IBOL Sundae

Are you having ice cream today, with outrageous toppings and a too-big spoon? Send me the photos or the link! I’ve got new photos I am adding to the SuperSauce page, and there’s already one link, here, from participants here in Iraq.

Also, regarding the Over the Hump postinghere is a better Google link to all kinds of things related to IBOL. Forget a few hundred responses, this has a few thousand responses.

Which, strangely, is very much like the bundles from IBOL, too. Thousands, I am sure.

IBOL bundles


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39 Responses to “IBOL Sundae”

  1. Sharon Miller Says:

    I sent my IBOL earlier this week. I am a quilter and crafter so was nice to send fabric that I didn’t need and someone else can use.

  2. stephanie Says:

    My second IBOL was mailed yesterday… and here is a photo of my version of a sundae! http://makeitawonderfullife.blogspot.com/2009/09/ibol-super-sauce.html
    I’ll have to make the sauce- it sounds PERFECT!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Hi there:

    I have a bundle ready but didn’t get the address when I emailed for it earlier. I know you’ve had a lot of responses and may not be able to get the address to everyone. If you have a chance to send it to me, though, I’d appreciate it.


  4. Angie Says:

    IBOL Sundaes! http://angiecreates.blogspot.com/2009/09/ibol-sundae.html

  5. Dot Hosoda Says:

    Our church group has lots of material we would like to send, but we won’t be able to make the deadline. Do you still want us to send it?Pls send the address. Thanks. Dot

  6. DixieDollBaby Says:

    Thank you for this important work. In my mind, every bundle will inspire more confidence in the American people…and allow them to know we DO have big hearts, and want them to have better lives.

    Please send the address so I can mail a bundle of yarn, fabric and notions.

  7. Nancy Says:

    OMG – That secret sauce is unbelievable!!!! My one IBOL box and 2 SSP3 boxes aren’t enough to pay for that recipe. Let me know what’s next so I can feel like I’ve evened things out. Not only did you give us all a wonderful way of helping some folks that could use it, but you fed our sweet teeth. You are all that is wonderful, Art. Thanks!

  8. Lee Cockrum Says:

    I am hoping that I can get the address. I will be at the post office first thing Tuesday morning (as Monday is the holiday!)

    Thanks, I am excited to participate.

  9. Carolyn Says:

    Ok I can’t be the only one in a panic over the customs forms. What do we put for the value and the quantity? Do we actually need to list every single item in the description? Do we put that it is Gift or do we select Other?

    Thanks to anyone that has any ideas!!

    • IBOL Guy's CA sister Says:

      I marked the box for “gift”. I listed the contents at “fabric/thread/scissors/etc”; I put a quantity of 10 (I didn’t count — more than 1, less than 50); I guessed at a weight of 10 pounds (I don’t own a scale); and I put a value of $50, which was more realistic than $10.
      Don’t worry about it. I’ve never had anyone question what I’ve put on customs forms, and I’ve been mailing stuff to Mr IBOL Guy for a dozen years.

      • quiltdivajulie Says:

        I marked the gift option, value of $10, contents as “fabric remnants” and re-direct to the original mailing address (Art’s place, not the warehouse). Shipped 6 boxes and never had a question from any of the USPS folks (aside from the standard – is there anything liquid, perishable, blah blah blah…)

    • Kristin L Says:

      Yup, like IBOL Guy’s sister says — call it a gift and guesstimate. 🙂

    • Bridget Wideman Says:

      I also checked “gift”. I detailed what I put in (the USPS website gives very detailed instructions on how to fill this out). I listed as many things as I had space to list…10 yds. fabric, 2 pr. scissors, 2 pincushions, 50 spools of thread, etc. My value I think I put something like $10.00. Mainly because I never know if the person on the receiving end will have to pay fees based on dollar amount of contents. PLUS, had I bought all of those items at a garage sale (last day of the sale, of course!), I’d have probably paid under $20 for all. If I estimated the amount I originally spent on each item, my total would have easily been at least $400. To me that would raise a red flag, and that’s the last thing you want to do when you ship internationally (THIS IS MY OPINION, I AM NOT AN EXPERT IN ANY WAY). I didn’t fill in the weight because my post office always does that. Do remember to date and sign the bottom of the form and don’t leave any required information blank. You can always ask when you take it to the post office. Hope this helps.

  10. Mary Ann Scanlon Says:

    No photo but I did have a fabulous sundae today in honor of the effort…brownie, ice cream, amazing chocolate sauce, whip cream to cover it all and chocolate sprinkles…of course I shared with my husband, daughter and SIL. (We may have shared a huge piece of boysenberry pie too just to make sure no one left hungry..just saying). Another box going off on Tuesday!

  11. alice a Says:

    I did post the address in my blog after Houston Quilt Festival e-mailed every one on their multi thousand mailing list with it. I will take it off my blog on wednesday morning so there will not be any late mailingsfrom links to me rather than late forwards. hope that satisfies you.

  12. Wanda Says:

    If it’s not too late, please send me the address. I just found out about this project. Thanks.

  13. Lucie Says:

    I just found out about this, and I guess I’m too late. Will there be a continuation? A second round? Please let me know!

  14. Joan Says:

    I got my box out to you on Saturday. The post office guy was so helpful–he said listing fabric and sewing supplies was good enough for the customs form. I found some larger pieces of fabric in my stash, so I’m glad you suggested sending the larger pieces.
    I have had so much fun sending my IBOL and reading your posts. I hope you get your air support. We can always email your CO and tell him this is What the American People Want.

  15. Kathleen Says:

    Laughing Out Loud — the ultimate threat – I can see it now –

    IBOL guy saying to his CO: “give me air support or thousands of women will flood your email box” …………….

  16. Pamela Says:


    Can you let me know the address for mailing….and it this the same that will be used to fill out the customs form.


  17. Diane H Says:

    Turns out I have a box of stuff after all – who was I kidding? Can I please have the address? Many thanks

  18. kelly Says:

    No sundae to show, but if you’re still sending out the address, fire one my way. I managed to get it together to pack up a box and it’s ready to go (just under the wire).

    Thanks for doing this.

  19. Bridget Wideman Says:

    In response to the IBOL SUNDAE post, I DID eat ice cream, but I didn’t make a Sundae. Once I opened that cookies and cream ice cream I couldn’t help myself….I started to spoon it into a bowl, but the spoon kept going to my mouth instead. I ended up eating 1/4 the carton (which isn’t all that unusual for me). Right now it’s Monday, Labor Day, morning, and what sounds really good to me right now is a banana split! But cookies and cream ice cream doesn’t sound too great for that!

    Thanks for the IBOL Sundae idea….mainly because things like that keep IBOL at the forefront of my mind. I pray that all those who have said they were mailing boxes actually do and that you will receive at the very least 1000 boxes (of course that may have happened already…are you keeping count???). It made me think about how much “stuff” I have and that I totally take forgranted…like most quilters I have more fabric than I could use in a lifetime. Not to mention all the other things we “need” to go along with our hobby.

    This was such a great idea and I’d love to see it continue.

  20. Andrea Says:

    Have a stack of fabric ready to go. Will you e-mail me the address? It’ll go in the mail tomorrow first thing!

  21. Pamela Says:

    Does anyone know the mailing address? I have a box ready to go and want to get it to the PO first thing tomorrow.


    quietgirl255 @ hotmail .com

  22. Krysten Says:

    The deadline has snuck up on me! I have a package ready to go if you could email me the address. Thanks! 🙂

  23. Marie Says:

    Hello, I sent in a request for the address last week and still haven’t received a reply. I have my bundle ready to go and am hoping to get the adddress in time, as I really want to participate — this is such a wonderful project!
    Marie in Cheyenne

  24. notsupergirl Says:

    We sent two boxes on Saturday and finished packing up the other four for a post office visit tomorrow. We had friends who contributed and my girls (6 and 8) had great fun helping to pack the bundles. Thanks for the teaching opportunity!
    We forgot the ice cream yesterday, will have to make up for it today!

    • notsupergirl Says:

      oops – that smiley face with the shades, that was supposed be an 8 followed by a close parentheses – darn it!

  25. Patti Says:

    It is Monday morning here in Hawaii…I want to donate fabric squares that my beloved grandmother left to me. I would like to know if I mail it tomorrow since today is labor day & the post office is closed will it be to late?

    Also can I put it in a smaller version of the box you want as it is not much,the squares are solid colors and very nice. Please advise,Best wishes,Patti

    • Patti Says:

      I have my bundle ready to send.It will leave Honolulu tomorrow 09/08 and there are lots of sewing goodies included. from Patti under a hula moon. Best Wishes…

  26. Kit Says:

    That sauce sounds fantastic! I don’t have time to make it today- we’re doing our sundaes a day late- but I will definitely file that recipe away for another time. Thanks!

    My boys drew some pictures that they want to send to you- is it OK to put them in our box (going out Tues) or should I mail them separately to the old address? With so many boxes coming, will you open them all? Sorry to make things complicated. When the boys asked I said it would be fine to send pictures, without thinking about the sheer volume of packages you will have to deal with at the last minute.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  27. Alice Hayden Says:

    Well, I mailed my 2 boxes on Friday (fabric, embroidery thread, thread, needles and a few tidbits of odds & ends that might be fun). Then I convinced my sister-n-law & niece to build 2 more boxes out of Mom’s old stuff as we work on cleaning out my parent’s house (like giving the stuff that Mom loved to someone who can use it), so more fabric, thread, embroidery floss, needles, etc.). We love it and the idea and the IBOL Guy for making me feel good about the US Military.

    So thanks & Aloha from Hicksville, New York

  28. Susan Hurd Says:

    Please send me your contact information as I have a lot of notion I would love to send to someone who could use them. Thanks for your good work.

  29. patricia Says:

    You may be feeling overwhelmed but if you would like one more bundle I could get it in the post by tomorrow’s deadline. I live in the UK so if the offer of an EU address is still available that would work best.

    Congrats to you for organizing this and keeping your sense of humor.


    ps. If I do send a bundle would it be permissable to include a lavendar sachet?

  30. Krystal of Solsisters Says:

    Took me a few days to get the pics up, but here we are at Peggy Sue’s 50’s diner in Yermo, California having IBOL Sundae’s at the soda fountain as ordered.


  31. Kathleen Says:

    So I just have to wonder if IBOL guy has figured out how to meet women now???? (apologies, Kristin, we know he’s taken) Heck, the single guys out there just need to go hang out at a fabric store – that’s where we all are!!!!

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