Organization of Iraqi Family /OIF

The Organization of Iraqi Family (OIF) came by to pick up some bundles — 78 bundles in all.  Nahed thinks she’ll have some photos back from them later this week.

01 October is fast approaching — is there anyone else you need to tell about IBOL, before the clock runs out and IBOL II comes to a close?

[UPDATE:  Photos are starting to trickle in via email!]


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20 Responses to “Organization of Iraqi Family /OIF”

  1. Mary ann Says:

    So I pulled together the bundle today and went to put on the address and of course I can’t find it. Sorry but do you mind emailing me again.
    I am mascanlon49 (at) hotmail (dot) com


  2. meganvonbehren Says:

    So sorry to bother you, I have misplaced the mailing address you sent me. But I have my box packed and ready to go to the P.O. today. Would you mind sending it to me again? Thank you! Thanks!

  3. V Sasaki Says:

    Hi! Could you plese send me the address to send this to? Thanks for facilitating this project!

  4. Becky Says:

    I just hope my boxes get there quickly! Poor Hubby took ’em to the Post Office for me and had to deal with the Customs Forms. I was gonna take ’em but he insisted. He might not insist again 😉

  5. quiltdivajulie Says:

    Shipped three today … whew, made it by the deadline!

  6. Felice Swalla Says:

    I still do not have the address. Where do I send my 2 packages? It is now 10:40 AM in Florida, and I could mail them today.

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Felice, please check your email. I have sent to you all of the details – to include the APO address. Sorry for the delay in getting this to you — your emails arrived while I was asleep (I am in Hawaii right now). You should not have everything you need to prepare and ship your bundles.

  7. Ann in California Says:

    Hi IBOL wonderful folks! So glad to catch this next bundle project. I have my bundle almost ready, but need the address.

    Thank you, again, for doing this. It is a win-win for all.

  8. Kris Says:

    Can you send me the address? Does everything have to arrive by 10/1/2010 or be mailed by then? Can we tuck little goodies in the package like cookies or candy?

  9. patsijean Says:

    Dear IBOL guy,
    I hate to bother you, but I left a comment earlier and have yet to receive the shipping address. I got a great deal of pleasure last year’s participation in IBOL and decided to see what I had in my stash this year. More treasures–three bundles worth. Each bundle consists of at least 5 yards of fabric, 5 zippers, thread, a pack of machine needles, 3 yards each of two sizes of elastic, velcro, buttons, interfacing, pencils, safety pins and a little post-it-note pad; shopping the stash can be such fun. I may start to stock up early for next year. I so want to participate in IBOL this year and have only two days left. Could you e-mail me as soon as you are able? Thank you for this opportunity.


    I am a Kiva member also with 20 loans under my belt.

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Oh no! Hw did that happen???? I just sent to you a long note with all the details — there’s still plenty of time.

  10. Mary from California Says:

    I just found out about this – please send me your address and I will try to get this together in the next 2 days. Thanks for your kindness to these Iraqis.

  11. Kelly Says:

    Would like to chat about your project. Please email kelly.sarles at

  12. Wendy in Texas Says:

    Hey IBOL Guy! Just got back from the post office & mailed off 2 boxes. What a fantastic thing you’ve arranged. It’s one thing to think of a great idea, quite another thing to hit the ground running and keep it up till you’ve got thru all the red tape. And you have done it twice. Will we have to wait til next Ramadan until IBOL3? I must say, sir, YOU merit ice cream! BZ

  13. obscure Says:

    IBOL in the mail–WHEW! So lovely of Nahed to send photos. I’m already looking forward to next year.

  14. Betty Jones Says:

    I sent 4 boxes this week – impressed the post office crew!
    We appreciate what you are doing and that we can help.
    Keep us in the loop for ways we can help in the future.

  15. Rebecca Says:

    Thank you for organizing this project! I have much to send!
    Will you please send me the address?
    Thank you!

  16. Beverly Says:

    Hi–what a fantastic project! I’m a little late getting word of this. Am I too late to send a package to you today? If I can still get in on this, please let me know and send me an address and I’ll send today. Good on you for this good work.

  17. Wendy Says:

    This is a wonderful project to help the Iraqui people and a simple way to say we love you to the nation.

    You are a blessing to have organized this outreach.

    God bless you,

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