IB♥L World Tour Stop in Lake Arrowhead

We had a wonderful visit yesterday in at The Mountain Quilters Cottage in Lake Arrowhead. Kate grabbed her two kids from school, rounded up her mom, and made the drive up the hill to the quilt shop. Unfortunately for me, they arrived before I did, and witnessed me pulling up in my FIL’s Subaru, a small trail of smoke coming out from underneath as if it were threatening to catch on fire (just a leaky power-steering pump, making it more dramatic than dangerous). When we got there, the store itself had no power, but their classroom did, so we rounded up a few chairs and chatted while the kids, well, were kids (and were very well behaved and well mannered, too). We chatted some around the project, about how it all got started, about what’s next and what’s ahead for me and the Army and the world. Never got around to having coffee, and with the power initially out in the store, we never did get around the shopping for fabric.

And, apparently, if I don’t write something lengthy up about IBOL and soon, Kate’s mom is going to poke and prod and push me along until I do!

Oh, and yes — there may be a volunteer in Iraq, willing to do a small project like IBOL. Small. SMALL, folks, small. But it’s a start. More details (here, of course) on that when the time is right.


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5 Responses to “IB♥L World Tour Stop in Lake Arrowhead”

  1. Kate Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for meeting with us yesterday–we had a great time chatting with you. I also realized that I never actually introduced mom (in the bustle of no power and a 5 year old that had to go NOW, if you know what I mean). Her name is Irma, and yep, she just might poke and prod until you have something in print! We are also glad to hear the smoke situation wasn’t too serious… : )

    You have touched so many lives with this project, thank you for putting yourself out there and following through with it. We’ll be watching for the next project, hoping we can put our drop in the bucket, and that together with everyone else’s drops, we can make a difference for someone. “Always leave it better than you found it”–truly words to live by.

    Safe travels and may the rest of your vacation be restful. If you ever come back this direction and need a reason to get out of drywalling, you know where to find us. : )

    Kate, Irma and the kids (and thanks for the kind kid words)

  2. Nancy Anne Says:

    Sounds like the World Tour is wonderful – when is it coming to GA? :0)
    Whoopee!! I knew that someone could be found to run Son of IBOL! Okay, so Son will be small – maybe even a premie. We can deal with that. Can’t wait to hear the deets! PS – If prodding is needed on writing up the whole IBOL experience, there are many of us out here who can man the elbows (or whatever else it takes!). I look forward to reading your end result.

  3. kern Says:

    That’s great news that someone may do a Jr IBOL! Seriously, you folks need to do a tour in the middle of the country, like, I dunno, Texas! Maybe if K shows again next year y’all could come to the Quilt Festival.

  4. Mary Ann Scanlon Says:

    OK, put me on the list for the jr IBOL!

  5. Sewing Supplies Says:

    Glad to hear you had a good time!

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