Over the hump and to the finish line

IBOL Sundae is almost here, and that means that the 8th is just around the corner. Just a few more days to package up the bundles and get them into the mail.

Over this long holiday (in America) weekend, if you’re looking for some more light reading, take a peak at this. It’s a Google search of sites out there that have linked back to IBOL.

In it, you’ll find all kinds of quilters and knitters, crafters and dreamers. Some say little more than “OMG, go see IBOL!” but others write at length about IBOL, their bundles, and the process of being involved in this. And, worst case, you may find a link or two to an artist whom you’re not familiar. Right now, it’s got 126 leads for you to follow and explore. That should provide you with some entertainment for a while, I would hope.


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16 Responses to “Over the hump and to the finish line”

  1. Klee Says:

    Just read the article in the newspaper. This is a cool project. I am a closet fabric hoarder and need to send some of my stash to you. Please send me your address.

  2. Liz Says:

    The links to your page is probably a heck of a lot more than 126. In some programs, like WordPress, you can adjust privacy settings so you are not in the search engines.

    But, it is great that this project is getting so much attention. Is there someone that can take over and continue this project?

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      I am working on something, but only passively. First, I need to get through the IBOL flood, then I can focus on what’s next. I’d sure like to leave something in place, though.

    • becomewhatyouare Says:

      Liz is right. Even blogs that are not set to private are missing! You’re getting a lot more publicity than the google search tells!

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      OK, OK! I’ll try and find another way of capturing all this to share. I’m trying folks — but the entertainment I provide is worth exactly what you’re paying for it.

  3. Mayer Says:

    Hi, please send the address! Great job!

  4. Nieves Uhl Says:

    This is such an amazing project. I just found out about in mere moments ago! And just in time. I am always wondering what the heck I’m gonna do with all the fabric and supplies I keep stashing away for “someday.” Thank you for doing this. I am excited that I will get to be a part of it.


  5. Jessica Says:

    Please send me the address to ship to. I’m feverishly trying to prepare a box or two to get in the mail on the 8th. Thanks! And bravo for what you’re doing here. šŸ™‚

  6. Elizabeth Heaston Says:

    Shopping for stuff and ice cream today. Shipping on Tuesday (not the ice cream). Please send me your address. Good work.

  7. Tanya Borchert Says:

    I know this is late….but I’d really like to participate, and can mail a bundle on the 8th out of Stuttgart – APO. šŸ™‚

  8. Mary Beth Says:

    Please send me the address. I will try my best to get a package together by Tuesday.

  9. Jenny Says:

    please send me your address… I’d love to donate.

    Thank you.

  10. Mary Fujihara Says:

    Gee, wish I found out earlier. Hope I can get a box out today. Tomorrow and Monday the post office is closed and Tuesday I work.
    Please send me your address anyway. thanks

  11. valrie Says:

    pls send address for bundles asap i’ve got mine ready to mail

    god bless you for this effort


  12. Melinda Says:

    I’d like to participate. I’m even off work on Tuesday the 8th so I can get to the post office. Please send the address.

  13. Aunt Spicy Says:

    How have I missed this? I am so glad I am seeing it in enough time to participate! Please send me the address…I will collect a healthy pile or two on Sunday and ship it on Tuesday.

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