I am sooooooo busted

There’s a small little write up on IBOL in the Honolulu Advertiser.

Which, apparently, you all read.

And which, apparently, my Commanding General reads.

We’ll see how Saturday goes, huh? I wonder how many times I will have to explain, from start to end, what IBOL is all about. If it gets me one step closer to having access to aviation assets, so be it!

Best line from the article? “…he explains on his Web site, which manages to be reverent, inspirational and really funny all at the same time.” It’s probably good that the general sees someone say that I’m reverent. I think he’s already figured out the funny part.

And remember — IBOL Sundae, and then boxes into the mail not later than Tuesday.


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45 Responses to “I am sooooooo busted”

  1. Melia Wong Says:

    I live in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. I read the article in the Honolulu Advertiser and have lots of spare fabric, thread, buttons, etc. I want to share this with whomever can make use of the items. Please send me address so I can get my box(es) in the mail.


  2. Adelaide Says:

    When all the bundles have landed and the ensuing massive distribution begins, please take lots and lots of photos to share.

  3. francine choy Says:

    Good job w/ this idea….please send an address to send fabric. God bless!!

  4. Audrey Murray Says:

    Read about Bundles of Love today and my bundles will be on their way soon. Please send me an address. God Bless….

  5. Beth Fisher Says:

    What an awsome project!! Please send me the APO so I can send off a box (or two).

    Thanks for not only this but all you do as a member of the armed forces.


  6. Audrey Murray Says:

    My comment says “My comment is awaiting moderation”. What does that mean? I only want the address for Bundles of Love.

    Audrey Murray

  7. Christine Jackson Says:

    Aloha, Read your article today – not small!! Went to another page! Anyways I work at the Airmans Attic and we have quite a bit of fabric that people drop off to us and they are not moving. I also have some stuff at home. If you are interested in getting more let me know! I hat throwing anything away also!. Ask the girls at the Attic @ Hickam!! You are doing a good thing!

  8. quiltdivajulie Says:

    With all those boxes already on their way and the great press you’re getting . . . man oh man!!

    … when asked, just hand whoever asks that “I Believe in IBOL” post – it says it all!

  9. Jody White Says:

    Hi, IBOL guy! Our quilting group meets tomorrow at the Aiea United Methodist Church, and I’d like to encourage the ladies to bring in a few bundles to send to you on Tuesday. Please provide me the mailing address. Our church secretary’s husband is Colonel Kromer, also serving in Iraq somewhere right now. We wish you both a lot of peace!

  10. Sarah Says:

    Aloha IBOL Guy!

    I would love to send a few boxes full of scrap fabric from Project Linus Oahu. Please send me the details.

  11. Your sister Anne Says:

    Do you think that in honor of IBOL sundae, you should share the world’s best hot fudge recipe?

  12. Gale Wilson Says:

    Please, please send me the mailing address. I used to quilt and have a cabinet full of fabric but haven’t had time in a looong time. Fate must be at work because I’ve been doing a very late spring cleaning and was working on my craft room yesterday. Would love to send you some bundles of fabric, with love.

    Gale 😛

  13. Helen Says:

    There’s still time for me to get mine in – even though I just found out about this 3 minutes ago. Address please!

  14. IBOL 78754 Says:

    If Army Aviation balks, let USAF know they have a chance to help out just by loaning the use of a few C-130 hours. If they don’t go for it, goad Boeing into loaning you a C-17 as a demonstration project.

    Just remind the pilots that they have to land and distribute the bundles, not just do air drops from 5000′.

  15. MaryAnn Says:

    Its a good thing this is a 6 week effort…not like some of those viral Get Well cardefforts that still go on 10 years after the fact! But boy is it fun to watch all those bundles roll in!

  16. MaryAnn Says:

    LOL..shhh…that comment about USAF made me laugh…guess which aerospace company I work for…and whats outside on the flight ramp as I type!

  17. Donna Says:

    Great idea! Have some hawaiian and oriental pattern fabrics I would love to send. Mahalo.

  18. Joanne Do Says:

    Saw the article in the Honolulu Advertiser – my mother was just talking about cleaning all the misc fabric out of her dresser. Please send us the address and we will send you a few boxes!

    Thank you for letting us share in your project.

  19. Cheryl Says:

    Love your attitude and idea. My husband will probably ask me why I’m not sending more!!!! grin. Thanks for your service. Please send the address so I can go to the post office with my bundle.

  20. Barbara Watanabe Says:

    Mailing address, please. I will ship material my MIL has gathered over the years — she was a quilter. Mahalo (from Nuuanu). A Hui Hou.

  21. kauaigrrl Says:

    This is a great project, how do I participate?

  22. cindy b Says:

    we are working through our stash. plan is to pack up those boxes tomorrow, so now we need the address for the i.b.o.l.s.

    what an awesome project! thanks for letting us be a part!

    cindy and maria

  23. carolyn Says:

    Forget about “ask and you shall receive” it’s more like be careful what you ask for!!!
    This is an amazing project and East Bay Heritage Quilters of Berkeley, Ca are represented as I know of 15 boxes that cam from my announcement. I sure hope your commanding officer will help you get these boxes distributed. Are you going me slip in a card that says these are a gift from American women to Iraqi women?

  24. Jody Says:

    I’d like to participate. Please send me the mailing address. Thank you!

  25. Angie Says:

    No hurry if you are napping, please send the APO address and I’ll try to get something into the mail. What a wonderful idea; you’re carpeting Iraq.

  26. Donnaomorr Says:

    Please help me to help your cause! I am packing and hoping to mail ASAP (like, tomorrow) — can you get me an address that quickly?

    You are phenomenal. That’s all.

    God Bless. Stay safe. Thank you.

  27. Katie Bochum Says:

    Address please. I’d love to share with others who sew and quilt (even the dreamers like me who only think about projects).

  28. Mama Urchin Says:

    I have three boxes but I just realized I never commented to get the address. I cannot wait to see the photos of all the boxes!

  29. Helen Says:

    I have fabric to donate, so please email me the address. Thanks

  30. Margie Says:

    Good luck with the CG.
    I already have the address.

  31. Jess Says:

    Can you send me the new warehouse address? All I’ve got is the old one!

  32. Erin Says:

    I shopped today and I’ll send Tuesday but I need the new address. I think I have the old one. Thanks!

  33. Lynne Says:

    Can I ask for the hot fudge recipe? And how’s the bundle count coming? Now I wish I had decorated my box so I could identify it among the thousands!


  34. sygnett Says:

    oo… I also wrote an email to Stars and Stripes! 🙂 Maybe you’ll get on the feature page on the back!

  35. Carla Scruggs Says:

    I’d like to send a box (I’m a quilter). I know I’m late, but I can get it in the mail Tuesday! Thanks!

  36. Tammy Miller Says:

    I’ve already sent one IBOL through Sew Mama Sew, but after organizing my stash closet today, I find I have tons of stuff to send. So please send me the address!
    Thanks so much for doing this awesome project!

  37. Pat Valenti Says:

    Please send your mailing address so I can get a box in the mail by Tuesday.

    Great work on your part!!! Thanks for all you do!!

  38. Teresa C Says:

    I would love to have your address.
    Thank you for all you do, and all you have done.

  39. IBOL Guy Says:

    Turns out, I’m not so busted. The briefing came and went this AM, without so much as a reference to IBOL. I snuck by, apparently.

    • Sherrill Says:

      The CG just didn’t want to show his excitement over fabrics and yarn. I can’t wait to see the next bundle count!

  40. Lisa W Says:

    Hi IBOL Guy!
    I wish I knew about this earlier. Just saw the article today. I have so much fabrics and trims I’ll never get to that I would love if someone would put it to use. Now I just gotta organize it into those boxed bundles! I’ll gather what I can and send it out. Please send me the address. This is fantastic. Much Mahalo’s for all your time and effort for this. Do you think you’d be doing this again anytime? (or get someone else to do it?) 🙂

  41. Mary Jane Meehan Says:

    Well, they are in the mail….two more boxes. And the comment from the guy at the Post Office was…”so what is this IBOL thing?” congrats…it looks like Northern Virginia is getting the word out!

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