IB♥L II: The Flier

You asked, I delivered.

Here is the link to a two-page flier I have made, for IBOL II.  If you need something to print out and hand out at guild meetings, sewing bees, dinners with the in-laws, I hope this will suffice.

If not, let me know.  With the embedded photos, it’s a whopping 22mb — which seems like a lot.  Do I need to make that smaller?  At that size, you’re certainly not going to email it to anyone (but then again, it’s easier to just point people to the website).


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6 Responses to “IB♥L II: The Flier”

  1. Ila K. Says:

    Yay! I just remembered I had not asked for this year’s address.

  2. Heidi Says:

    Awesome! My friend dropped off enough to make another box, so two will be in the mail this week!

  3. Patricia Black Says:

    What is the address to send the boxes to?

  4. Cathy Winter Says:

    I mailed two (or was it three?) boxes last year — and need to clean out more this year, so can easily fill a few boxes …

    I’d love to print up the flyer you made too, to distribute to fellow quilters & fiber artists …. but I am unable to open itl Can you help???

  5. Michele McCullough Says:

    Art, just caught this on FB. Send me the address. glad to see this going again.

  6. Frances Alford Says:

    I cant find my address. Could you send it again?

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