IBOL Kitteh!

I am slowly trying to catch up on other IBOL related things, now that there are six pallets built, waiting to go. Today, I finally got to the box of cards, notes, and other seemingly-non-edible things that people included in their IBOL boxes.

Cards, photos, notes, and even drawings from kids. All kinds of neat things.

I had thought that the best was going to be the family photos from Edie. But no — the best was literally saved for last. Here’s what Susan sent.

kitteh card

Pretty darn tootin’ cool, I think.


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12 Responses to “IBOL Kitteh!”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Yeah, that is pretty cool. It’s perfect.

  2. obscure Says:

    Meow! Is that a camokitteh?

  3. kmkat Says:

    Camo kittehs rock!

  4. Kathleen Says:

    I love Camo Kitteh

    made my day!

    Glad you’re havin fun, IBOL Guy

  5. lella Says:

    Yay! It’s CamoCat! Excellent! Great job Susan!

  6. Gerrie Says:

    Very cool!

  7. Magpie Sue Says:

    Oh, that’s brilliant! Kudos to Susan!

  8. Susan Says:

    Thanks! Inspiration struck, and this card was the result.

  9. Kristin L Says:

    That is so cute! Camo, “I ❤ IBOL," kitty, patchwork — it's got everything!

  10. Becky Says:

    Suzi makes everything with love, especially kitty stuff. She is the best friend in the world and an artist, too.

  11. stephanie Says:

    So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  12. gail norback Says:

    Just got a THANK YOU note from YOU!!! Thanks for taking the time but I really think we all need to THANK YOU instead!!! 😉 Good job, well done!! Love from Michigan!! Gail Norback

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