8 September

Folks, putting stuff in the mail on Tuesday is just fine.

Oh, and first boxes (45) arrived at the warehouse today. 77 showed up on my doorstep, too.

I was suppose to do a phone interview tonight. I’ll try again after I sleep and run a little bit. Local paper from Honolulu.


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40 Responses to “8 September”

  1. SuzAnn Says:

    367!!! so spine tingling cool!

    I got my IBOL shirts yesterday and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  2. quiltdivajulie Says:

    My IBOL shirt arrived yesterday, too – IT”S WONDERFUL!


    I’m running out of joyful adjectives šŸ™‚

  3. chelle Says:

    Oh no – by mistake, I just deleted your e-mail to me with the info on sending the box. Could you resend?


  4. redsaid Says:

    Excellent! Now I can clean out that side of my studio! Ah if only I had heard of this sooner… but better late than never. (You don’t think they need art supplies do you?)

  5. MsMauri Says:

    WhooHoooo!!!! Joy and Jubilation šŸ™‚ Praise and Thanksgiving!!

    Makes you cry to think of all the women (and kittehs and the occasional guy) and all the love going into boxes all over the WORLD.

    And I am packing up more boxes to ship out today for SSP#3…under the watchful eye of Taylor the IBOL dog.

    LOVE those Space Bags!!

  6. Jan Says:

    Cool! You made the 50 boxes mark! Did that blow the NCO’s mind??? (No response necessary.)

    I sent an email today to the Information Management Officer at the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs about your little side project. No answer so far….

  7. Carol Says:

    Excellent news! According to my tracking no., mine is probably one of the 77!

  8. megh Says:

    Can I get that address? THANKS!

  9. Randi Says:

    Please send address. Our knitting group is getting materials together and will send them 8 Sept. Thanks.

  10. Patricia Says:

    I would like the address so I can send supplies. Is it really just $11.95 to send you a box?

  11. Martha B Says:

    Too cool. This was an awesome project and it was a pleasure to participate. I can’t wait to see what the final count is and I hope you find a way to make it an ongoing project after your safe return.

  12. Pamela Says:

    Great project. I’ll send a box of yarn. Please send the address, thanks!

  13. Andrea Rainey Says:

    Well, send me the address — I’ll slam something in the mail Friday or Saturday. Suggest to your daughter to learn to knit — it’s more social since it’s portable! Not that I’m biased — I’m a quilter, too.

  14. guinevere Says:

    I would love to share my stash. Please do let me know the address!

  15. Michele, U.S. Navy Retired Says:

    Mailed box number 2 today. So many bundles already! Do those include the Sew Mama Sew bundles?

  16. Nell Says:

    I have stacks to share for this kind and worthy cause. ā¤

  17. Cynthia I Says:

    Just got three bundles in the mail on Tuesday. Hooray.

  18. Kristin L Says:

    You’re going to make 500 boxes easy! 1000+? It could totally happen.

  19. wintor Says:

    Ohhhh squeaking in under the wire over here! I would LOVE to get the address from you so i can put my bundle together over the weekend! You rock – the end.

  20. Jane Little Says:

    PLease email me with the shipping info! I have my bundle ready to go and will mail on Sat.

  21. Heather Says:

    if it isn’t too late- can we please have the address- my daughter, son and I would love to participate.

  22. Veronica Says:

    Please send me the address. I definitely have some knitting supplies I can send out before the deadline.

  23. Janet Says:

    We’re in, please send the address. Thanks!

  24. Mindy Says:

    I sent my box a few days ago. I hope to send out a second one tomorrow. I wish you could put one of your math wizards on the job creating a graph of the total number of boxes each day. It’s going to be a steep hyperbole for sure!

    • Mindy Says:

      Hyperbole?! Forget that! It’s going to be a climbing line (whatever that’s called! LOL!) and probably a bit of an avalanche at the eleventh hour! This is a very exciting project. I just finished my second box and will mail it tomorrow. Thank you, again, for this great project!

  25. Debbie Francisco Says:

    Your project is great! Let me know where to send a bundle!


  26. Elizabeth Says:

    Materials were collected from my quilting bee – we sent 15 boxes. It was also announced to our quilting guild – many more from us to come!! Thank you for what you are doing, it is so refreshing to read about something positive in Iraq – some much of the news is depressing.

  27. marty smith Says:

    i got your addy off the quilt art list. Am sending at least 8 lbs of fabric for clothing for women and assorted zippers and trims. Great idea!! Sorry no green fabric. mostly dark with floral patterns. Good work.

    My trainer is scheduled to ship to Iraq in october. he is a marine.

    Keep safe,


  28. Annie S Says:

    Four boxes in the mail yesterday from TX. Bless you for your kind heart! May we clone you?

  29. Jesselyn Garcia Says:

    would love to do this. please send address so I can get bundles together. Have been quilting for years since I was 8 yrs old in Ft. Worth TX. Thank you and keep safe.

  30. kate Says:

    please email me your address! I just discovered this & would love to send some great heavy weight fabrics your way – there is a lot of value in the simple things and you’re doing a wonderful wonderful thing. šŸ™‚

  31. inglesidebelle Says:

    So glad that I found out about this before the deadline!

  32. Christy Says:

    I’ve got my bundle ready! Just need the address please. šŸ™‚

  33. Carol E Says:

    Sent a total of 3 boxes.. one through SMS. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

  34. Melissa (The Daily Mel) Says:

    Just found out about this from a blogging friend who mailed off 3 bundles today and blogged about it. Would love to participate! Could I get the mailing address please? I tweeted about it as well to let my other crafty friends know this awesome project! šŸ™‚

  35. Zara L. Hansen Says:

    Please send me the address for the Bundles of Love. I just got the information yesterday 9-3-09 hopefully I can get a box in the mail in time.
    Thank you,
    Zara L Hansen

  36. Jean Manly Says:

    I have things of my mother’s that I want to share. The box is all ready. Now for the address, please?

    Oh, and you’ll recognize mine. It will be the box with old stamps, too. Another legacy of Mom, who died more than a dozen years ago.

  37. Maureen Mosher Says:

    One of my customers is looking for the address to send a bundle and I can’t find it anywhere. Please give us the address. Thank you.

  38. Jean Manly Says:

    Thanks for the address. My two boxes entered the mailstream coming your way yesterday.

    One suggestion is to tell people that the post office personnel may require them to fill out customs forms. Those forms are a bit daunting–yes, there is a place for phone numbers!–and they ask how many of what (specific) items, what do they weigh, etc. I finally resorted to generic terms–quilting books, quilting fabric, quiting supplies. That last one pretty much covered everything from beads to scissors and ribbons. Mercifully, the post office allowed me to stay after hours to complete the forms. This took ten minutes.

    Thanks for doing this. Giving was indeed better than receiving. Aloha nui loa.

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