A picture is worth a thousand words

4-1 BDT IBOL Delivery

That’s folks from 4-1 INF BCT, dropping off IBOL’s and some other humanitarian assistance to one of the small villages not too far from here. At some point, we started to remove address information from the boxes, and moves the bundles in the boxes — much easier to manhandle that way. But yeah, that’s a village-worth of IBOL’s and other HA, all stacked up. And smiles. Lots of smiles.

We built the last 4 pallets tonight, too. We finished after dark. I’ll go back and take pictures again in a couple of days, when my arms have recovered enough to hold a camera. We built 4 x pallets, each with ~266 bundles. You do the math and tell me how many boxes we just carried.

Iowa builds a pallet

I found a special bundle that just had to be shown off. Anyone recognize this one?

Anyone? Anyone?

Signet found her special one, too. Pretty cool.

Special Find for Swan


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13 Responses to “A picture is worth a thousand words”

  1. MsMauri Says:

    If you can’t see any of the pictures, check http://www.flickr.com/photos/abuzavi/ for Art’s photostream on Flickr

    Way to go!! I hope someone explained the IBOL boxes and what these ladies will find in them 🙂 Glad to see deliveries 🙂

  2. kern Says:

    It’s great to see the deliveries. Those kids are so cute!

  3. sygnett Says:

    My arms feel like Jello from carrying boxes… can..t …hard..ly… ty…pe 🙂

  4. melissa Says:

    How great is that! Thanks for getting us pics!

  5. NancyAnne Says:

    Wow – it’s great seeing a delivery picture! And those photos of the pallets – you guys sure did work hard! If there’s any fixings left over from last month, I think you all deserve another IBOL sundae!

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Hmmmm. I’d be willing to look around for something — it is the weekend, and I do have a 14 mile run set for Saturday night. Sygnett & Iowa are still recovering from their attack on a monster box (IBOL size) of homemade cookies my sister sent them; they may not be ready yet!

  6. Jill Olle Says:

    Hey Art,

    Regarding the “wish they were all cookies” comment,
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/abuzavi/3971881546/in/photostream/ . Be careful what you wish for; by the time all of the cookies got there, you’d probably be back in Hawai’i. You know how things snowball when you start wishing … .

  7. Susan Says:

    Let’s see – 266 bundles on each pallet. The bundles I sent weight about 8 LBS each. So, you loaded literally tons of IBOLS. No wonder you are tired!

  8. Magpie Sue Says:

    Awesome! So great to see at least a tiny bit of the distribution.

  9. stephanie Says:

    Couldn’t see the pics here, so went to your photostream. Glad to see the happy faces! Thanks again for letting us do a tiny little bit towards world peace!

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