Ten funny rumors about IBOL

1. IBOL guy is a zombie. Which is totally not true.

2. OMG, IBOL guy does not sleep. Again, not true. OK, only partially not true. I sleep twice a day for 3 hours at a stretch.

3. IBOL Guy was in jail last week, and they totally brought in some other guy Jay Leno to keep the site going. I haven’t been in an Iraqi jail since 2003.

4. 3 airplanes have already crashed under the weight of all of the bundles — and the military is trying to keep that a secret. Um, no.

5. IBOL Guy has made a treasure map to where all of the bundles are buried. Yes, and a giant X marks the spot.

6. Mrs. IBOL Guy has threatening him with divorce, now that he controls more fabric from Sew Mama Sew! than she does. Well, that one is at least in the realm of the possible. But no.

7. IBOL Guy is going from Iraq right to Afghanistan, just so he can start ABOL. Wow — no. I’m going home to Hawaii, folks.

8. Oprah, Ellen, and the Colbert Report are all competing to have IBOL Guy on their show (and Ellen is in the lead). Yeah, that’s totally not true.

9. IBOL Guy is, in fact, Eddie Van Halen the Yarn Harlot. Which would explain #10.

10. It’s run by someone called IBOL Gal.


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6 Responses to “Ten funny rumors about IBOL”

  1. IBOL 78754 Says:

    8) So, HBoL, to coincide with the sacred Hawaiian month honoring Don Ho?

  2. IBOL Guy Says:

    Yeah, could be!

  3. Magpie Sue Says:

    LOL! You’re lucky your body will sustain you on only two 3 hour naps a day; that would kill me! Which is why I’m here, making quilts, and you’re in the Army ;- )

    Do we need to start a campaign to get Ellen to have you on her show? Has one already been started and I just need to get my butt in gear? (I’ve been trying to spread the word but I guess I’m not thinking big enough!)

    I’m a little afraid of what’s going to happen to me after all these bundles are delivered and you go home. How will I survive without my daily fix of IBOL???

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Well, I had someone send me what they sent Oprah, and someone sent me what the sent Ellen (or at least told me about it, I think). I’m just assuming Colbert knows — he knows everything, right?

  4. Diana Says:

    I found your project too late to contribute, but be sure to tell me when you’re ready to do ABOL. I have a stash, it needs to get smaller, and I’d love for it to do some good for someone!

  5. Really? « Iraqi Bundles of Love Says:

    […] And the one about me being a modern Jane Fonda (you need to see this video).  Oh, there were the Ten Funny Rumors about IBOL from a couple of years ago — maybe that’s the connection.  Funny […]

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