Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

This morning, I loaded the last of the bundles from my room and took them to the warehouse. The last ones that I loaded? Three of the earliest, and three of the prettiest (I think).

Last 3 Bundles

One of the things that sent me to the warehouse was a simple question: How many bundles had arrived from my home state of Hawai’i? Well, the answer is, a bunch. I did not try and go through them all, but there are easily a hundred there already, and I expect there will be more in the coming week as the surge arrives in response to the article in the Honolulu Advertiser.

How awesome are the boxes from Hawai’i? Well, a lot of them have this cool Aloha stamp, which I love, love, love. And some even get nice accents, like this:

Another Sunny Day in Hawai'i

But then again, a lot of the boxes have nice accents. Not too many with full-on doodles like this, but lots and lots and lots of them with things written on them.


I also took the time, since I had a little extra time today, to peek around some, to see what all there was to see. I could take and share 10,000 photos easily, of all the neatness in those ~3000 boxes. I’m going to share this one — I think it’s pretty darn tootin’ awesome.

Oh, Deere!

It’s probably good that this is an agricultural area!

The other thing I was looking for while I was there was the smallest bundle. For all the talk of heavy bundles, of people who send soooo many bundles, or the biggest bundles, I thought I needed to find the smallest one.

In one open box, I found this.

It's tiny!

But it was a bundle inside a bundle — so I ruled that one out. Very cute, though.

It came down to small padded envelope, and a small — the smallest — flat rate box. Now, they were about the same size, and I figured it’d be the padded envelope. I was betting on it being yarn. But no, it was pretty heavy.

I grabbed the box. Yep, lightweight. It would win.

I flipped the box over, to open it, and just at the last minute, I saw the customs form.

Content: men’s shirt

Whoa — men’s what?

So I opened it — and this is what I found:


You know, I thought that was the last straw. I really did. First it was the cards, the best wishes, the kind words. Now a shirt?

The two gals working in the warehouse, after taking the photos of me and as I was getting ready to leave asked, “Do you want to take the jam?”

I’m sorry – the what?

Yeah — someone took one of those large flat rate boxes and filled it with small jars of homemade jams.

Did I not explain to you all that I have a reputation to keep? I’m a stone-cold killer, folks! Now you’ve got me wearing a hand-sewn shirt — and handing out jars of really, really good home made jams. Blueberry, peach — it’s just not fair! I should handing out bandoleers of bullets, or some hand grenades, or sticks of dynamite, or angry ferrets or something. Not jars of jam that taste really, really good on an English muffin. That’s been lightly toasted. And consumed with some juice. Nomnomnom.

Maybe next time I’ll post photos of the contraband jam.


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29 Responses to “Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!”

  1. IBOL Guy's CA sister Says:

    I LOVE the shirt! And, jam? Yum! I’ll assuming that you’re sharing some of the jam with the mailroom staff… Enjoy!

  2. kern Says:

    Love that shirt!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lynne Says:

    Cool shirt. It’s perfect. Great photos. Thanks.

  4. Michele in Illinois Says:

    OK, so now the first thing I do in the morning, besides the necessary stuff…., is check out the IBOL blog. It’s certainly a great way to start the day! Great shirt. Wish I thought of it. My neighbor has a silk screen business.
    Art, you are blessed.

  5. Jude Says:

    Bet the jam looks good on you, too!

  6. Java Jane Says:

    I love reading the IBOL blog! Thanks for making my day!

  7. Gerrie Says:

    Cracking me up!!

  8. Blimey Says:

    You be jammin mon.

  9. Magpie Sue Says:

    LOL! Just make sure you don’t WEAR the jam! (Great shirt – wish I’d thought of it!)

  10. Vicki Says:

    You crack me up! I love the shirt. I love seeing all the pictures of the boxes, too.

  11. not supergirl Says:

    Don’t worry, the internet will never tell that you’re a closet softie. Your secret is safe.

  12. Kristin L Says:

    Great shirt. And who knew about our weakness for handmade jam?

  13. Kit Says:

    Love the shirt! Pretty IBOLs, too. I love seeing them. (IBsOL? IBOL? Uh, I mean the packages. The packages of sewing stuff I mean! OK, I think I’ll shut up now.)

    Good job, everyone!

  14. Sherrill Says:

    Great shirt. Do over 3000 boxes allow you to be out of uniform?

  15. Gwen Campbell Says:

    I love reading about the packages and seeing the boxes filling up the warehouse! Now I’m getting really excited to hear about distribution! What’s the plan? Who, when, where and how? (I think we all know the “what” and “why”!) Can’t wait! 🙂


    PS – if you just snarl a bit when you hand out the bundles, I think you can salvage your reputation… 😉

  16. sygnett Says:

    yea- thats totally outta Regs! 😀

  17. Sarah in STL Says:

    Now you’re making me all teary….kudos to whoever thought of the shirt – that is AWESOME – but so are you!

  18. gail norback Says:

    How many ways can we all say thank you to a super terrific guy and his awesome ideas?? Never enough………thanks you again, from all of us!! Gail Norback

  19. Junior & Orion and their Mom Says:

    You are making our Meowm laugh IBOL guy. We are glad you got some goodies along with your nice cards.

  20. Susan Says:

    I think that is an extremely cool shirt, but I suppose one of us could make you a stone-cold killer shirt to balance things out.

    Thanks for posting the pictures. It does give my heart a lift to read this blog.

  21. Ruthie Says:

    So, how are they sorte din the warehouse?

  22. MsMauri Says:

    If I had known that John Deere tractors were ok, I would have got some for one of my spacebagged SSP3 (Operation Old Mother Hubbard) boxes. And the tractors were printed on a green background! Hmmm I DO have another JoAnn’s coupon burning a hole in my purse…

    I am still feeling that there were only half as many (xxxxs) in that box as are needed – I hope there is an Old Mother Hubbard contact after hard-working Agent 51 comes home.

    And, darn you look cute in that shirt! Give our thanks to the hardworking IBOL Warehouse ladies, too!! Bet they will have stories to tell of all the different goodies that found their way into those boxes 🙂

  23. Solsisters Says:

    Art for the cover of GQ!

  24. Elizabeth Says:

    Reading your blogs, I am alternating between laughing my head off and getting all choked up! Thank you for the entertainment, the feel-good moments, the good work you’re doing, and the wonderful difference you’re making to quilters worldwide!

  25. quiltdivajulie Says:

    A man of many dimensions – the very, VERY best kind!

    Thanks Art for sharing yourself with so many (there, here, everywhere)!

  26. Ellen Says:

    Please hand out jam over bullets when ever you can!

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