How do I know this is taking off again?
1.  I am getting traffic from some place called ravelry.com;
2. Guys are leaving comments, asking for the address;
3.  I’m actually recognizing both people’s names and their email addresses, from last year;  and
4. We had almost 1000 web hits on 25 AUG.
Not bad, for day two.
Remember last time, when I put out the challenge for a fabric store to come forward with bundles for sale, at or just above cost? Sew Mama Sew! stepped up and did just that — with some totally amazing results (love you, Sew Mama Sew!)
This time, we need that for thread.  We need it for fabric and yarn, too, but thread would be totally awesome.  Anybody know someone that can either put me in touch with, or that they can drag into this?  Surely there are small business owners out there, willing to Give A Little, right?

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25 Responses to “IBOL II: Day II”

  1. Lynne Says:

    OK! I’m in again! Send me the address.

  2. Sue Reno Says:

    I’m in again also, sign me up!

  3. Edwina Murray Says:

    Please send me the address. Our guild is able to fill a couple boxes. We can concentrate on thread this month. We are always willing and happy to help out anybody. Not a lot of people but a lot of heart in Eerea, Ohio

  4. jennifer Says:

    i’ve only purchased from them…. but they sell a LOT of thread and have their own line of thread… maybe you can contact connecting threads? http://www.connectingthreads.com

  5. Victoria Says:

    Sign me up! I want to send a knitting package (and, yes, I heard about this on Ravelry).

  6. Terry Grant Says:

    Well, you knew I’d be in again, didn’t you!? Send me the address.

  7. Alicia Says:

    I’m in again as well..need the address please.

  8. Kit Says:

    I need the address please, as well- I’m sure I can get a bundle together, and I’ll bring it up with my crafting group again. 🙂

  9. Wendy Says:

    This is something I want to do…..please send me the addy. Thanks for organizing this great event.

  10. Laura McD Says:

    If you’ll send me the mailing address, I’ll contribute! Elegant idea, dude, delighted to support you in this.

  11. Darcene Says:

    For thread you might try Superior threads in St. George, UT…they seem to be very good people and you might get some help from them with this…

  12. Dee C. Says:

    I can send a box or 2 filled with fabric goodies. Just let me know where to mail it..:)

  13. Nancy Anne Says:

    I just knew we’d see IBOL II someday! Please send the address, Art, I’m going to pull from stash this weekend – and I’m passing on the news! BTW – glad to hear that you are doing this one remotely and that you are not back in Iraq.

  14. Kristin Says:

    What kind of thread?

  15. Darcene Says:

    I have eight boxes ready to go this week and I am sure that I can come up with another four to six before the due date……THANK YOU ART….people who will stand up and try to change the world for the better are the best…..Thank you for all that you are doing to make this work.

  16. Ann Plischke Says:

    Where do I get the APO address?


  17. Jack Says:

    I used Sew Mama Sew last year, hope you find a source this year. We’re proud of what you’re doing IBOL guy!

  18. DrMauri Collins Says:

    Hmmm..thread….just so happens I acquired 3 large boxes of cones of various colors of serger thread in an auction recently – I thought at the time that it was a several lifetimes supply….I doubt that there are four cones the same, but one at a time they will run through an ordinary sewing machine … pity they won’t space bag very well…

  19. Amy Artisan Says:

    Count me in, once again! I’ve also queued up the rest of my crafty family to build boxes.

  20. stephanie allgood Says:

    I’ll make sure to spread the word to my quilt group-we’re small but mighty! 😀

  21. Terri Stegmiller Says:

    I want to participate please.

  22. Deborah Says:

    I somehow never got around to participating last time. Thank you so much for doing this again! (And thanks to BlackBunny on ravelry.com for bringing the project to the attention of Knitters for Obama!)

    My nephew just shipped out to Iraq last month–I like to think that there’s some little tiny something I can do to make things better there.

  23. Becky Heye Says:

    I need the address

  24. Leslie Says:

    Please send me the address

  25. Julie G Says:

    Please send me the mailing address for IBOL II. My quilt group has been collecting items and we are meeting on Thursday morning to bundle and then go to the post office (I know! The last possible moment….).
    Thank you!
    Julie G

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