SSP3: Old Mother Hubbard

Pssst. I need about 10 people, for a super secret side project called OPERATION Old Mother Hubbard.

If that’s enough to get your attention, send me an email or leave me a comment. I’ll send you the description; you’ll know right away if it’s something for you or not.

And no, I’m not going to ask you to go blow something up.

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56 Responses to “SSP3: Old Mother Hubbard”

  1. Deanna Davis Says:

    I’m good a keeping secrets but how much time are we talking here?

  2. Magpie Sue Says:

    This Mother Hubbard is locked in her cupboard but I’m willing to help if I can!

  3. IBOL Guy Says:

    Action from volunteers required by close of next Friday. Results on / about 24 September.

  4. not supergirl Says:

    I may be able to help, will look forward to hearing what to do…


  5. MsMauri Says:

    The girls and I are in..what do you need? Awwww…but Art! blowing up stuff is such BOOMING Fun!!!

  6. Jaime E Says:

    You have my curiosity, I’ll help if I can.

  7. Sara Homeyer Says:

    Yes, I have some free time, but I have to be at home in Michigan. Will that work?

  8. Michele Says:

    Can we blow something small up? Okay, I’ll bite and hopefully be able to help.

  9. Nancy Says:

    I’d like to try – all depends on how time-intensive this is.

  10. Lisa Says:

    I’ll bite, let me know if you need me.


  11. Karen Says:

    Stocking the cupboard??? I’d like to help

  12. VeryBadDogs Says:

    If this is what I think it is, I’m probably soft-hearted enough to volunteer.

    Although I’d also volunteer for a blowing-something-up, most likely.

  13. Linda F. Says:

    I am willing to know more. Can I help from PA. My 2 sons would really like to blow things up.

  14. gail norback Says:

    and what does mother hubbard need to do? Gail

  15. Debbie Ungar Says:

    If I keep sending fabric, I’ll have a cupboard to spare…what do you need? I’ll help if I can. Debbie

  16. Bonnie Says:

    Sounds interesting . . . If you still need help, I’d love to see what I can do.

  17. Kristin L Says:

    Of course you can count me in if you need to.

    And all these responses to how fun it is blowing things up should help dispel the myth that explosions for fun are solely the domain of juvenile boys. 😉

  18. Deanna Says:

    I’d like to help. Are we filling cupboards??

  19. Nanci Moy Says:

    I’m game to help and if this means cleaning out our shoe closets you better get a bigger warehouse!

  20. Leonna Says:

    Me too. This sounds like fun

  21. Stacy Says:

    Let me know if you’re still in search of volunteers.

  22. Heather Says:

    Is it for the dogs?

  23. kern Says:

    I’m in!

    What are we doing?

  24. Mary Says:

    I’m hooked, what is it?

  25. Anne Laflamme Says:

    You can always count on the cookie baker

  26. IBOL Guy Says:

    OK, I’ve sent an email (I think) to all of you. Check it for details, and let me know if you’re game. If you are, super. If you aren’t, I will totally understand. And if I missed you, yikes, sorry – email me and I’ll send you the details.

  27. Happy Zombie Says:

    If it’s not too late… I’m in. I think.

  28. Carol Says:

    if you still need folks, count me in,

  29. Katie Says:

    Sorry I can’t take on anything more just now but I have a great dog that I’m sure can do all those things. His name is Kipper. Want an audition?

  30. Mary Ann Scanlon Says:

    If you still need a volunteer I’m in!

  31. Mumma Jan in WA Says:

    So what’s up? If your lady wife and (I’m guessing) your lady mother are in, so am I.

    Rats, we can’t blow anything up??

    BTW- you said something about a new address for our IBOLs– if it saves you and your guys (and gals) from extra schlepping, let me know.

  32. IBOL Guy Says:

    12 hours later, I ran into Agent 51 and told her the progress of the SSP3. She was a bit surprised.

    Thanks to all of you that signed on for this. It’s going to be awesome.

  33. cathy gillette Says:

    Does it have anything to do with children’s books? I am a children’s librarian and would like to see if I could help!

  34. Gerrie Says:

    Well, dumb me, I left a comment on the FB page so I guess you don’t need me.

  35. Trish Says:

    I always love a secret…..can I play? Trish and OREO from “FURR”ginia

  36. Roxy Dragon Pebbles Says:

    Do you have enough people? I would be interested in hearing about Old Mother Hubbard.


  37. Chris Chambers Says:

    Re: Old Mother Hubbard–will help if I can. What’s involved?

  38. IBOL Guy Says:

    Holy Toledo, what a response.

    Folks, I’ve taken on as much as I can with SSP3. Thank you for all of the offers to help — I am swimming in volunteers!

  39. Lynne Says:

    Now we want to see you swimming in bundles! Can’t wait to see pictures of the next delivery.

  40. Elizabeth Messer Says:

    Tell me about it. I’d be glad to do whatever I can.


  41. IBOL Guy Says:

    And what’s with the violence? Why the need to see things get blown up? Here, have some related videos, I guess — better to watch this stuff than to try it.

  42. maggie bunch Says:

    I have my IBOL wrapped and ready to go!
    Let me know what is involved with Mother Hubbard. I’m always game for a little extra.
    THANK YOU for doing this. I believe in allowing people to help where and when they can. Thank you for giving us something to make a difference!

  43. Teresa in CA Says:

    Well, if you spent a good part of your day with teenage boys, you’d want to blow something up too…..but because we are moms we restrain that urge and continue to feed and water them.

    If you find you are short volunteers, let me know. I’d be happy to help and will repress the desire to blow anything up or strangle a 14 year old.

  44. Carol E Says:

    Please tell me about Old Mother Hubbard.

  45. Megan Von Behren Says:

    Ok, I’ll bite – what’s Operation Old Mother Hubbard?

  46. Monique Says:

    Totally intrigued. What’s up?


  47. Christy Rogers Says:

    OK I’ll bite…how can i help old mother???

  48. Fitzy Says:

    Did I miss this opportunity? Please let me know!

  49. MsMauri Says:

    I put Old Mother Hubbard boxes in the mail yesterday…and discovered that all white boxes with red and blue writing on at the post office are not equal – the nice big ones just don’t say “Flat Rate Box” on them 🙂

    HOWEVER, you CAN pack 23 pounds of assorted bar soap in one box – well shaken, pressed down and running over 🙂

    Thanks to the contributors: My mother Norah, Sister Sarah, Daughters Kim, Sarah, Krystal and Norah, grand-daughter Holly, and Jessica, the soap lady and her daughter Lily, who gave us lots of her home-made soaps.

    In the IBOL spirit, the rest of us just dug through what we had in our drawers and under our sinks. Our bounty never ceases to amaze me…who would have thought we had so much SOAP???

  50. Elizabeth Messer Says:

    OK, I didn’t get information about what this is or what I was sapose to do! I’m sorry if I missed it!!!

  51. » Blog Archive » The Holiday Grand Plan - Week 1 Says:

    […] IBOL packages shipped off yesterday right on the deadline. That third box is for IBOL Guy’s Super Secret Project 3: Operation Old Mother Hubbard. I can’t tell you what’s in it yet . . . it’s super […]

  52. Esther Wiebke Says:

    OK, I’m probably in for something with Super Secret Project 3. I’m not very good with explosives no doubt but just about anything else……….. Let me know what I should beg, buy, or borrow (with return not possible).

  53. Vickie Stipe Says:

    Well, you already have 55 posts. Have you found your 10 good people yet? I would love to be a good people, although blowing something up does sound pretty good on some days.
    Let me know if I can help.

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