That’s a biggun

I get a lot of emails about IBOL.  Sometimes, it’s small talk.  Sometimes, it’s about loved ones who are deployed.  Sometimes, it’s about things like what to use as a phone number on the customs form (for which there is no good answer, by the way).

Today, I got an email that started, “I sent out a 37 lbs package today….”

A 37 pound bundle of love.  Wow.  That’s one heavy bundle!

I also had a wonderful comment, when someone said that started by figuring out what they’d want to receive as a starter kit, and then going into their stash and digging out those kinds of things.  That just struck me as being awesome — making the kind of bundle you wished you were receiving.

So, keep ’em coming.  I am fairly sure I am all caught up on comments and sending out the address, as of…. right this second.  If I wait 3 minutes, there will be another comment, for sure.


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16 Responses to “That’s a biggun”

  1. jennifer Says:

    wow!!! 37 lbs of sewing goodness! that is a great bundle for someone to receive.

    mine is half packed so far. mostly 1 yd and 2 yd cuts of fabrics – lots of solids, a few quilt squares to get them started on a blanket, buttons and thread.

  2. Isabel Says:

    Please send me the address. Thank you!

  3. Linda in TX Says:

    Okay! Glad to see you’re out there again! We did this last year – this year I’ve got yarn yarn yarn to send. Can I please have the mailing address? Have already started to pack stuff up. Thanks again for doing this!

  4. elly Says:

    Please send me the address too! Along with any pertinent information please!!

  5. Amy Says:

    What a wonderful project! Please send me the address, and thanks for doing this!

  6. LynnDel Says:

    Please send me the address!

  7. Susan Says:

    Wonderful project! I’d love to send something, too. Please forward the address to me.

  8. Cathy Hooley Says:

    please send the address again – my package is ready to go but I lost the address – jeesh – thanks!

  9. Maura Says:

    I need the address, please. 🙂

    37 lbs! Now I have a goal to shoot for. I have some fleece that really belongs in Iraq, though, so I might not quite make it to 37.

  10. Nancy Anne Says:

    LOL – I love reading the replies to each of your posts. “Please send me the address” is about the only comment you are getting nowadays. Yay for you, Art! Any new pix yet? A new box count, perhaps? Maybe I’m nagging too much? :o) I think I might have to troll through the stash and see if I can pack up another box or two…

  11. Elaine Says:

    Please send this year’s address. It was a lot of fun last year!

    What’s this about thread? Is this a special need or what?

  12. Janet Says:

    I own a small quilt shop in Clarksburg, WV and want to get some of my customers involved in this.

    Please send me the address for IBOL 2.

    Thanks so much.

  13. Colleen Kole Says:

    Please send me the address. Thanks for doing this.

  14. Minh Says:

    I would love to participate again this year, could I please get the address?

    Thanks a lot!

  15. Jeanne Says:

    I’d love to participate — please send me the address for IBOL 2 – thanks!

  16. Patricia Clements Says:

    I sent seven boxes last year, this year I have three to send. Could you please send me the address?

    Thank you,
    Patricia Clements

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