IB♥L delivery: Salah ad Din

Today, I got some new photos in the mail. It’s from an early December delivery in Salah ad Din, to a women’s sewing co-op. They’ve been trying to get their small business off the ground, so to speak, and the bundles will surely bring welcome additions to their stashes as well.

The man in the picture (I think) is Dhafir A. Abdulkareem Al-Ani, Chairman of the Iraqi Family Organization. It was the Iraqi Family Organization that helped with this delivery — Iraqi relief groups helping Iraqis.

And no, I’ve not been resting on my laurels. In addition to the IB♥L World Tour and some writing while hidden away in the mountains, I’ve also done some running recently. The training that I was starting at just about the same time IB♥L was starting, came to a close this weekend when I ran the 2009 Honolulu Marathon (and did not come apart at the seams, so to speak).

So — does anyone recognize these bundles?


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14 Responses to “IB♥L delivery: Salah ad Din”

  1. Margieinmaryland Says:

    You ALREADY passed the PT test- ya didn’t have to run a marathon- but Congratulations!!

    and thanks for the pictures

  2. terry grant Says:

    Oh, this is so great to see! thanks for the photos.

  3. quiltdivajulie Says:

    Not mine, but OH, how wonderfully wonderful to see bundles opened and explored!

    THANK YOU for sharing these with us… and congrats on the marathon.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    not my bundle either, but amazing to see the women with their goodies. i love the big smiles on their faces – being able to help others and share our stashes is heartwarming.

    oh! and i got to present one of my QOVs 2 weeks ago in washington, d.c. for the first time! talk about an emotional evening for everyone. amazing experience though.

  5. Marge Says:

    Great to see the IBOL’s are still being delivered, and even nicer to see the reception they are getting. I can only imagine one of those is mine, and be happy that you helped me help someone else enjoy them!
    Thanks again and again
    Delaware Quilts

  6. ErikaJean Says:

    This is so awesome to see! Thanks for sharing!

  7. obscure Says:

    Thank you! I didn’t expect to see many photos of women receiving bundles, as a lot of them would not want to be photographed. It is a thrill to see these lovely women and that cute little girl who will be able to use these gifts. And it is wonderful that Iraqi’s can help each other in these times.

  8. Michele Says:

    I don’t recognize them but how blessed we are to see these being delivered to their new owners. What wastaking up space in our closets and drawers can make a difference in nthe lives of these women. You can also donate sewing machines and give money for micro loans at World vision. It helps the women to start their own businesses to support their families.

  9. Kathleen Says:

    What great photos! Out of the blue I thought “let’s check the IBOL website” – and there were the photos… makes me feel so good about the message that went along with the boxes…

    Glad you’re doing well, IBOL guy!

  10. Gwen Campbell Says:

    Thanks so much for the pictures! 🙂

  11. stephanie Says:

    Hi! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! The photos are so good to see!! Thanks so much.

    May we continue to build peace in the world, in all the little ways we reach out to others!

  12. Magpie Sue Says:

    I’m glad I checked back here on a whim. What great pictures! It looks like Christmas! How lucky we are to be able to see just a few of the recipients of our bundles of love.

  13. laura Says:

    cool! thanks!

  14. Yes, IBOL could be a complete scam « Iraqi Bundles of Love Says:

    […] a lot of other websites linking to IBOL, with a lot of people talking about it.  There are some photos of what appears to be bundles being delivered, or bundles that appear to be someplace that might be […]

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