Photos from last winter

One visitor has asked me why there aren’t photos of the end state – photos of the things being actually made with all the materials being made.

Well, I have a couple that I got from Nahed recently.  Here is the link.

Why there aren’t more is a bit complicated.  Part of it is that the original design of IBOL, intended to be during Ramadan last year, was to enable the Iraqi security forces – we put the bundles into their hands, and they delivered them (though sometimes with US Forces along at the same time — sometimes).  It’s my understand that it’s culturally acceptable during Ramadan to show such generosity — which is why I think delivery went so well.

Following up afterwards, though, then becomes more difficult.  I never designed any sort of mechanism for that.  IBOL was about empowering and generosity, not reporting and metrics.  I never asked anyone to file some report, to follow up on anything.  In fact, I’m not sure how I’d be able to do that, even if I wanted.

But, there are a few photos.  Take a peek.



15 Responses to “Photos from last winter”

  1. Maryann McEvoy Says:

    Thanks for the pictures. It’s a nice feeling to make someone happy. Love the clothes they made too.

  2. stephanie Says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos! It completes the circle.

  3. Lisa Quintana Says:

    Thanks for sharing these. Being able to see people enjoy our gifts makes it even more special. I know that the joy is supposed to be in the giving (and it is); it’s like opening birthday presents. It is so much more fun if you can actually see the recipient. Even these shots, while just a small sample, makes it more wonderful. I appreciate all the effort you and everyone else on IBOL (eye-ball….you really have a sense of humor…as if we didn’t know that before…).

  4. quiltdivajulie Says:

    I wasn’t worried about seeing “finish” or “end” photos … but it is nice to see some! Smiles are indeed universal.

  5. meganvonbehren Says:

    Reporting and metrics, that sounds suspiciously like work. Let’s just keep this fun instead! Thanks for the photos, those were awesome.

  6. Elizabeth de Sousa Pinto Says:

    What a great project! I would love to help. Can you send me the APO?

  7. bluesews Says:

    Hi Guy! Would appreciate the address. I’m late to this year’s party, though will have at least one box ready before the 1st. Great to see the encore of a wonderful, worthwhile project! ;P In stitches, Blue

  8. Sherra Says:

    love this! I have tons of fabric and sewing supplies from my old business I would like to send. Please send me the address and I will start packing!

  9. lella Says:

    please send me the address to send the box to? I am packing it this Sunday. Thank you so much for doing this! I’m a quilter and have a fairly good stash. What other fabrics besides quilt cottons, and what other items are acceptable? I am sending threads and needles and pins as well.

  10. Hanna Says:

    I would like to participate- I´m based in Germany though. I think a parcel to the US would take about two weeks. !s that already to late? If not, please send me the address!
    Thanks a lot, also for the great work you do,

  11. Claudia Says:

    I would like to participate again this year. I have everything all ready, now , I just need the address to send them off to. Thanks for doing this, it is a different way of reaching out to the people there directly, and I think it matters a great deal.

  12. Jackie Watson Says:

    Please send me your address so I can take part again this year. Thanks!!!

  13. D Says:

    I liberated a fabric stash sight unseen from a friend last year. There was quite a bit that was…not to my taste (yards and yards of peach satin, anyone?)

    I’ve been holding it and holding it, waiting for the right opportunity to get rid of it in a way that will be appreciated.

    Please send me the APO address so I can run down to the post office on Monday and put some boxes together!

  14. Laura Says:

    What a fantastic project! I’d love to participate–where do I send the box?


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