Q West

I didn’t think I’d ever post this to the web: 6 pallets have moved from here to a place called Q West, and will make the rest of the trip this weekend, most likely.

I keep waiting for someone to call and, say, ask for a credit card number for all this.

If you’re looking for some more (mis)adventures in Iraq, swing by and see what Sygnett is up to (these days, it’s cookies from my sister, by the looks of it) or where in the world Erin is.


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13 Responses to “Q West”

  1. Sally Says:

    Wow, that’s an achievement! Thanks to you and yours for all you’ve done there. I know you are anxious to get home, so please do it in one piece and please know that there are a LOT of folks back home cheering for you daily.

  2. Sarah in STL Says:

    I love how the excitement keeps building – sure hope you were able to convince someone to snap some pictures!!!

  3. sygnett Says:

    IBOL THE MOVIE! (Ive got too much spare time sometimes!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOPZrS4U2qw

  4. stephanie Says:

    It’s working out!!!! Thanks so much!!!

    PS Kate and Jed made it to Romania with only a few hitches. (One delayed flight set a chain of delays and $$ in motion, but they made it!) She said to tell you hello!

  5. Esther Wiebke Says:

    Hope you are able to give us the name and address of someone who would be willing to pass on bundles and maybe even something for the folks that are working so hard on this. I can see school supplies as something to send both to Iraq and Afghanistan. Seems like possibly there is a need for these too.
    I do hope you are proud of yourself and of all the workers who helped in this – it was really an accomplishment. Perhaps it follows “be careful what you wish for”, lol.

  6. Queen of Procrastination Says:

    Just checking in to see how IBOL is moving along. It was wonderful to be able to send a bundle but it still makes me smile just checking in on your post. Acts of love and kindness can change the world. Stay safe and well. Keeping you and your crew in my prayers. šŸ™‚

  7. Kathleen Says:

    Everybody on this project ROCKS – the people who drew on the boxes, Sew Mama Sew, Sygnett’s video, QuiltdivaJulie, IBOL Kittehs, the shirt people, every single person who sent even one box… I’m not a religious person, but the phrase ‘the least of these’ comes to mind – none of us have a lot of power, but all together we gave gifts of love and kindness to women and children in a far far away land where they live a tough life…. and that is very very good.

    Thanks, IBOL guy – it has been a complete pleasure to be a part of this. Safe travels home to your loved ones. You done good.

  8. Kay in Boston Says:

    Just to let you know that I nominated you to be Person of the Week on the ABC Nightly News. Even if this doesn’t happen, you deserve it. Thanks for letting us be part of this project. Travel safely.

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Oh goodness, Kay! I wouldn’t know what to do if they called!

      And could you imagine the reaction of the Army? Ha!

  9. nikki in virginia Says:

    Hi IBOL Guy,
    Amazing things you have started. Congrats. AND BTW, many thanks for the nice thank you card. That made my head spin. You must be super organized to remember addys….plus where do you find the time? You are awesome.

    I am on the east coast so won’t be able to have coffee this time…so safe travels, hugs to your family and special thanks to your group that made this happen…and continue to happen.

    God Bless You,

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Oh, come on Nikki — I total cheat at all that stuff. Those customs forms? I told the Post Office to make you fill them out, so it’d be easier for me to remember addresses. You thought those forms were actually required? Ha! It was all part of the master plan to write thank you cards.

      OK, so I’m kidding. I did use the forms, those. And no, i did not have time. I think I managed to send a few hundred cards, but nowhere near as many as I had wanted to send. I just plain ran out of time at the end. Ironic, since I am now sitting at the airport working on long-put-off things like capturing the IBOL texts for later use — if I had cards and addresses with me, I’d be writing more of them now.

  10. Anika Says:

    sygnett that is a really need video

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