Tomorrow: IB♥L World Tour Stop in Lake Arrowhead

Stop two on the world tour will be tomorrow, 03 December at 1400 / 2 pm. The Mountain Quilters Cottage has no idea we’re crashing at their place — maybe I will call them in the morning.

Are you in the area? Come and say hello!


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One Response to “Tomorrow: IB♥L World Tour Stop in Lake Arrowhead”

  1. Kitte Phillips Says:

    Sorry for posting this so late but I wanted to make sure this wasn’t bogus. I also wanted to check with Art before I posted this on his blog. He gave me the OK.
    Let’s continue in the spirit of IBOL. Send a card to an American Hero in the service, if you have time. This is a great way to give back this holiday season – by sharing your kind words and thanks with those who have given a great deal to their country.
    The deadline is Dec 7 so there isn’t much time. Here is the address:
    Holiday Mail for Heroes
    PO Box 5456
    Capitol Heights MD 20791-5456.

    Here is the website for further guidelines:

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