and I)- we are getting our heads together to decide what to rename Art, since he so generously offered renaming rights for a dozen boxes!!

  13. IBOL Guy Says:

    I thought it was that after 12, you could call me Shirley….

  14. Alicia Says:

    Wow, that’s my bundle! It arrived rather quickly (less than one week) from DC. Best of luck to you! Thanks for all you’re doing.

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