IBOL 3D and Veterans Day

I posted a new video, but I thought I should find the words to better capture some of the things that have been bumping around in my head.

1.  IBOL 3D will likely happen, and it’ll likely happen in August 2011.  That is, delivery will likely happen then, during Ramadan, though boxes would go into the mail much earlier (maybe mid May).  The trip to Houston, I think, is what made me realize that it needs to be done.

2.  There are some things that will need to be different this time around.  And it’s not you, it’s me (I love saying that).  I need to change some of the behind-the-scenes stuff.  Like, I think I have to bring the Army onboard.  I may need to get the Dept of State onboard.  I need to scope out, from you through delivery, how I would like to see boxes flow (and know that things will change).  It’s stuff like that.  Don’t worry — thinking about these things is why I get paid the big bucks.

3. 3,445 boxes won’t do.  Start thinking about 10k.  If you think pennies, you’ll get pennies.  if you think dollars, you’ll get dollars.

4.  IBOL I and II were done rapidly.  There wasn’t a lot of time between the decision to go, and when stuff was all in the mail.  Not so with IBOL 3D, I think.  There appear to be a few months between now and then.  Great — let’s do some things together.  Both IBOL and Ramadan, I think, are about both introspective reflection and growth, with a splash of do-good thrown in for good measure.  Let’s use these comings months to try to do some additional, small things that are good.

5.  Challenge #1:  The $26 Challenge.  Go to the desk, and get an envelope and a pen.  Go get your wallet, and get out a single $1 bill.  Put it in that envelope, turn the envelope over, and with the pen, write “The $26 Challenge” on the envelope. Put it back in your purse.  Together, we’ll do this every week (I’ll post reminders, too).  In the end, we’ll have maybe $26 to $30 in the envelope — not a lot, but we can talk later about good things to do with that money.  I doubt too many of you will miss $1 a week, but there’s a lot to be said for small, incremental things making life just a little bit better.

6.  There are going to be other challenges like this.  One, for example, is going to be the $50 challenge.  But we’ll talk about those later.  We’ll pace ourselves, start with things in our comfort zone, and then push into areas of less comfort.  We’re making the world a better place, and maybe making ourselves just a squeech better, too.

7.  And don’t start laughing, but I had emails back today from two magazines interested in doing features on IBOL and a possible IBOL 3D.  I guess I’ll need to get a haircut or something.  If all goes well, there will be more of these.  Who wants to help?  Who is willing to field some questions about IBOL – about participating, about how you feel about it, stuff like that?  I expect they’ll get bored of me real fast.  😉

And lastly, tomorrow is Veterans Day.  I wanted to take the time to say thank you — thank you to all of you who are in the service right now, or who were (and there are a bunch of you!).  And thank you to all of you who are married into the service, or have sons or daughters, moms or dads or cousins or boyfriends or girlfriends in the service.  Thank you for all that you do.  It can be so very hard to have to step away from things, when called into the service of the nation and perhaps even sent off into harm’s way.  There is a huge importance in raising kids, in being a husband or wife, of being part of a family and society that just gets put on hold if not put aside at such times.  And that is a huge set of burdens that fall to all of you.  So, thank you.  Thank you for all that you have done, you do do, and you will continue to do.



17 Responses to “IBOL 3D and Veterans Day”

  1. Fitzy Says:

    Rock on Art. My envelope has $1.

    PS, you’ve got my contact info, you can utilize any resources I might have to offer…any time.

  2. Maryann McEvoy Says:

    The new ideas sound interesting. The dollar a week is a great way to painlessly raise funds. Keep me informed. Also, I’d be happy to talk to someone from a magazine or even write a few lines.
    IBOL3 here we come.

    You are doing a wonderful job! I salute you on this Veteran’s Day 2010.

  3. jennifer Says:

    i’m in for IBOL 3D as well. you’ve got my info…and i’m willing to offer up questions and/or answers also.

    and… THANK YOU for your service. not just what you’ve done here with IBOL, but for your time in the army and for our country.

  4. Nancy Anne Says:

    A Happy Veteran’s Day to you, Art, and thank you for all you have done and continue to do for all of us. If you need another person to offer answers to questions, I’m in. I’m in on the $1 deal, too. But I’d really like to see a picture of that purse you are going to tuck your envelope into! 😉

  5. Janet Says:

    You’re the coolest guy on earth. Thanks and Happy Veteran’s Day to you. Thank you for all of your sacrifices and thanks for IBOL. I started the $26 challenge today. Great idea.

  6. Bev Holdren Says:

    Thanks for always thinking of ways to pay it forward by the kindness of sharing with others. Count me in and God Bless you for all your efforts.

  7. Heidi Says:

    Happy Veteran’s Day Art. Thank you for all you do. I am in for IBOL 3D, and the challenges too. I don’t carry cash anymore, but I have a dollar in quarters in a little black purse, that has party time written all over it…*G* perfect for a challenge. I will get cash money at some point, for today, it is quarters. I know what it can do, that’s 2 flat rate boxes shipped to “my” boys in A’stan. Take care and will watch for more details as they come out.Keep on keeping on. Also, will be glad to answer questions or whatever.

  8. Susan Says:

    Thank you for your service to all of us.

    Ten thousand boxes? Be careful what you wish for, Art. I seem to remember that you hoped for 50 with IBOL 1. Who knows how many you might end up with if you start thinking 10K! 🙂

    • IBOL Guy Says:

      10k would be bonkers. And a logistical nightmare. can you imagine trying to move 10k boxes around Iraq? But…. Might as well go for the brass ring.

  9. Ellen Says:

    Another member of IBOL’s army reporting for duty! Looking forward to the next challenge. Thanks for figuring out the logistics.

    A bigger thank you and your family for your service to our country.

  10. kmkat Says:

    I love ya, IBOL Guy! Envelope all loaded up, but I didn’t have any singles, will a $10 bill do? 😉

  11. obscure Says:

    Hi, IBOL Guy! I had to dig into my secret jar of parking meter change in the car to find a dollar (payday is next Thursday and there’s $6.02 in the bank, but unlike some folks, I know I’ll have money coming along).

    I’m always happy to talk up IBOL 3D to anyone, in any media. Don’t have a blog, though.

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  13. Hello, hello, hello « Iraqi Bundles of Love Says:

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