They gave me a shoe

A long, long time ago, I did the JDRF-Hawaii here in Honolulu, to help raise funds to support research for a cure for juvenile diabetes.  I mentioned here that I was doing this, and mentioned that I thought it would be neat to shoot for a goal of raising $3445 — since it is, after all, a rather magical number.

And as I mentioned, with your help, I helped raise over $1000 as part of Team Taylor — I say part, because Team Taylor ultimately raised over $14,000, making it the leading fund raising team this year.

The wife and kids and I had a great time preparing for and doing the walk, and have been looking forward to next year and a chance to do it again.  But we thought we’d closed that chapter.

Until the JDRF came calling.  They scheduled an awards dinner for this past Friday night, and Team Taylor was going to be honored.  Would be like to join some of the team for the dinner?  Of course.  And to my surprise, they gave me a shoe — a glass sneaker award for having helped raise over $1000.

I was bowled over.  I was excited just to hang out with some of the team, and to enjoy a nice meal, but an award?  Wow.

So, thank you.  Thank you for helping me – again – and thank you for supporting JDRF.

I doubt I’ll do anything like this again any time soon.  But lots of others are.  I considered trying to raise funds for the Fischer House next week, when I do the Great Aloha Run, but realized that I was really behind the power curve (I’m still running, though).  Clay is chasing her dream of completing a triathlon, and raising funds for the fight against AIDS, which I think is awesome.  My awesome brother is doing the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, and is working hard to prepare for it.  I’m doing some work, I think, for the April fundraiser / foodraiser for the Hawaii Food Bank, in an effort to keep acting local.

And I suspect that many of you are also doing things — locally and maybe not so locally.  Please share; after IBOL, I’d love to hear how else you are working to help others.  It does me good to hear these things from time to time, too.


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10 Responses to “They gave me a shoe”

  1. Megan Von Behren Says:

    Hi IBOL Guy! I just had a clothes swap party/fundraiser yesterday. We collected $200 for Partners in Health’s Haiti efforts, 12 Campbell Soup labels for Crossnore School ( to redeem for education equipment through Campbell’s Labels for Education program, and a whole bunch of clothes for Dress for Success ( and the Crossnore School thrift store. It was a multi-pronged fundraiser! Plus a bunch girls got together and traded clothes! What fun! Keep fighting the good fight – you’re quite an inspiration!

  2. Marge Says:

    I’ve done Relay For Life for the last 12 years. It’s my way of fighting back against cancer after losing several friends that way. Last year my team raised over $10,000 and we are half way there already this year. This is one fight we have to win!

  3. Kit Says:

    Congratulations! I’m glad you were honored. 🙂 Great work on the fundraiser!

    Actually I’ve been meaning to let you know that I finally blogged our IBOL contributions, and IBOL sundaes. The post also mentions other charitable crafting opportunities, including a scarf I just completed for charity.

  4. Gwen Campbell Says:

    While I do participate in fund raisers and we have almost a dozen sponsored children through Child Fund and I contribute to microloans for small businesses in third world countries through – the things that I enjoy most involve making a face-to-face connection with individuals. For years I did adult literacy tutoring, and at the moment I am volunteering in an English-as-a-Second-Language class. I just like getting to know people and making friends and watching them grow and succeed. 🙂

  5. MaryAnn Says:

    Well deserved IBOL guy! So I have been adding contributions to Marge’s totals for Relay and tomorrow I am sewing with a group of friends, making pillowcases in the American Patchwork and Quilting Million pillowcase challenge. They will go to children’s groups across the country. Thaks for letting us know how things are going.

  6. SuzAnn Says:

    Hey IBOL Guy! Congrats on the award. I joined Soldier’s in my need to continue on in the IBOL tradition or maybe it’s the thrill of getting “free mail” 🙂 Anyway, I write to 8 soldiers every week and join in special projects like Operation Overseas Mardi Gras and Blankets of Hope.

    I also still am a supporter of Operation Write (formerly Cards for Heroes) which is how I found you in the beginning.

    My sister, the school teacher, has incorporated IBOL into her curriculum along with Gandhi and Greg Mortenson’s “Three Cups of Tea.” They were amazed to learn that such things like IBOL “just happened, like last year!” Your example continues to impact lives. Thank you!

  7. stephanie Says:

    congrats on being honored!
    There are so many ways we can help make it a wonderful life!! I’m working on quilts for American Hero Quilts, and I’m making a quilt that was auctioned off to help raise money to provide Christmas gifts-we raised enough money at the service auction to get gifts for 42 people in need.
    One of the things we’ve been doing for years is to make cash donations each month to causes we support. We have catagories like environment, animals, health, etc. One category is “friend’s causes”- so we can support things they do, like walkathons, etc.

  8. IBOL Guy Says:

    Teaching students and including IBOL. Whoa.

  9. lisa Says:

    I have more pictures and more pictures to come!! BE EXCITED!!!

  10. IBOL Guy Says:

    Standing by, Swan, standing by!

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