Honolulu Advertiser, Part II

The local hometown newspaper, the Honolulu Advertiser, has another piece in on IBOL today, here. Very nice article, and excellent use of the IBOL Guy shirt photos, too. Pretty cool.

Oh, and as promised, jam photos.

I went with the Black & Blue jam — which sounds much more violent and war-like than, say, peach. I’m still hoping a jar of Rocker Preserve or Angry Ferret Jam shows up — that would be ideal.

Hmmm. Angry Ferret. Angry Ferret Pale Ale. That has a nice ring to it, too.


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13 Responses to “Honolulu Advertiser, Part II”

  1. Debbie Ungar Says:

    Art–You gave me a hearty belly laugh with this post…the photo and the text! Loving the article too….the shirt is getting it’s 15 minutes of fame! Awesome! Have a great day!

  2. quiltdivajulie Says:

    Great article ~ thanks for encouraging each of us!

  3. Kay in Boston Says:

    Loved the article and the sense of your humor that it conveys. Not sure if any others saw the first one and went to the Fabric Mart while on vacation to send stuff to you but it was a highlight of my recent trip to the Islands. I am encouraged the project MAY continue. Now that I am home, I won’t have to buy the fabric and can actually get rid of some stuff!! Please send details as soon as you know them. Travel safe.

  4. Paul Says:


    And angry ferrets…

  5. Paul Says:

    Oh, and the ale?


    It’s “Plaid Ferret” and “Ornery Otter”

  6. Magpie Sue Says:

    LOL – Angry Ferret Jam! Obviously I live a much-too-sheltered life!
    Good on the Honolulu Advertiser :- )

  7. Joanne Gasperik Says:

    I wanted to get IBOL guy into a bit of a jam – and it looks like I did. Too funny! The missing letters on that jam label would be (seedless, wild) BLACK (Raspberry) & BLUE (berry). So happy it was a successful surprise.
    But the IBOL shirt tops it all!! Fabulous idea.

  8. Michele Says:

    That is a great shot! It must be wonderful jam. What do you think the total count is by now? Just wondering as the number hasn’t changed for a couple of days. Maybe there’s so much you can’t keep up. That would be great.

  9. Paul Says:

    Two days? No updates? We demand instant gratification!!!

  10. Magpie Sue Says:

    Yes, we’re wondering what the new bundle count is! I imagine that darn day job of yours keeps you pretty busy and we’re trying to be patient but enquiring minds want to know!

  11. Anika Says:

    That is a very scary photo and I trust it will not be used in Smuckerʻs new marketing campaign. … I guess I will know you if I see you: youʻll be the guy with the blue teeth.!

  12. Barbara Fukuchi Says:

    I want to make a donation of materials because I’m 74 yrs old and do not think that I’ll be using them. Please let me know where to send them.

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