Who else needs to know

So, here we are – a week out from the mailing deadline.

Who else needs to know?

Whom haven’t you contacted about IBOL? To whom have you not sent the link? Who, in 10 days, would be upset to learn about IBOL and that they’d missed their chance to participate?

We’re at that point where we need to be thinking about these types of things. If so-and-so were to find out right now, would they participate and would they have enough time to participate?

And remember — there’s that newer mailing address. It does not have my name in it. If you’re still using a mailing address with my name in it, well, email me and ask for the newer one that goes right to the warehouse. The new one makes reference to IBOL – Population Donation.


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54 Responses to “Who else needs to know”

  1. cecile Says:

    Hi ! That’s amazing.
    Could you please send me the address where people can send their boxes from France ?
    Thanks !

  2. Alice Says:

    Have you got the address of anyone in Italy? I have just calculated the cost of posting a 3kg package from Italy to Norway and it will cost a fortune(if it is the only one, please send and I will just send the essentials)!
    Would lightweight wool fabrics (dressweight) be of any use?

  3. LaceLady Says:

    I would love to have the new mailing address please, for the bundles. I think the picture of the insanely weary soldier is beautiful, heart-wrenchingly lovely. Thanks.

  4. kern Says:

    Claudia posted on her entry for today: http://www.claudiasblog.net/ . She has a big readership and does an amazing job for MS each year.

    Still haven’t heard from the Yarn Harlot.

  5. Carolyn Says:

    I just heard about this today. This is wonderful. I can definitely help. Can you send me your address please?

  6. Barbara Says:

    I need the new address please. πŸ™‚

  7. Becky Says:

    Got my boxes this morning… please send me the new address. Thank you for all you are doing! (And I know that IBOL is not the only thing you do!) I’m gratefull for the opportunity to be a part of this. — Becky

  8. Emily Says:

    Just read about you on Claudia’s blog. Sounds like a great project and it comes at a great time as I have been wanting to clear out some stash, but haven’t been able to figure out where to donate. Please send me the address. I will work on a few bundles before the deadline.

  9. Libby Says:

    I want to send you a bundle. Is there still an end date on this project? Is there a use for knitting supplies along with sewing supplies?

    Please pass on the address. I’ll also post on my blog.

    What a wonderful project!

  10. Sara Homeyer Says:

    Oh, yeah. I have some cousins who sew/quilt/knit. I’d better pass on the information to them!

  11. Deanna Says:

    I found more things to send, so please give me the new address. Thanks again for thinking of this and doing so much hard work to make it happen.

  12. Magpie Sue Says:

    Could I please have the new address? I may have some local folks who will put a bundle or two together and look to me for the shipping address.

  13. Lucy Says:

    I just came here from Claudia’s blog and I’d love to send a box of yarny goodness. Thanks so much for what you’re doing!

  14. Bethany Says:

    Hello! I just blogged about it at: http://awednesdayafternoon.blogspot.com/2009/09/iraqi-bundles-of-love.html
    My boxes are ready, I just need the address. Thanks!

  15. quiltdivajulie Says:

    I sent boxes 5 and 6 to the new address (so you won’t have to load those in your car/van/truck or stack them on the bed).

    Will do what I can to encourage more folks to participate!

  16. Jessica Says:

    I would like the address please!

  17. MsMauri Says:

    Today my online course starts at UMBC…the first student to introduce themselves is involved in a special trauma program training medics for service in Iraq and Afghanistan. This gives me the opportunity to just “mention” my involvement in this “extraordinary short-term support mission” in Northern Iraq and slip in the IBOL blog address…for all of the rest of my students to read…Was that a subtle enough promo for the cause?

  18. Stacy Says:

    This is a wonderful thing that you are doing, as you already know!
    May I have that address, please?

  19. Teyani Says:

    Glad to know that yarn gifts would be okay too – what a heart-warming project !
    could I have the address to mail to please?

  20. Sally Says:


    I sent a box yesterday that had your name on it. Please send me the new address for the warehouse. I would like to send another box tomorrow.

    Thanks for all that you have done. This has been an awesome project!

  21. Mimi Says:

    I posted this same comment to an earlier post by mistake.o . . . If I may send acrylic yarn, please send me the information. thank you!

  22. Deanna Says:

    Yikes! All 68 of those boxes are going to the old address. Please send me new address in case I run into any one else.

    Have been wondering, does Iraq recycle cardboard? Send a picture of the house you build out of the empty boxes. And many thanks for all the happy smiles you are making all over the world!

  23. Julie Says:

    Please send me the address, I’d love to help. Thanks.

  24. Leah Says:

    Just found out about you today but figure I have a few days to squeak in under the deadline. Can you send the address, please?

    This is a wonderful thing you are doing. Words fail me.

  25. silvia Says:

    Address please! I’ll send ‘er out πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  26. Rebecca Says:

    Could I get the address, please? I’ll try to organize my fellow quilting relatives.

  27. meg cox Says:

    Please send me the correct APO address. I’d be more than happy to help out. I sure have plenty of extra in my stash etc.

  28. Robin Says:

    Just in case there are any others who, like me, know that Monday 9/7 is Labor Day in the United States, but didn’t really think about what that means… There is no US postal service on Monday 9/7. If the IBOL packages have to be postmarked by 9/7, then we need to get them to the US post office by Saturday 9/5.

  29. Christine Thomas Says:

    Address please. The one I got from a 3rd party has your name in it.

    Wonderful project. I bet more like this get organized.

  30. Christine Thomas Says:

    Actually, why not just post the new address as part of a blog post?

  31. Carmen Says:

    Tapering off at the end–surely you jest! We are just getting up a head of steam! Please send the newer address. I have 5 boxes almost ready to go. Thanks & God bless.


  32. Sharon Says:

    Could you send me the new address as well? There’s more local people I need to let know about this, and most of them don’t do the internet, so if I could have the address for them, that would be wonderful. Thank you so much!
    I love the photo of your room. Wherever do you sleep? I assume you’re getting some sleep. πŸ™‚

  33. Ruthie Says:

    Oh-oh, mine went out on Saturday with your name on it. If you send me the new one, I will send another package before the weekend.

  34. kelley Says:

    boxes are packed and ready to go…please send the address ASAP…

  35. jane Says:

    I guess i need the new address, too. The box will be on it’s way!

  36. laura in alameda Says:

    Rock on, Box dude.

  37. robyn Says:


  38. Lallee Says:

    I put IBOL up on my blog and I am in the process of adding pics to Flickr hoping to get more involved. This has been great fun!

  39. Susan Zarzycki Says:

    Hi, just got wind of this through an email from a friend. Please send me the address so I can send out my box ASAP. I have tons of “stuff” in that line and would love to donate them to a worthy cause. Many thanks, Sue Z in PA

  40. Erica Says:

    I just saw this on Sewmamasew. I would love to have the addy sent to me. I have plenty just from my “stash” that would be perfect.

  41. Monique Says:

    Three boxes are ready and waiting. New address, please πŸ™‚

  42. Melissa Q Says:

    I got kind of nervous at the post office because it said it needed a name and I added your name to the new address. Is that ok? Sorry.

  43. Lorraine W. Says:

    I’d like the address please. I’m not sure if the one that I saw is still a goo done. Thanks. THis is such a good and simple idea.

  44. Robby Says:

    Ok, help me assuage my guilt over having a quilting stash AND a yarn stash. Send me that address and let’s get this baby on the road. Now, I’m off to mention to some friends they should be doing a little closet clearing. Blessings on your work and the rest of your stay.

  45. Jess Says:

    May I have the new address too? Thank you, can’t wait to participate!

  46. Patt Bagdon Says:

    I’ve tied up my bundle and would like an address to mail it to.
    Great idea.

  47. Jenn M Says:

    Could you send me the warehouse address? Thanks!

  48. Anne Says:

    Address, please! I asked once before and I haven’t gotten it. This is so cool!


  49. Sarah Says:

    I would like the address please! Thank you and you’re so wonderful for doing this!!! ❀

  50. Rita Says:

    Glad the 8th is ok since I seem to be running on procrastination time. What is the new address so things can be sent to the warehouse?

  51. Wendy Says:

    Art, I need the new address so I can mail tomorrow…sorry to take so long, had to work more than I intended, it’s boxed ready to go! You’re one great guy! Tell someone to give you a medal!

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Little known IBOL fact: I work for ice cream. Really. And here, they give it to me, for free. As much as I want. Thus, the midnight runs through the desert, to work off the ice cream, but hey — it’s a small price to pay.

  52. Maura Says:

    “Who, in 10 days, would be upset to learn about IBOL and that they’d missed their chance to participate?”

    Oh, dear, how prescient of you! You are talking about ME, of course.

    I would LOVE to be placed on whatever list you are generating that will be passed on to the director of IBOL 3.0. I can’t think of a better way to pass on my treasures that are oh, so wonderful and un-trash-able and imbued with my former hopes and dreams (and stifling my creativity and bringing my household to a grinding halt)!

    Congrats on your success – I can’t wait to see what happens next. πŸ™‚

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