132 *new* comments in 12 hours

And that does not include comments from folks who are repeat offenders er, I mean, commenters.

And while I blinked, it just became 151.

My poor fingers — that’s a lot of email I just wrote!

Did you miss out on Sew Momma Sew? Try this Etsy solution.

can I thank my sister enough for her IBOL logo? It’s everywhere now.

These Mason Dixon people linked to IBOL, as did those WhipUp folks. I am so in trouble.

And yes, the number of visitors to the site is very high today. We’ll blow past 10,000, easily. That’s up from 10 the first day.

Going to sleep now. Nighty night.


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56 Responses to “132 *new* comments in 12 hours”

  1. quiltdivajulie Says:

    This kind of trouble you can deal with! WOOOOO HOOOOOO ~ entirely excellent!!!!!

  2. Patricia Donovan Says:

    This is a great idea – I’ll take the info to my bee -quilting and sewing have been an important part of my life and are of great comfort to me. I hope that feeling is shared by our sisters and brothers in Iraq. Thanks for organizing this wonderful project.

  3. Sara Homeyer Says:

    What are those in the photo behind the pick-up truck?
    Is somebody sending Flat Rate boxes that are THAT big?
    Or is that your IBOL warehouse?
    Either way–Good Show IBOL Nab!

  4. Kelly Says:

    Hi IBOL Guy,
    I found you from Mason Dixon Knitting, and would like to participate. Send me the address. If you prefer wool vs other yarn, please specify, and would you like needles also?
    Great idea!

  5. Ellen Says:

    I got here from Mason Dixon. Please send me the APO address.

  6. Cynthia I Says:

    I got my three in the mail yesterday. Hooray for internet exploding goodness.

  7. E White Says:

    I am rather late to the game it seems. Only got wind of IBOL today reading Mason Dixon. Will someone continue the program once you leave?

  8. Kathy Roletter Says:

    Great idea…count me in….what’s the address?

    Thanks :o)

  9. Linda Says:

    If you send me the address, I would love so send some knitting supplies.

  10. Heather B. Says:

    Hi! I’d like to send a bundle or two! This is such a wonderful idea!

  11. Sara Says:

    Heya – send me the warehouse address please and I’ll get something in the mail!

  12. michiele elliott Says:

    Would love to send one each – a quilting box and a knitters box. Please send info, don’t want to miss the deadline!

  13. Pat Sito Says:

    I’d like to donate! Please send me the address when you get a chance. Thanks a million.

  14. Rebecca Says:

    Send an address please. I am going through my knitting stash. I believe I have a bit of fabric too.
    This is all just so awesome!

  15. Kim Says:

    I got a email from a customer in Iraq, another soldier and she told me to thank you all so very much! She said that she sees the women and is so glad that we at home are doing something good for them. We can’t change the minds of men but we can always help those who need us the most. The women and children. Thanks Debbie for the email!!
    Just passing on a very thankful note from another soldier somewhere in Iraq.

    Who is wondering as we are all, what does one do with 9 pounds of spacebagged yarn? I just wish I could see the face of the one who gets it.. 😀

  16. becomewhatyouare Says:

    I am so glad I saw this in time. I would love to get a box (or a few) out.

  17. Jennifer Powell Says:

    Please send an address. I have things to send along. It’s wonderful to read about this project.

  18. Kathleen Says:

    Well – at last there seems to be a truck around – but its still definitely TOO SMALL… I want to see a BIG TRUCK full of bundles!!! Maybe a tank or a troop transport or one of those giant army cargo planes… full of bundles!!!!

    Way to go, IBOL guy…

    I gotta go do a couple more boxes… not much more time. And my closet is still full of stuff…

  19. Robyn Says:

    May I have the address please?

  20. Vicki Felix Says:

    Please send me your APO. I appreciate your effort so much.

  21. Nanci Moy Says:

    This has been so addicting to see how many people are getting pull into such a great cause. It’s only a matter of time before we see your smiling face on CNN. Love all the joy you are bringing to all the women of Iraq and hope this doesn’t end when you leave.

  22. Ruth Grimes Says:

    Got the address from Quilts Inc this afernoon. I have 2 boxes ready to go – then I sat down and read your blog and sent the info on to everyone I know that quilts. Wow, you are going to be overwhelmed.

  23. Kim T. Says:

    My 2 boxes went in the mail today! Thanks for the opportunity to share with others!

  24. Kit Says:

    My craft group met tonight, which means I now have two boxes ready to ship, and enough stuff to pack three more boxes tomorrow. We had fun, and are glad to be helping. I need the new address, though- I have the old one. THANK YOU!!

  25. Karen Says:

    Another bundle maker here, just need to know where I’m sending it. Thanks!!

  26. Mary Ann Scanlon Says:

    New address please…I have another box or two to send before the deadline!

  27. Anne Wilkins Says:

    Fantastic idea – I’m guessing that with this weekend’s mailing you will have 800 boxes.

    I was only going to send 2, but 3 got packed instead. They are going out Thursday morning from the US.

  28. Kristin L Says:

    I’m going to take a wild guess and say that one of those big containers in the background is IBOL Guy’s CHU (Containerized Housing Unit).

  29. sygnett Says:

    I ❤ IBOL!!!!

  30. Kristin Says:

    This is so cool! It’s totally going viral. I sent a knitting box the other day to complement the quilting one last week. No need to reply if those fingers are exhausted!

  31. CR Mayhew Says:

    Please send the address so I can send a bundle (or two). Thanks!!

  32. Sarah Says:

    Just catching on! Please send the address so I can hurry up and send a package. Many thanks for doing this.

  33. julie Says:

    please email me the europe address, i´d like to send a package. it may be a little small as i´ve just started building a stash… best of luck with the project!

  34. Kathie Says:

    Please send APO address ASAP… I have a dozen or so friends who are ready and waiting to mail their packages by the weekend. You’re amazing and we want to help! Thank you.

  35. Melanie Says:

    can you send me the apo? i’d like to participate. thank you!

  36. Karen Says:

    I went through my bead stash and I have a good sized bag to send. Please email me the address.

  37. Dina Jones Says:

    I’d like to send and participate. Thank you.

  38. kristine Says:

    oh noes! i really was away the last two weeks, and i didn’t see this great idea until just today. I’ve got some great things i can send, and it wouldn’t be right for me to not send them, just because time is crunchin.

    Can you send me the address? i can get everything together tonight and tomorrow, so i can try to hit the post office on saturn-day, but it might have to wait until the day after the holiday.

    would you mind sending the address? thanks!

    oh, one other thing, that i think is important to note; you’re a good egg. What a swell thing you’re doing.

  39. Carol Says:

    Address please – have a box full of beautiful sock yarn to send to you.
    Thank you

  40. Barb O'Melia Says:

    Pls send address so that I can participate

    I wish I had heard sooner so I could have done more


  41. Margie Says:

    Another one from Mason Dixon knitting. I have some fabric too.
    Pls send address

  42. CMN Says:

    Another link for your blog roll…

    Keep up the great work – you’re leading an amazing charge here!

  43. joan Says:

    I sent my box yesterday and so did my friend Bev.

  44. kmkat Says:

    Count me in, and send me the mailing address. Yarn and some fabric and notions will hit the post office tomorrow.

  45. Anna Says:

    Please send me the address, I will get out some boxes this weekend. Can’t wait to de-stash for a good cause!!!

  46. Denise Says:

    How fun! I know we’re right up against your deadline, but we’d like to help! 🙂

  47. Michelle Says:

    Got my 4 boxes in the post this morning!

    Take care!

  48. chelle Says:

    Add me to the group. What a great idea!

  49. Sue Anderson Says:

    Great idea! Glad I heard about it before it’s over:-) I’d love to be included, send me the addy and I’ll get some goodies in the mail!

    Thank you!

  50. Martha Jordan Says:

    Quick – please send address so I can box it up tonight and mail it tomorrow! Thanks for organizing such an incredible project.

  51. Pam Murdock Says:

    Mason-Dixon sent me! I would like the address so I can send an IBOL too. Thank you for doing this.

  52. Christy Says:

    Sorry, I’m a repeat commenter……I either didn’t get an email with the address to send to, or it went into my junk folder and was deleted. I’m pretty sure it was the latter. Anyway, I’d like to ship my package tomorrow. Can you send me the address again? Please.

  53. Naomi Saifuku Says:

    Hi, please send me an address so that I might send a
    package of sewing materials. I think this is heart-felt
    gesture on your part and what makes it even better is
    that the general public can contribute. Thanks for your
    kind efforts and thoughtfulness.

  54. Naomi Saifuku Says:

    Please send address. Thanks for organizing
    this heart-felt project.

  55. annelma Says:

    Hello Hero! I want to send fabric. I’ve been a textile conservator for 30 years. Many of my projects have included Islamic textiles, carpets, embroideries and piece-works. Please send me the address as I so want to give back to my world mates who have taught me so much! I know this is last minute but PLEASE send me the address. My bundle is ready!
    Aloha and thank you, Ann Perlman

    This is a repeat plea for the address – hope this one works.

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