The Festival Brigade

Did you notice that I have seemed to have had Houston on the brain lately?

That’s not by accident. Quilts Inc, the folks who run the annual International Quilt Festival in Houston, just posted about IBOL to their site and are, apparently, going to send an email to a few people to tell them about IBOL.

In guy terms, that’s about the same as having the NFL running commercials for you during the Super Bowl.

So, hello Festival Brigade. I’ve been waiting for you to arrive. I’m so very happy you’re here. Poke around some — there are a lot of nice people who drop in from time to time.

Feel free to swing by here, and see my challenge for you. And feel free to swing by here, and read about how the Festival Brigade came to be.

Oh, and thank you. Obviously, if you followed the email trail here, you’re at least somewhat interested in helping. And for that, I am so very grateful.

(PS — I did a phone interview today, with this guy.)


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15 Responses to “The Festival Brigade”

  1. Jaime E Says:

    This is such a great thing you are doing! Please e-mail me the address, my fabric corner is overflowing. 🙂

  2. quiltdivajulie Says:

    WAY TO GO, MR. IBOL GUY … like I said to you before, from tiny acorns grow great oaks!

  3. MsMauri Says:

    Today is #Follow Friday on Twitter

    so, fellow tweeters:

    RT #Follow Friday Big Shout out for @artlaflamme #twittercrush his #IBOL project – Join in at


    Hear quotes from The #IBOL Guy’s interview on Minnesota Public radio at

  4. SuzAnn Says:

    soooo cool! Oprah needs to get on it!

  5. kern Says:

    Love it! And I’m thrilled that I will be able to see K’s work in person!

  6. Lynne Says:

    Well, you’ve done it now. Your life will Never, Ever be The Same again. Good for you! I can’t wait to see the truckloads of boxes that arrive, and I hope our boxes are well received by the Iraqi people.

  7. Cynthia I Says:

    I am in. I finally have things ready to send. Can I get your APO address and I’ll get them in the mail Monday!

  8. Carolyn Says:

    Congratulations, this “little” project is becoming a huge success!

  9. mara Says:

    Google shows 5,360 hits for “Iraqi Bundles of Love” — most links to blogs that have posted about this project. Even assuming half are duplicates, that leaves you with 2600+ individuals who are participating in this project. My sister and I are sending you seven bundles — two via Sew Mama Sew and five more from our/our friends’ stashes. The math is a bit staggering…

    Methinks you need more trucks!!

  10. Joan Says:

    Please send the mailing information. I would love to send a package. Wish I lived close enough to help when you get buried under all this fabric!

  11. Leah Says:

    Please send me the address. Can I share it with my quilt guild or should I direct them to the website to leave their own comment?

  12. Liz Says:

    This such a great idea. Please send me the address.

  13. Mary Coleman Says:

    Please send address.

  14. Erin Says:

    Is polar fleece OK? I have tons of fleece! Also, what about patterns? Our big box quilt store is having a $1 pattern sale – would basic patterns be helpful? There are a lot of free patterns on the internet too – what about printing some of the more detailed ones with diagrams and sending those?

    Please send me the address!

  15. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks for doing this! I have big pieces of fleece that I’ve been wondering what to do with for years — they could definitely be pieced together into a warm blanket! Will spread the word to my fellow sewing fanatics. 😀

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