Did I say the 7th?

IBOL Guy is a complete idiot.

The 7th is an American holiday. Yes, someone had to actually tell me that – I am that out of tune with the world. And yes, I had to guess and no, I was not successful in guessing (though I did rule out Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and Obamarama Day).

So, yes — get stuff into the mail not later than the 8th if you have to. I, of course, would prefer everything to be in the mail earlier — I’ll sleep better that way. But I know that this will surely be “Binge Shopping for IBOL” weekend and I certainly would not want to damper than in any way, shape or form.


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42 Responses to “Did I say the 7th?”

  1. IBOL Guy Says:

    PS — I should be up to date answering comments and sending addresses.

    Did I miss you? I’m sorry. Try it again — leave me another comment and I’ll send the address as soon as I can.

    • Judy Grow Says:

      Waiting for address. My DH will be so pleased that I’ll be able to destash and do good at the same time. He may even help!

  2. anita Says:

    Not only is the 7th Labor Day, the Post Office (ours, at least) is closed on Saturday the 5th—they obviously Do Not Know.

  3. Kelly Says:

    Please send me the address! I just discovered this wonderful venture, and I’ve already mentally compiled my bundle!

  4. quiltdivajulie Says:

    Not an idiot – no way, no how! Labor Day is supposed to be on my oldest son’s birthday weekend (he turns 31 today) – without researching the whole thing, I swear this is the first year it hasn’t happend that way… talk about being confused! Nope – you’re not an idiot!

  5. Leonna Says:

    Would like new address. Mailed three boxes to old IBOL but will hand out new address to girls tomorrow.
    Sent a box of toys today to Mother Hubbard

  6. MsMauri Says:

    Binge Shopping for IBOL…did someone say BINGE SHOPPING…????

    and besides..inside the JoAnn flyer for right now is a 10 percent off your WHOLE (armfuls and armfuls) of stuff for Sept 4 – 7…now we wouldn’t want to miss THAT sale, would we? That’s along with the usual 40 percent off coupon for one bit of not-on-sale yardage (hmmm yes…you CAN buy that whole bolt at 40 percent off….)

  7. Sara Homeyer Says:

    What the P.O. is also closed on Saturday?????
    I told everyone they had to mail by Saturday because of Labor Day!

    • Robin Says:

      I believe that varries from local post office to local post office. My local post offices are not closed Saturday (unless they are always closed on Saturday). There is mail service on Saturday 9/5, according to the US Postal website. So they should be able to drop off (if their lobby has a place for packages) their IBOLs on Saturday even if the office itself is closed, or take the easy way out and schedule the packages to be picked up at their house when their mail is delivered Saturday (has to be ready to mail including postage though).

  8. Michele Says:

    Hi! May I have the mailing address? Thank you!

  9. Lynn Says:

    Please send address. Just found this site and would love to send a couple of boxes.

  10. Sue Says:

    Actually these bundles need to be postmarked by Saturday, Sept 5th as Monday Sept 7 is the Labor Day holiday and the Post Office is CLOSED!
    Pass the word.
    Thanks and good luck with this project. Hope you are innundated. 🙂

  11. Linda Says:

    The China Marine’s kid needs the new address. Next box should go out tomorrow.

  12. MurphKnits Says:

    I heard we can make bundles of yarn as well as fabric.

    If that’s the case, please send me the address. Would be happy to help.

  13. stephanie Says:

    Would love the new address please! And thank you!

  14. joan Says:

    I have my package stuffed but haven’t gotten to the PO yet. Is there a new address? Thank you for what you are doing in addition to your day job.

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Somewhere along the way, the address changed — instead of coming to me, it does right to the warehouse direct. I’ll email it to you.

  15. Linda Cox Says:

    I just found out about this program from another blogger. Please send me the address, I’d love to put a box together!

  16. Leslie Says:

    Wow, what a wonderful thing. I’m one of the ones that someone figured out would be sorry if I didn’t hear about IBOL, just found out today. About a year ago, a friend was helping clean out the home of a lady who was put in a nursing home. His mother is a quilter and he knew to never, ever dispose of fabric. He showed up with a pick up truck full of boxes of fabric. Most is polyester double knit. Think 1970’s leisure suits. I know, “yucky!” but if you think it could be used, I’ll ship some of it, can’t afford to send it all. It’s mostly solid colors. Is there a color that’s best not sent?



  17. Leslie Says:

    Oops, I forgot to say, I also need the address.



  18. Katy Says:

    I would like to participate. Thank you!

  19. Michele, U.S. Navy Retired Says:

    Art, I would like to send another bundle. But I have the old address. Please send the new one. I am so impressed by the generosity of people and the magnitude of what you are doing, I get tears in my eyes every time I check the blog. Thank You, thank you, thank you for your service.

  20. Kathleen Says:

    Trying to spread the word – but little read blog has a link to here for you. 😉

  21. Sheila Says:

    I just read your updated posting.

    Please email me the NEW address to send my IBOL package. I plan to get it in the mail before the 7th of September!!!

  22. Pamela Kieffer Says:

    I am a member of a quilt guild and we would like to take part in IBOL. Thank you for you work.

  23. Pamela Kieffer Says:

    need address

  24. Zina Helmers Says:

    Please forward the APO, I have just sorted out my stash and have plenty of supplies I can pack up in short order. Thank you.

  25. Jennifer Says:

    Would love to have the address!

  26. suesue Says:

    good morning! i need the new address for another bundle. hope you got the first. thanks!!! (katherine bollinger, lockport, la)

  27. Catherine Says:

    I am on my way out of town for three days but would love to join in on the fun. I will not be able to actually send until Tuesday am….Is that too late? Please send address and I will happily put a box together!

  28. Adelaide Says:

    I sent a package off yesterday. It was so heavy, I had to get the husband to take it to the post office. Wonderful project!

  29. adrienne Says:

    I would like to get the new mailing address, please. Thanks! =]

  30. Leigh Ann H. Says:

    sent: 1 IBOL package, and done before the deadline! Go me! But brain fart at postal counter means IBOL Guy’s name is misspelled on the packing slip. Hope it still gets there safe and sound!

  31. tracy_a Says:

    I’ve got some things to put into a bundle – could you send the address? Thanks much for organizing!

  32. sheree Says:


    I just read about this project and would love to send off some amazing fabrics and other supplies from my fabric stash and from my fabric shop. Please send me the address and I will get some bundles in the mail by Friday!!

    Thank you for organizing such a wonderful project!!


  33. SuzAnn Says:

    IBOL guy is not an idiot, maybe just sleep deprived! What is the Mother Hubbard thing????

  34. Amy Says:

    Wow – what a great idea. I’m heading home for the weekend & would love to build a box with my crafty family – please send me the address & we’ll get a box in the mail for you.

  35. Jan Says:

    I need the updated address, please!

  36. Marian Vollans Says:

    This is a great project, I will be going threw my stash later. I will mail it for the USA and I live close to the border here in Canada!

  37. Barbara Strack Says:

    Great idea! Send me the APO address and a knitting bundle is coming your way.


  38. Arlene Terrell Says:

    Please send the address my way too !

  39. Marcia Braden Says:

    Please send the address. If I get it on Monday 9/6 I can still pack up a bundle or two and send them 9/7.

    Aloha from Hawaii. Thanks for your inspriration!

    Aloha, Marcia

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