SSP3 Revealed!

I added another page to the site, with the description of and initial photos from Super Secret Project 3 — Old Mother Hubbard.

No new bundles in the mail recently. Weather has been bad – have not seen a lot of mail arrive,


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4 Responses to “SSP3 Revealed!”

  1. Robin Says:

    Ooo, I was just wondering yesterday if we’d get to hear the details of what ssp3 was if we weren’t one of the chosen volunteers. Excellent mind reading skills! Also excellent project! I can’t see the last photo (of the excess) but will wait for Flikr to decide it’s available again. Thank you for appeasing my curiosity.

  2. Mary Ann Scanlon Says:

    Art, hope all is well and everyone safe, read about the prison escape in Tikrit and thought of your base of course.

  3. Carol E. Says:

    How many kids are in the orphanage? I belong to a couple of groups that make quilts for kids, and esp for kids in the orphanage. It would be so much fun to send enough quilts for each kid to have one. I’m sure my group(s) would be happy to participate.

  4. IBOL Guy Says:

    Carol, I sent you an email with what I know.

    Mary Ann, don’t worry about me — I’m pretty well safe here. The prison brake was just south of here, though from what I’ve seen in the local papers, it included a bunch of mean people. I am sure, though, that they’ll round them all up.

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