It’s the No Mail Contest here at IBOL

I really feel for the mail people. No mail for us today. They have to be swimming in IBOL boxes down at the mail room. I bet they’re cursing me something fierce.

How many boxes do you think will arrive when the spigot gets turned back on?

Leave your guess in the comments. Winner(s) will get…. Shoot, I have no idea.


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45 Responses to “It’s the No Mail Contest here at IBOL”

  1. Carol Says:

    Hopefully at least one of the ones I sent (2 in transit, 2 waiting for me to fill out the long customs form…) will arrive…

  2. Lynne Says:

    Im hoping you’ll get 100, but if it takes 10 days for a bundle to get there, then I think maybe 65.

  3. Barb Says:

    Hello again, I had a change of plan and my 1st box ended up being from SMS. So today I was ready shipping “my” stuff – and the post office had run out of flat rate boxes. How about that! I stared at the PO guy in complete disbelief. That’s like a bakery running out of bread. You must have riled up SE Michigan and all the boxes are on the way to you. Hm, nevertheless I would appreciate the new address for whenever I can get my hands on a box… My guess is 63 boxes (think big – this is America!)

  4. Lisa Says:

    I think…45. I new to the following here, but I think everyday from now on will be pretty exponential. Especially since you’ve added the quilter contingent.

  5. Blue Says:

    You should be expecting a Tsunami of packages when they do arrive! Anywhere between 750 and a transport plane full!!! The number of packages mailed 10-12 days ago multiplied exponentialy from those mailed in the first week. Some poor mail clerk may buried in an IBOL avalanche…….Even Newman (the postal worker on Friends) couldn’t squirrel away THAT many boxes!

    AM Excited for you & this project. You have a big heart.

    In stitches, Blue

    • Blue Says:

      Oops! Meant that Newman was on Sienfeld…..not Friends……..

      BTW: No prizes are necessary for the correct guess. This is a Win-Win Project by itself. You absolutely ROCK for spearheading this Hurculen effort. It’s hardly like the only other thing you have to do is work on your tan. What a generous heart you have!!!!

  6. Magpie Sue Says:

    I bet they’re looking for a vehicle big enough to put all the boxes in to get them to you! Can’t wait to hear what the number is :- )

  7. Magpie Sue Says:

    Hey! Nice new button! I’m replacing the old one on my blog right now…

  8. Kim Says:

    I did it! They will need to be careful when they opened my box. I was able to Spacebag 9 pounds of yarn and buttons into one box!! I wrote on the box that I Spacebagged it, so do be careful opening it. I remembered to wrap it in a pillowcase with pink ribbon.

    • MsMauri Says:

      Kim and I were talking on the phone while she was busy spacebagging and she described the pictures she was taking. She’s in Sacramento and I am here in Las Vegas so it was fun sharing those moments with her – she giggled the whole time she was having so much fun cramming all that yarn in that box!!

  9. MsMauri Says:

    My guess is at least 125!!

    You need about about 67-75 cubic feet of cargo space for every 100 boxes depending on how tightly you can pack them in – a typical 5 ton cargo truck has about 550 cubic foot capacity (you did tell them that little truck just won’t cut it?)—but a Chinook could haul about 2200 packed in IBOLs and 3000 pounds more in its cargo nets…

    Hey, Shirley-the-IBOL-guy…your CO did inform your immediate stars-on-their-shoulders person that Operation IBOL may need more tactical support than originally estimated?

  10. Nanci Moy Says:

    I’m hoping on Monday you have an onslaught of boxes, so lets say 25. I just mailed off my OMH box today and shopping was so much fun but it was hard to contain myself knowing it had to fix in a box. I can only imagine once the boxes catch up to your leave date how many you’ll get but I’m thinking at least 500.

  11. Solsisters Says:

    Kim (my sister) took MsMauri’s idea (our mom) and spacebagged 9 POUNDS of yarn! Densest Yarn B.O.L. evah!

  12. IBOL 78754 Says:

    I’ll say 42 in the next delivery — but each one after it will be bigger than the prior, for ten days.

  13. sygnett Says:

    127!! We haven’t gotten mail ALL week!! Sheesh!

  14. rbuff Says:

    My guess is 2329. My 3 boxes are going out on Monday. Thanks for letting me be a part of something so wonderful!

  15. Fitzy Says:

    85 is my guess.

    My box is going out this next week!

  16. Kathleen Says:

    I’m guessing 101 wonderful boxes – I’m sure two of them come from me!!!

    It’s so frustrating waiting for the mail!! Monday is going to be fabulous!!

  17. Helen Says:

    What a wonderful project! Please send me your mailing address — I’d love to send a package.

  18. stephanie Says:

    I’m going to say 747. That’s a number that comes up all the time in my life… I ALWAYS happen to check the time at 747, morning and night! So maybe it’s my lucky number… and yours too!

  19. Kim Says:

    I forgot to add I think 801 number of boxes are going to be waiting on Monday! No contest but hey we have the right to guess right? lol So glad my family let me in on this, I have been hunting for yarn all over my house to see if I could fill another box or not.. hehehe

  20. Linda Revis Says:

    I’m guessing you will receive 187 boxes. Don’t know why but that number seems good to me. My two so far will be in there somewhere.

  21. Stacy Says:

    Oh, I’ll guess 34 because I don’t think that those boxes from SMS would have had the time to get to you yet. This is a great thing that you are doing.

  22. Elizabeth Messer Says:

    I think 250. I am so excited. It will be fun when we hear a bout how they are recieved! I need the new address so I can send another box.

  23. Morgen S. Daily Says:

    Very cool! Count me in…

  24. IBOL Guy's mom Says:

    Let’s double the count. I say 107.

  25. IBOL Guy's CA sister Says:

    You’re going to shoot the winners?!! That’s not right.

  26. SuzAnn Says:

    I’m gonna go with 315 just because I feel optimistic due to all the support this board is showing!

  27. Gerrie Says:

    Hey, what happened to my post? I guessed 225 and it is not here.

  28. Vivian Says:

    I need your address, please. I’m getting on the bandwagon late here in Iowa. I can send 2 or 3 boxes, or more, if some friends get involved too. Thanks for this great idea, and bless you.

  29. Nancy S Says:

    I am guessing you will get 2…truckloads!

    Sending my boxes was so easy, I’m sending more next week. Please send me new address.

  30. Stacy Says:

    I’m guessing 93 boxes when you get mail again. And almost the same number the next day! 🙂

  31. Mary Says:

    Hmmm, no mail for a while, this is a viral project, so more should be coming than have before, so I guess 153. I also shopped for OMH and got it in a box. Haven’t taped it yet because I have to go out one more time today. Hope the mail room has enough space, or an annex!

  32. quiltdivajulie Says:

    I’m not going to pick a single number – I’m just going to say A LOT … a REALLY REALLY LOT of bundles … enough to make you giddy with excitement … we need a video of your happy dance moves! With sound … so we can hear the whooping and hollering of realizing a job well done … here’s to the mail guys and the happiness they’ll be delivery verrrrrrrrry soon!

  33. Mary Ann Scanlon Says:

    84 and then the next delivery will be like…156 and then 312…and then you will be speechless with excitement!

  34. Sherrill Says:

    Just a thought…. Do you think the mail guys are collecting the bundles in an APO warehouse to bring them all together in a C-17?

  35. Lynne Says:

    I already guessed, but I think the number is going to double every day after that, and I think there’s going to be a point where the number of bundles grows exponentially each day. BUT YOU BETTER NOT STOP COUNTING! I wanna know how many bundles you get!

  36. Mary Coleman Says:

    My guess for the number of packages is 58.

  37. Deanna Says:

    You’ll get 75, but then the count will start going up every day. OK, if I guess right, you’ll let me mail another box???

  38. ErikaJean Says:


  39. Mindy Says:

    Can someone tell me where I can pick up the code for the IBOL button? I actually like the one with the Persian carpet.

  40. Mary Gealy Says:

    Heard about this on Sue Spargo’s Blog and have plenty of stuff to share. Please send me the address and I will get a box out before the deadline. What a wonderful gift to these people. Thank you.

  41. Odette Says:

    I think 1000 even! And if I can pick my “prize” it would be for every man and woman to come home safely and soon!

  42. Alice Hayden Says:

    I’m thinking this thing has a snowball effect as last minute invitees are rushing to get it together for Tues morning shipping. I bet upwards to 100,00 bundles. A Whole Lotta Love!

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