Did you notice?

The count went up. It went up a little bit.

So, who won?

Going to bed now. Insanely tired from long day at work and carrying a lot of heavy boxes.


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30 Responses to “Did you notice?”

  1. IBOL Guy Says:

    Oh, and tomorrow? I’m going to be sooooo busted tomorrow. There’s no way all those boxes came in and no one noticed that I’m up to something.

  2. stephanie Says:

    I can hardly stand waiting to see how many!!!! (I handed out APO boxes to my quilt group on Friday, and they will be sending you goodies soon!)

  3. MsMauri Says:

    Whoo Hooo!!!! We were at 107 (for the longest time) and now 239. I realize I am a math-challenged person but I did the subtraction and we got 132 new IBOLS??!!

    Sygnett come closest to 132 with 127 and I guessed 125 !!!

    Go sleep, Shirley-IBOL-Guy – you deserve it!!

  4. quiltdivajulie Says:

    WOW – over 200 bundles now – WOO HOO!!!

    You mean there are others there who haven’t figured out what you’re up to (read – what a GREAT guy you are and what an AMAZING project you are leading)? HOW have you managed THAT?!?!? Better clue them in quick – they’re about to be overrun with priority mail boxes! (VBG)

    Sleep well!

  5. Nancy Says:

    Art – I went back and was reading some previous posts (from before I was an IBOLer!) and I see you plan on doing this in Afghanistan, too. Well, now I’ve got your blogs and Kristin’s on my daily read list so I won’t miss out when the time comes. And I’m going to start a container right now that I can throw stuff in as I troll through my stash doing projects and come across stuff that doesn’t suit me any more. I’ll be ready for you!!!

    This is such great stuff, Art! I hope you are keeping at least an approximate tally because I know we are all interested in hearing what the final count is. Maybe the mailroom guys can help out with that :o) And, hey, if you need any cookies for those guys, just let us know!!!

  6. Carolyn Says:


  7. Lynne Says:

    Woo hoo! 239 in all !! Wow! 132 in one day! Yeah! I can’t wait to see tomorrow!

    Yeah, you’re right, you are totally busted. And I bet some of those boxes are heavy!


  8. Lynne Says:

    Oh, YOU WON!

  9. Kathleen Says:

    I am SO totally psyched!!!! I don’t know what is more fun – sending a box, or seeing them arrive… Sleep well, IBOL Guy.

  10. Magpie Sue Says:

    How exciting! It should only get better from here on out!

  11. ErikaJean Says:

    239! That is GREAT!

  12. Nancy S Says:

    You better send us the names & addresses of the folks in the mailroom so we can send them cookies before the next shipment of boxes come in….

  13. IBOL 78754 Says:

    Who won? The quilters and crafters of your part of Iraq, I hope.

  14. Sarah Buchanan Says:

    Thank you for thinking of others. Please send me the address and I will send a bundle.

  15. Kristin L Says:

    I did the same math as Ms. Mauri and came up with the same winner(s). I guess a “Who’s your Bahgdaddy?” bumper sticker from the “Shopette wouldn’t be a very fun prize for her since she’s right there too. Maybe a Baskin Robbin’s gift certificate at the food court would be good…

  16. IBOL Guy Says:

    Wait — someone on my base won? What’d she do, go check or something?

    Maybe she gets a free dinner, or free laundry for a month.

    (Which is a joke, since both are free all the time)

  17. Nanci Moy Says:

    That is awesome, and I can’t wait to see the numbers tomorrow. If they double everyday somebody in the mailroom is going to be hunting you down.

  18. Gerrie Says:

    Woo hoo! This is just the beginning!

  19. Alexus1325 Says:

    Well carp. This Canuck only found IBOL via Craftster.org TODAY 😛 I won’t be able to send by September 7th (spending alot of $ on getting ready for school plus all I have is knits and one-yard or smaller of cottons, ergo I must buy goodies for the box!), so I certainly hope that this will somehow be continued after you leave Iraq. This is seriously one of the awesomest ideas I have ever seen! When I first saw the post on Craftster, I was like “Wha??? This is so a scam!” but then I came and read your blog 😀 I’m gonna keep an eye on you so I can see if you say yay or nay on a part deux to IBOL. I’m seriously hoping for one 😀

    BTW, you, sir, are a force to be reckoned with. We need more people like you in the militaries of the world.

  20. IBOL Guy's CA sister Says:

    Didn’t the guys in the mailroom laugh when you told them to let you know when you got 50 boxes in one day? Well, they won’t be telling stories about Smitty any more; from now, on the stories are going to be about “That crazy IBOL guy”.

    If the guys in the mailroom were impressed when Smitty got 100 boxes for Christmas, they obviously never dreamt that someone would get 132 boxes in a single day! I hope they’re eating their Wheaties for breakfast. I don’t think 132 will be the high count for a single day.

  21. Wendy F Says:

    Wow – this is the most awesome project, and of course I have fabric sewing supplies to share. My kids go back to school tomorrow, so I’ll have time to get a bundle ready before Sept 7. Please send me your APO address. Thanks for all you are doing to spread good will.

  22. Fitzy Says:

    IBOL rocks!

  23. Jess Says:

    If I worked in the mailroom, I’d be soiling my pants right about now. They are in for a lot of work! I second the above comment – you said you don’t need anything, but should we send some care package love (bribes) for the poor innocent mail guys who did *not* come up with this crazy idea?

  24. ErikaJean Says:

    hmmm how would we address something just to the mail room??

  25. Solsisters Says:

    I’m so in for sending goodies to the mail room guys!

    Art, we demand to acknowledge the soon to be long-suffering mail room crew and any additional co-conspirators (including Capt. T!) that you may have with homemade treats from across the globe.

    Make the address appear! I mean, after you get to sleep, sir. 🙂

  26. IBOL Guy Says:

    STOP! Enough with the mail room madness!

    I have Anne cookies to deliver to them today. And based on my 15 years of doing this stuff, and a full box of Anne cookies (~11 lbs), I can safely say that the Mail Room folks will be appeased — easily, too.

    Wonderful to offer, but I’ve got the mail room appeasement mission.

  27. eriejeg Says:

    Could you please send me the address? I posted a few days ago, but I haven’t gotten it yet. I have a bundle and would love to send it to you!! Thanks, Erica

  28. Deanna Says:

    Writing this with a big, silly grin on my face…I handed out 68 boxes with address and forms for package at my guild meeting tonight…and instructions to take the wrapped pkgs to PO by Saturday this week because Monday the 7th is a holiday in the states & POs will be closed then. Everyone was so excited and happy with the idea of all the war machines hauling quilting and sewing supplies.

    And what about the SS3(?) helpers. Have those tasks been handed out yet? I volunteered early but haven’t heard yet. Trying to keep my calendar clear.

  29. Kathleen Says:

    Deanna – you rock – 68 boxes!!!!


  30. SuzAnn Says:

    239: AWESOME and humbling! Guess you better send me the new address since all the ladies at my work what to get in on this now too. They’ve wandered what this blog was that I check every day that makes me smile. Oh and Art, thanks for the note.

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