More on the box count, distro, and Houston

Busy time here in IBOL land.  Let’s review the bidding.

1.  The box count totaled out at around 900 — which, i have to say, is pretty darn-tootin’ awesome.  I’ll let you in on a little secret — moving by hand all those boxes in IBOL I just about broke me, and I was worried IBOL II would be the death of Nahed.  But she sent me a nice note (more on that in a second) and said that yes, the boxes have all arrived, and that it came to around 900 boxes.  I gotta say — that’s a very fine and respectable number.

2.  Thank you.  I think I’ve said it a few times this time around, but let me say that again.  Thank you.  I’m squirreled away in my quiet life in Hawaii, Nahed is busy making the world a better place in Hawaii, but you –all of you — are what has made this go-round of IBOL such a huge success.  Thank you for your caring, for your generosity, for your willingness to (gasp!) bust your stash in order to reach out and help others.

3.  And Nahed, if you’re reading this, let me again say, oh so very publicly, that you are my hero.  You have made my year.  I had thought IBOL was going to be a one-time hero, but you said you were game and that you could pull it off, and you sure have.

4.  Distro is still ongoing.  I’ve got some photos that Nahed sent, and a wee-bit of background to go with them.

In the middle there, I think, is Ms. Alcy Frelick, the head of the Office of Provincial Affairs at the US Embassy in Baghdad.  She was up in Salah ad Din, visiting the Provincial Reconstruction Team (where Nahed works) and had time to see some of the great things the PRT has been doing — and to visit a local sewing coop, where everyone regaled her with tales of IBOL.

I just love that, the world over, everyone makes cute clothes for kids.  And that red one on the bottom?  It could almost be a Happy Zombie special!

I think I mentioned this before — one of the local radio stations, just north of Tikrit and near the city of Bayji, has a radio station that is both active in the community and active in a lot of women’s issues.  The station was, and I think still is, run by a woman from the area, and she has been a strong supporter of IBOL in the area.  In conjunction with the visit from Ms. Frelick, the station came down to do some interviews as well.  How cool is that?

Do you see yours in here?  Someone will, I’m sure.  These are another example of why I love, love, love the bundle design — a snip here, a snip there, the box comes off, and poof, a bundle of love.  Awesome.

OK, so it’s a little out of focus.  But look — look at the all the thread!  Yahoo!

5.  And Houston.  OK, folks — in a week, the family and I head to the airport and fly across the Pacific and half of America, to meet all of you in Houston at the International Quilt Festival.  Shoot, the excitement is just about going to kill me — or drive me to song.  We’ve got some new threads, a handy-dandy new iPhone so we can take and post photos and videos, and yes, 1000 IBOL business cards to hand out.  Egads — I am sooooo going to be out of my element.  But, I will do my best, and I promise to be nice and police and courteous, and if that fails, to hide behind my kids and made their cuteness will you all over.  I’ll try to make some time to post some of the photos here, but if you want to see it while it happens (and yes, I’ll try to remind you again right before this all kicks off), I’ll be posted a whole lot to Facebook at the little IBOL corner of the world there.  So, grab you family, grab your camera, grab your IBOL shirt, and come meet us in Houston!


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16 Responses to “More on the box count, distro, and Houston”

  1. obscure Says:

    Thank you for the update–glad I got my 2010 IBOL sent. I’m so happy to see the attention IBOL is receiving. Nahed ROCKS!

  2. Sally Says:

    Wonderful! I am so glad the boxes all made it there. Didn’t see any of the boxes I sent, but I know they are out there being put to good use. Nahed thank you for giving us this opportunity to share with the women of Iraq.

    Are we game for next year?

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      That’s going to be tougher — the PRT’s are falling back to Baghdad and the embassy, and there just aren’t going to be a lot of Soldiers. I, though, will be one of them, so…. maybe.

  3. fallingforpieces Says:

    Thanks for the update! So glad to see the women enjoying the boxes. Hope there will be another round!

  4. Mary ann Says:

    I did see my bundle it! Its the green one in the righthand corner of the first photo! I can’t go to Houston but have challenged Monica aka the Happy Zombie to find you on the floor and send back photos! And a huge thanks to Nahed for all her work and commitment to the women of Iraq.

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      I *knew* someone would spot theirs! Whoooohoooo! And the HZ is going to be at Houston? Hot digity — she’s good people.

  5. Mary ann Says:

    So does your comment in response to Sally mean you’re headed back to Iraq?

  6. guinevere Says:

    Ooh ooh ooh – I see mine, fourth pic right above where you ask “Do you see yours in here?” It’s the brown fabric, I just loved it, and I was so pleased to find the coordinating ribbon it’s tied with! The stuff to the right was inside it.
    What a thrill, to see my carefully chosen things safely arrived and ready for Iraqi women! Yippee! 🙂
    Thanks for organizing another chance to share our abundance with those in need. Thanks to Nahed too!!
    Glad you can share Thanksgiving with your family. You and yours will be in my prayers.

  7. Diane Young Says:

    Hallelujah! Methinks I see my bundle there! Same photo as quinevere’s.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity!

  8. happy zombie Says:

    Holy schmokes… I have some SERIOUS catching up to do here! Wow! This post is bringing tears to my eyes, Art!

    So Mary Ann tells me you’re going to market, and she challenged me to find you. Another visitor commented on my blog that she wants me to find a cowboy in chaps. Maybe you can dress up and I can do a two for one for me? J/K. No I wasn’t… I’m serious.

    Kidding aside… I look so forward to meeting you. AND CATCHING UP (I’ve been under a rock) on all the wondrous wonderfulness of IBOL goings on here at your blog!

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      Oh, HZ — you crack me up. Yes, you have been hiding under a rock.

      K and the kids and I will be at Houston — look for us, for sure. I’ve got some fancy IBOL threads to sport, K has a new iPhone, and with katja along, we have the cute kid thing covered, too. No cowboy hat, though.

  9. Nancy Anne Says:

    Oh, wow! I’m so glad to see that IBOL II has done so well! I never did see my box, but I know it must be in the hands of a woman who is sewing madly, and that makes me very, very happy. Thanks, Art, for giving us this outlet – and this way to do a very little paring of our stash. I wish I was going to be in Houston, but I know I’ll see lots of pictures all over the quilty web, so I’ll be content with that. I’m looking forward to whatever adventure you dream up for us next! You are the greatest!! :o)

  10. Nancy Anne Says:

    Oh! I’m an awful person – where are my manners?! Nahed – Thank you so much for being the person on the receiving end of all of those boxes and for your willingness to help make IBOL II such a success!

  11. Mary ann Says:

    Back to Iraq and away from home for Christmas. What an amazing family you are and thank you for sharing the journey with all of us! All your devoted followers will have you in our thoughts and prayers along with everyone who serves.

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