Past the deadline


Really. I mean that. Whew. I think we’re over that hump.

100,000+ visits to the website. Something like 2600 comments that people left, that vast majority of them just asking for the address. And a ton of emails that I sent — responses to comments, responses to questions, jokes, humor, and discussions that ranged from follow on projects to even a son who died over here.

A few days ago I visited my local mail folks. Asked them to divert anything and everything addressed to me, to the warehouse. So, I may have to go there to pick up my new issue of Sports Illustrated or Hot Rod Magazine, but I can live with that — much easier than having to pick up and then move myself the dozens — hundreds — of boxes that I know are still headed to me via the old address. So, yesterday when mail arrived, there were 13 boxes for SSP3 and Agent 51, but just 1 for me – one that somehow slipped through the cracks. The warehouse folks have put together some sort of spreadsheet to track all of the inbound boxes; I just haven’t had a chance to check in with them to see what it is. It’s on my list of things to try to do today.

I’d like to offer my thanks to you all, for your help with this. I really didn’t think this was that big of an idea, but you’ve proven me wrong.

I’d also like to thank all of you for having some ice cream with me on Sunday. That was pretty cool, too. I know that a lot of you didn’t want to — that it was a tremendous amount of suffering — but it sure meant a lot to me.


I’d also like to thank Ken, in the Netherlands, who has been receiving boxes and passing them along to me. Poor guy got voluntold by his wife and SIL that he would be helping out. It’s probably good that we’ve been friends for a few years, friendship sealed with two awesome trips – one to the Ring, and one through the Alps, plus an assortment of garage days and go-fast days. Thanks, brother — I appreciate the help.

And have I mentioned that I love Maru? I do. Go watch this one.

Alright, off to work.


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25 Responses to “Past the deadline”

  1. ginny Says:

    LOL, someone besides me has a resident feline notary — parcels leave my house with the official seal of the tooth too :D!

  2. Sarah in STL Says:

    Whew – can’t wait to see the tally as it climbs up & up! Way to go!!!

  3. obscure Says:

    Get some sleep, IBOL guy!

  4. Kit Says:

    You rock. 🙂

  5. kmkat Says:

    Glad to see you too are ignoring the “No cats on the internet today, 9/9/09” decree.

    Seems like if you had 2,600± requests for the address, you will probably get more than 2,600± boxes, since many of us sent >1 box. ::smirk::

    Yay, IBOL guy!

  6. Fitzy Says:

    So tell us what/how you do the next step? Do you open each box and take only the bundles? Do you have any picures or footage of the first distribution?

    We’ll never be able to tell you enuf how much your efforts mean to us.

    Thank you man.

  7. 2hippos Says:

    Thanks for all your efforts. I sent off another box yesterday!

  8. Debbie A. Says:

    thanks for your fast response I sent off a bundle on Tuesday. helping others gives one a sense of contentment, guess we are really doing it for ourselves so we can get that feeling.

    Did your people have anything to do with my getting over 6000 visists on my blog today?

  9. Mary Ann Scanlon Says:

    Yep…I did get a last one off on Tuesday. Thanks for letting us all share in building peace…one piece at a time!

  10. Susan Says:

    Yep, you do rock!

    I love Maru, too – thanks for the link!

  11. kern Says:

    Tee Hee! I’m sure Ken was glad to help.

  12. DianeY Says:

    Love that word “voluntold”! Very clever! Aloha!

  13. SuzAnn Says:

    Thanks IBOL Guy and all your Secret Agents too! My mom loves telling everyone about her shirt and it really is helping her process my grandma’s death since that’s the stash we pillaged for our bundles. Your thoughtfulness keeps on giving in ways you may never know but just know that you, my friend, have made a huge difference in the world. Gahndi would love you!

  14. Irene Nikolewski Says:

    Just discovered you today. Too late!! Will this program continue after you return to Hawaii? I would love to get involved & ship off a lot of my stash!

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Well, yeah — it’s past the point of getting stuff in the mail for IBOL. I am trying to piece together (get it?) something for after this — Son of IBOL, I call it in my little mischievous mind — but first I need to get through the bundles that are here or en route.

      And who know — maybe I can put together something on the island, too. Or inspire someone to put together something like this on the island, too.

  15. carolyn Says:

    The two bundles I sent on Sept. 3 are not confirmed as delivered by the USPS, and I sent four more on Sept. 8…. hope they do reach the destination.
    Thank you for your idea, for organizing this grand project. When else would I have the chance to personally affect the lives of Iraqis in such a personal way?

  16. MsMauri Says:

    And did I hear a rumor from your Facebook page that we are over ONE THOUSAND BUNDLES in the warehouse now???

    And you thought 40 would be a good response…fooled YOU, huh?!!?

  17. Kathleen Says:

    IBOL guy: the news says today was a tough day for US Soldiers in Iraq. We are all thinking about you, hoping you are well, hoping your friends and your men are all safe and sound.

  18. kleiosbelly Says:

    I’ve been so overwhelmed lately by the negativity of US politics and public discourse. It discourages me so much –especially on this eight-year anniversary day — that I feel almost paralyzed with grief. Then I hop over to your blog to remind myself that not everyone has decided to respond to the world with rage and hatred. Thank you for helping me to hold on to my hope for one more day.

    With best wishes, Mara @

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Well, I did check at lunch — the glass was still half full. I can go back and check again later if you need me to – I don’t mind checking on it from time to time. It’s a good reminder for me, too.

  19. Rita Says:

    Since there are so many bundles to be distributed, wouldn’t it just be easier to leave them in the boxes to do so? That way, the box might get recycled by the recipient too. But how are you going to get them to the villages???

    Thanks IBOL guy for helping us help others.

  20. ann freeman Says:

    i never got a response on where to mail the package via email. so it’s not out in time. oh well, i’ll be on the look out for next time 🙂 This is a great project you did, thanks!

  21. Carole Pikulski Says:

    I manage a large sewing department in a department store in Honolulu. We have tons of scraps plus my ladies sew at home and have material to donate. Are we too late? We have old thread, material, and buttons. I would love to help you when you return to the islands. Just let me know if I can still ship any of this stuff anywhere. It would be so good not to throw it away. Keep up the good work.

  22. barbara warden Says:

    IBOL Guy – You are doing something wonderful for everyone. Many thanks to you for everything you do. I was going to put my box in the mail tomorrow but it looks like I will be too late. I could not find the instructions for how to package all that is in my box. Can I still send this out tomorrow? Please let me know. Barbara

  23. barbara warden Says:

    I sent my comment but I am not sure it went through. First off – thank you for your generosity and courage. I could not find the instructions for how to wrap all that is in my box and now it might be too late to send out the box. Is it? Please let me know. I was going to mail it tomorrow. Barbara

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