Am I caught up?

I think I have responded to everyone up to this very moment.  If you’re still waiting on me, well, try it again — leave me a comment, tell me you fell through the cracks, include your email address, and I’ll make things right.



19 Responses to “Am I caught up?”

  1. IBOL Guy Says:

    Uh, oh. Who knows Lynn Eccleston? My email to her bounced back as undeliverable.

  2. gerrie Says:

    I need the address, IBOL guy!!

  3. Arabella Says:

    I have just be cleaning/reorganizing my sewing room and this would be a great way to help me part with some fabric, that although lovely I will never use.

  4. Patricia Gaignat Says:

    My box is all ready to go! I need an address.

  5. Valerie Wagner Says:

    Count me in! I need the address too. Enjoy your time in Hawaii – we just returned from there.

  6. Anne Wilkins Says:

    You asked for “heavy” fabric. Would home dec [the type that is used for sofas and chairs] be ok? They are bright colors – mostly florals and solid looking fabrics. This is great – I’m going to clean out even more fabric from my stash!!

  7. Java Jane Says:

    Back in business? I have no idea what prompted me to check your website. Must be IBOL vibes floating in the universe.

    Thrilled to participate again. Please send me the APO.


  8. Rita E Says:

    Please send me mailing address…found you thru Selvate Blog. Besides cotton fabric, what other supplies can be sent? This is awesome!

  9. CarolE Says:

    I missed out last time around — please send me the APO!

  10. Jeanne Cushway Says:

    What a wonderful project! I learned of IBOL at our (small) guild meeting last week. My bundle is packed and ready for mailing Tuesday. Thank you for all your efforts and allowing so many of us to participate in this great project.

  11. Jackie Dent Says:

    So excited you are doing this again! Please send the new APO address when you get a chance.

  12. Cheryl Smith Says:

    Cool–missed this last year. Lots of extra fabric and yarn around here to share. Would appreciate the address, and I’ll try to spread the word where I can!

  13. Christine Says:

    IBOL! This is the first I’ve heard of your cause. Already have boxes in my office so I’m grabbing one now. Just send me the APO, so I know where to get my box off to!

  14. Nancy S Says:

    Sending out my IBOL boxes last year was a highlight in an otherwise dismal summer. This summer has been great, but getting the APO address from you so I could send out more boxes would make it even better!

    Thank you for making it possible to share the things we love with Iraqi women who would love to have them. And letting the Iraqi women know that they are not forgotten.

  15. Nikki Rainey Says:

    I want to take part in this great project. Can you send me the address to mail my box.

  16. Nancy Anne Says:

    My box went out in the mail this morning, Art. I hope that we will get some pictures! Thanks again for the IBOL rerun!!

  17. Kathleen Murphy Says:

    Hi Art! I want to send a box again. It was such fun last year and my husband Kevin enjoyed his bowl of ice cream for you!

  18. h. Says:

    Please send me the address. I did it last year, and I want to do it again!

  19. Pandy Says:

    Please send me the address. I sent 3 boxes last year and can do that again this year.

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