Well, luck would have it that near my office, one of the departing units loaded up their shipping containers and hauled them away. In doing so, they left behind their dunnage .

Which I swooped in and grabbed up yesterday.



See those few boxes? Those are, I think, the last bundles to arrive. Who claims the title of Last One to Arrive? Marion Moise, 3/4 of the world away in Mt. Waverley, Victoria, in Australia.

Dunnage in hand, I made a few phone calls, and late last night, they dropped off a stack of six pallets. Hopefully, in a couple of days, we’ll be in a position to start loading them up.

Stashed dunnage

(I had to hide the dunnage, so it’d be there when the pallets were dropped off)

In the meantime, one last link and a photo.

CSM Flores and I

That’s me and CSM Flores, the guy who owns the warehouse. He gave me a key. No, I don’t go and sleep with the bundles.

And here’s the link. Swan posted some photos from the visit this week by the orphans.


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25 Responses to “Dunnage”

  1. Robin Says:

    Addording to the USPS my boxes aren’t theree yet, so you may still have some on the way. I mailed them on 9/8……….

    I check this site morning and night, it lefts my spirits to see such generosity and ingenuity. And I love to see the bundle count grow!!!

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Well, I’m not sure USPS will ever figure out what has arrived here. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a mechanism for them to get logged in with their HAL9000 USPS computer to acknowledge receipt.

  2. IBOL Guy's CA sister Says:

    If you take the bundles out of their boxes, it will be much more tempting to sleep in the warehouse with them! And, you could justify it by saying that someone needs to 1) guard them, 2) inspect them, 3) test them for softness and usability, or 4) make sure that love in which they were bundled hasn’t escaped. Thank you for continuing to post about this amazing project; I’m definitely addicted to checking the IBOL website multiple times a day to see if there’s anything new.

  3. Millie Says:

    You might want to share your jam with CSM Flores. That is, if you haven’t eaten it all already.

    Thanks for allowing us all to help. It’s fun to watch the bundle count grow.

  4. IBOL's WA sister Says:

    I have to believe there are a lot more to come. Keep an eye on the day things were posted from the us… And keep up the good work. Your boss has cookies en route (mailed Friday) including chocolate chip with macadamias since your lovely wife send me anothe 4 lbs.

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      I dunno. If people really did get stuff into the mail not later than 8 (or so) SEP, stuff really should all have arrived by now.

  5. Deanna Says:

    Some great pics of IBOLs here that I haven’t seen referenced before:

    Love that big ol truck loaded up with IBOLs!

  6. Linda Says:

    Whew!!! Glad the pallets are there and loading can begin. I was afraid I might have to come over there and have a talk with “the big guy” about getting these things distributed. (snicker). You are a good man.

  7. obscure Says:

    Good dunnage sighting! I’d wondered if some sort of midnight MASH-worthy escapade might have been in the works, having recalled my dad’s stories of WWII Army Air Corps acquisitions of needed supplies.

  8. Kevin Lanahan Says:

    Mt. Waverly is 3/4 of the world away. Isn’t that, like, 1/4 of the world away?

  9. Magpie Sue Says:

    Hurray for dunnage! And thanks for the links to the photos of the kids!

  10. SuzAnn Says:

    I agree with your sister in CA about sleeping with the bundles, IBOL Guy! Thanks for keeping this blog updated as it always makes me smile and helps me keep perspective that there is good in the world.

  11. jacquie Says:

    has anyone told you lately how awesome you are? i’m loving checking in here and seeing the magic happen.

  12. laura Says:

    Don’t you have to leave a big, mean, note on them? Like “Property of a Trained Killer. Back off the dunnage, or I sick the quilters on you!”

    You would at my job, where I once scavenged a desk from a closing office, and had it re-scavenged right out from under me when I turned my back for two minutes to call the elevator.

  13. stephanie Says:

    Thanks for the link to the kid’s day! Smiling children and love and peace are such a good combination!
    Even if this project is finished, keep us posted if you come up with a new way for us to help out over there. IBOL lives on!!

  14. danielle Says:

    Just curious – Did you get a final count? I haven’t seen one, so i thought I’d ask 🙂

  15. Karen Says:

    Great work. Really enjoy following the blog and bundle count. Have you got all of the bundles distributed?? If not my DH is on a MTT (Iraq) and has an interest in getting some to the locals in his area. Again, great work!!

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